My Friend ‘Five’ Still Loves Me Despite My Dislike For Her

Beauty of dawn

There was a time when “Five” was my dearest friend or a compulsive pal…she always chimed in as a loud, musical buddy, trying to remind me that I couldn’t survive without her, I would deeply regret if I disregarded her and therefore I had to share my steaming cup of tea with her.

No longer so! I dumped and divorced her and found my freedom. She continued to arrive even when I snapped off the musical chords she loved. I know I was callous but I had found another friend – ‘Eight’ who believed in liberation, who accosted and accompanied me into all those cool corridors of the dream world.

I owe a deep gratitude towards my dear friend “Five” for making me what I am today, for all those reflections she shared, all those words of caution she spilled around me and the plans she made for me to keep myself and my family happy and healthy, providing me with enough time to step outside and walk in the beauty of the first rays of the sun before I could rush to my work.

Isn’t that what we expect from friends? A true companion, who gave priority to my needs, caressed me when my limbs refused to leave the comfort of bed, reminding me that the moment I move my butt, I would be happier!

She taught me forbearance, calmness and patience. She walked hand in hand with me to the milestone of punctuality, acquainted me with the virtue called self-discipline. She impressed upon me the value of time but I detested her each morning for coming too early, yearning to shun her. She was quite understanding, as she gave me a breather on weekends!

I appreciate her noble nature as she still comes uninvited with her reminders, pulling me out to gaze at the eastern horizon, inspiring me to lift the pen that I pick up at will, motivating me to record those lovely moments of mesmerizing meetings, minutes of which gleam in my poetry.

‘Eight’ has relieved me of all my worries, time crumbles at his feet and he takes me into self-appointed hours of joy…the grace that I have acquired in his company is inimitable, the emotions that he acquainted me with are exquisite…he doesn’t believe in accelerating the pace of the day…the serenity with which he moves forward is unparalleled.

The soft soliloquies of ‘Eight’ endow me with the elegance of moving forward. He shows me how to slow down, let go and detach discreetly.

My oldest friends joy and woe visit me quite less now because happiness wields all the power in my home. Their dissonance started due to the demanding nature of joy and it often clashed with the calmness of happiness. I also like her, as she possesses the potential to drive away agony, angst and fear.

Now I hang out with “Eight” and “Happiness” and let their nuances color my thoughts. They hold a strange power to guide me, the comfort of their company steers me into the positive corridors of life.

“Five” knows I have forgotten her but she continues to bestow her blessings on me by visiting me whenever I need her, whenever I lack inspiration and those are the times I get up early from my bed even now.

Goodness is forgotten so easily! Indifference and hatred distress us forever!

Forgiveness is so hard whereas goodness doesn’t even come to our mind when we think of one mean act of somebody. We need reminders for invoking amity and altruism.My friend five still loves me

“Five” continues to shimmer in my heart albeit I dislike her placement on the clock. I know her friendship with me grew warmer only due to that placement!

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol

Do you like waking up early in the morning?

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Balroop Singh.

37 thoughts on “My Friend ‘Five’ Still Loves Me Despite My Dislike For Her

      1. Yeah exactly.
        Loved your comment. Can’t be away from such a beautiful human and amazing blogger and writer.

        Need your support.

  1. This was an interesting piece where you put emotions as characters with names like “Five” and “Happiness”. Very creative, and also very fitting from the way you describe them as thoughts in your head. Your friends certainly thought you valuable lessons, and that is what friends are for: to encourage us, and to lift us.

    Agree with you forgiveness is hard. Often we remember a mean act for how it made us feel, and not for why and how it happened or the circumstances that could have contributed to it. Putting aside feelings is hard because we often feel we are being attacked personally.

    I am not a morning person and prefer my sleep-ins 😀

    1. Hi Mabel,

      Many thanks for finding this piece interesting and creative…just having a little fun with the words, which keep reminding me that I am falling into the marshes of melancholy. 🙂 We do all good things under compulsion and slowly those become our habits. So it was with me but now I am trying to break free from those unwritten, compulsive laws!

      I wish I had a choice and could have enjoyed my sleep…now have I got the opportunity and am loving it. 🙂

      1. Good luck in breaking free from those invisible constraints, Balroop. I know you got it in you. Embrace the opportunity, embrace the moment and sleep well 🙂

  2. I must say I’m something of a night owl myself, dear Balroop. I find the early hours after midnight to be the most creative for me, and find pleasure in the sense that the world around me is asleep. I miss the dawn as a result, though feel it’s the right trade-off for me. I enjoyed this article, and the creativity of it, greatly. 🙂

    1. Thank you dear Hariod, I am glad you liked this one. Yes, silence and solitude are the best hours for creativity…I love both but having followed a strict routine for many years, hands on the clock no longer scare me now. This freedom is very elating! 🙂 It is my turn to look at them and smile!

