How The Power Of Serenity Can Lead Us To The Path Of Spirituality


Have you ever experienced the power of serenity?

Hard to envisage in this competitive, fast paced, digital world, in which staying connected is as natural as breathing!

With smart phones in each hand and the urge to get ahead in life, serenity is just a word, which most people park in their backyards. It sits quietly within the trees even when the rustling is calmed by the fall. It waits patiently and is ready to embrace you whenever you feel the need.

A discerning eye can see it in the dewdrops, in the wildflowers, in each petal that can lend color to our eyes.

Look at the rainbow…a quintessence of serenity.

Look at the calm waters of lakes… they breathe immeasurable tranquility.

Look at the snow-covered mountains in winter…the serenity and contentment they communicate is transcendent.

Look at the dawn, breaking slowly at the horizon.

They calm our mind in an unimaginable manner.

The mind is always racing, planning to execute all our wishes quickly. Serenity is seldom its goal but a secret wish in turbulent times, when the storm becomes unbearable.

Prudent are those who take care of keeping their mind calm, who don’t take mental health for granted, who know that our mind can easily get perturbed and shouts often, for serenity.

Enlightened are those who nurture the patience to listen calmly. The pleasure is not just theirs but they breathe a sense of contentment, they pass on an aura of wisdom to all those around them. When they speak, each person listens and values each word!

“The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.” – James Allen

Serenity has to be desired, nurtured and practiced and once we acquire that state, all anxieties and pressures melt away.

There has to be an intention to bring in calmness. While being busy is very important, at the same time we have to take out some time for imbibing calmness, which comes very slowly.

It is so difficult to remain calm in a charged atmosphere, I know that is what you are thinking right now and I agree with you. We can learn to calm our mind but before that we have to practice:

Calmness of heart: Calmness is actually the quality of the heart. It is the heart, which communicates with the ephemeral sphere, and the body absorbs it. Words are controlled by the mind but only if the heart is trained to confine them within.

Calmness of body: Calmness can be imbibed through meditation. Human body is under constant stress, which can be reduced if we learn to meditate, which focuses on positive energy, calming down of nerves and reduces high blood pressure.

Calmness of words: The choice of words can soothe many emotions. All anger melts down when it meets thoughtful words, used for diffusing a tense or electrifying situation.

Calmness of mind: A solitary hour with oneself, self-confabulation and meditation can take us into the realms of serenity. The mind stops racing when we take a nature walk or just look at the clouds that disintegrate at the horizon.


A serene person is often mistaken to be a weak personality but nobody can fathom the depth of his thoughts, which bring those tranquil moments.

It is only the calm mind that can look forward to ethereal blessings, which eventually lead us to the path of spirituality.

Are they connected? Yes, serenity can lead us to spiritualism!

When we start discarding negative thoughts, when we begin to understand the feelings and emotions of people around us, when we adapt to changes without any grunts, when we adopt a positive approach to life, when serenity and self-healing becomes our goal – we may be gearing towards spiritualism.

The key lies in training your thoughts and emotions…say to yourself – calm down, calm down…a few times. This training is not easy but achievable.

Do you have a calm mind? How do you achieve that blessed state?

Thank you for reading this. Please add your valuable reflections, they are much appreciated.

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Serenity makes us sentient!

Balroop Singh.


44 thoughts on “How The Power Of Serenity Can Lead Us To The Path Of Spirituality

  1. Profound thoughts Balroop. The ability to appreciate and imbibe serenity in the fast paced life is certainly difficult to attain, once it becomes a habit, it puts other things in perspective. As you say proximity to nature calms the mind, and makes it conducive to absorb positivity. Loved your quotes.

    1. We appreciate serenity but imbibe it slowly as pressures catch on us to remind that there is some value in giving some time to calm our mind down. Thanks for your kind words of appreciation.

  2. Great post as always! Sharing my personal experience here. while trait of calmness is difficult to find in humans, one of my friend’s wife has big Complaint that my friend is composed and calm!!! She expects him to react when they’re having tiff and fights. In such instances, he merely listens and let’s her do all fight and yelling. He stays quite calm and composed. This infuriates her even more. I’m just wondering if it’s a funny situation or one that calls for some counselling for his wife? unique situation!

    1. Arv, calmness comes naturally to some blessed souls and nothing can shake it off. Like the saying goes… “best revenge is to keep calm”…Tell your friend he has accomplished something, which takes a whole life to understand. His wife will slowly learn the art 🙂

  3. I like the emphasis on “intention” in this post. It’s easy to fall into the trap of expecting things like calmness or serenity to just come to you. But in reality, you have to make cultivating it a daily focus. It’s difficult to do (I know I constantly struggle with it) but it’s so worth it.

    1. Thank you for highlighting the hallmark of this post. Most of the times when we struggle with the urge to keep calm, we pay more attention to people around us than our own self…sometimes this self becomes bigger than our goals and we get entangled in a web of confusion. While negativity comes naturally, we have to make consistent efforts to let the breeze of positive emotions set in.

  4. Thank you for this profound and beautiful post Balroop. I do believe it is an art to be able to learn serenity and keep practice with it to turn down the noise in our lives. 🙂

    1. The noise within is more difficult to control as calmness of thoughts brings true tranquility. It is also more essential as peace within can lead us to peace outside.