  3. I just love this, Balroop. So clever and beautifully written! I caught on at about the third paragraph and laughed. I’m a Four girl – that way I have 8 hours of writing in by noon 🙂 But on the weekends….Six is my best friend 🙂

    1. Thank you Diana, your words are like music to my ears 🙂 I am very bad at evoking laughter!
      I am amazed at your devotion to writing!! No wonder you have written so many books. Six even on weekends is a great achievement! Stay blessed and keep inspiring 🙂

  4. Very nicely written. Creative piece of work.. I wanted to wake up early never woke up before 6:00 .. So I would say 6 is my best fried. Enjoyed the article.. Again waiting for new one😊.

    1. Thank you Jenny, I am glad you liked this and it inspired you to share your thoughts. 🙂 Stay blessed and have a wonderful week.

  5. We’ve all had a friend like ‘five’ and there are times we must make them go away 🙂 This is a lovely poem Balroop and really speaks to balance in our lives. So glad ‘eight’ found you and ‘happiness wields all the power’ in your home!

  6. I wouldn’t say I like waking up early in the morning, but I do get up around six most mornings because it’s ingrained into me. We always have to be the change agent, to feel otherwise takes the responsibility away from the self.

    1. Early risers accomplish a lot before the sun starts blinding their vision. I appreciate your idea of being a ‘change agent’ 🙂 Thanks for the reminder dear friend.

  7. What a different concept to write on!

    I love waking up early, not that i do it intentionally. I am between ‘Five’ and ‘Six’ – ‘Eight’ is a strict no-no for me, just because i can accomplish so much with my routine.

    I hope ‘Eight’ doesn’t stretch to ‘Ten’ some day 🙂

  8. I, too am grateful for the teachers in my life, though at the time – the pain! I love this:
    “Forgiveness is so hard whereas goodness doesn’t even come to our mind when we think of one mean act of somebody. We need reminders for invoking amity and altruism.” It might be getting easier – it is, in fact, with age – but I’m still surprised and, yes, a bit wounded when someone reveals an ulterior motive, their unkind intentions. Had this happen, er, just yesterday in fact. Or that is the day it culminated. I handled it better than I ever have. So perhaps this old dog Is learning some new tricks 😉 Cheers, Balroop. Great post, as usual! Aloha ❤

    1. And wow, yes, I know you are speaking of ‘the time.’ You must forgive my interpretations of your words and meaning. Your writing often transitions me into another dimension of sliding doors.

    2. Hi Bela,

      Gratitude is a great virtue albeit we learn it in the furnace of pain, which has an immense capacity of steering us through the darkest journeys of life. Once we learn to thank what we have, we realise how blessed we are. People around us acquire a special significance.

      Many thanks for telling me that my writing takes you through ‘sliding doors’, I loved the analogy and your interpretations are appreciated as they add a new meaning to my words. Stay blessed dear friend 🙂

      1. Yes, it’s strange, not many writers (save my own invisible scribes) transport me into that space where realities shift and much more is revealed in the magician’s infinite sleight of hand. So happy we are connected! Aloha. ❤

  9. I’m a night owl but sometimes, for a change, I do wake up in the morning. But those are rare moments indeed. “Five” is not actually my friend, she is just a neighbour with whom I meet sometimes. 😀

    I’m really amazed by your creativity in this post. I could never have written a post on this in the way you did!

  10. I used to get really annoyed by problematic people. Okay, I still do. But now I have a different outlook that helps me realize how they help me to grow. Thanks for reminding me– And the rest of us–that problematic relationships can be growing relationships.:-)

  11. Another wonderful piece dear Balroop as you weave your creative talents in wonderful wisdom.. Cleverly done my friend.. I wonder how many of us have Fives and Eights in our lives , for me its 2’s and 3’s 🙂
    Often our greatest teachers are those whom we disengage from.. For it is they who help move us forward in our constant changes and growth..

    Love to you and nice to be back again to read your words of wisdom xxx
    Love and Blessings to you Balroop

    1. Thank you Sue…such beautiful words coming from you give an impetus to creativity. What do you do after the hour of creativity gets over? 3 is a little too quiet!
      I love that thought of ‘getting disengaged’…often it proves to be a blessing in disguise. 🙂 Such experiments add a new dimension to our perspective.
      Love and hugs dear friend. Hope you are having an awesome weekend.

  12. Best piece you have ever written, my friend! I, too, have discovered “Eight,” and she has come at just the right time in my life. “Five” is still my friend when I need her, but we are growing more comfortable with the distance between us, although she served me well for such a long time. Life is a journey, and ultimately we will have many such friends. For me, eight is enough! 🙂 (Ooh, did I really say that?)

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