  5. Enjoyed your post Balroop and couldn’t agree more with you. I would say serenity can lead to spirituality but spirituality is also a practice that can lead to serenity. I know what I can’t change and had to learn in the hard way – the outside world. I know what I can change: the inner one. I work daily to calm the waters within. I know myself enough that I know that I need time, down-time, sleep and meditation time to help me move towards serenity daily. Serenity is a daily practice. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

    1. Hi Vishnu,
      I am glad you have learnt to calm the turbulences of the heart and the mind…synchronising both is learnt slowly and yes, it is very hard. Spending time in the lap of nature definitely helps.
      Thanks for sharing your story of moving on this path where both serenity and spirituality merge into each other. 🙂 Stay blessed and happy.

  6. It is amazing how being in nature helps us achieve this calmness of mind. Your post reminds me about how precious this resource is to our well-being and makes me yearn to be back in the serenity of a walk in the woods. Thank you.

  7. I am reading your post on a smartphone, lol. Love this post and what an in-depth look into serenity. In this modern world our mind races because we are always distracted – apart from phone, there is computer, video games, TV and more. With internet, we are so fond of having different tabs and doing multiple online things at once. In short, we are constantly distracted.

    I like how you broke down calmness in the end. Choice of words to yourself and to others can affect the peace we feel. All round if we choose to be less judgemental and more positive, we feel more in control 🙂

    1. Serenity could be profoundly significant for some and redundant for those who don’t pay any attention just because their priorities are different…goals drive their thoughts or they haven’t met this stranger. Eventually all feel the need for calmness. As the wisdom goes…”there’s a time for everything!”
      You are right Mabel, being in control of your own self is the key to calmness. 🙂

  8. A well penned piece of writing, Balroop. We can’t always change others but we can change our outlook. I have a friend who has an answer for every thing. She is always right. I now leave her to it because I can’t be asked. She comes up with comments such as ‘you don’t need eggs to make cakes (Are her vegan cakes fluffy? They are just not as high. Lol), people who vote for Brexit are stupid, jogging is the same as running, you shouldn’t buy imported food (where are her almonds, olive oil etc come from?).

    1. Thanks for your kind words and musings…perspectives do matter and even guide our path, that’s why people appear to be so different yet have common desires and goals.

  9. You’ve given me something to look forward to this morning – calmness of mind, body, and soul. I would work towards it…for now I will look out and enjoy the pouring, coming down since morning 😊

  10. Excellent tips, Balroop. I have learned to calm my mind but I still have to work on it. Yoga and learning to meditate has really helped me. I like your description of the heart speaking calmly. While our words are dictated by the mind, the heart should agree with them. Great post!

    1. Thanks Lisa. I am glad you have been trying to bring mind and heart together to agree with each other…calmness lies at the end of their argument. 🙂 Hope you are having a nice week.

  11. Sharing your thoughtful post, Balroop. I find serenity and inspiration in nature and in our God of all creation. Taking time to meditate, whether sitting beside a stream, walking along a rocky beach or gazing upon the wonders from my window renews body, mind and spirit. Thanks for a wonderful post reminding me to be grateful for it all.

    1. Thank you Bette, you are so kind. True! real serenity lies around us…we just have to pause and look around. My French window shows sunsets, with new hues every single day and the charm of sunset keeps intensifying for me as I wait for new formations and colors. 🙂

  12. It’s so true that serenity has to be desired, and it takes lots of work to get there at times with all of life’s distractions. Yet, the decision to consciously tune out can work wonders on a person. I’ve been saying for years I want to start meditating, but I still haven’t followed through. However, I am pretty good at doing things like going and sitting on a rock by a river bank, and I’m sure that has comparable effects in many ways.

    1. I agree with you Jeri, just a few moments by a river bank are enough to calm down our mind and if you concentrate on the ripples, you can forget all the anxieties within moments. Have you felt the same while watching a waterfall? Flowing water has some mesmerising effect in all its forms. That’s why people create artificial fountains in their gardens.

  13. I feel serenity the most when I’m fly fishing. I also experience it when camping. I just wish I could get my wife to indulge in either with me. Hopefully we’ll do some camping next month when the days cool down a bit. 🙂

    1. I can understand why fishing calms your mind Joe…water and favorite sport can cause wondrous effects! Water alone has captivating power to hold our emotions. All the best for camping next month. 🙂

  14. In this world, in our daily lives it’s sometime hard to take a break and look around. Yet it’s when we can stop the flow of ideas – emotions – thoughts that we can trully enjoy life and find peace whether it is in nature or in a crowded place.
    I do try from time to time to close the phone and be in the present. It feels so good. And you’re right Balroop it’s the perfect way to reconnect with wo we are and to our inner truth.
    Stay well my friend and keep inspiring us with your wonderful ideas.

    1. That’s why breaks are so valued Marie, they let us escape from the humdrum of life for a while to calm down our nerves and fill us with new energy. Thank you dear friend for your beautiful words. Have a nice week. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kim. Prayer too has an immense calming impact as it dives us of all worries, which are passed on to our maker, assuring us…He is there to take care! Stay blessed dear friend.

  15. I love this, and for me reading it mid-week is very helpful 🙂 Holding onto all the stress and minor issues that need to be resolved in a day is often the perfect recipe to push any idea of serenity away ~ but a simple walk in nature brings it back for me quickly. Wish I could do it every day…as you say “Serenity has to be desired, nurtured and practiced and once we acquire that state, all anxieties and pressures melt away.” I still do not practice it enough 🙂

    1. Hi Randall,

      I am glad my words are inspiring you to think of serenity…nature walk, looking at the clouds or even the sunset if you can pause for few moments bring immense calmness. Once we start practicing it, our eyes can spot those sources themselves! 🙂 Thanks for standing by.

  16. Balroop, this is a lovely invitation. Yet I don’t know how one can truly enter a state of calm on any kind of permanent/inner basis when one is concurrently addicted to distraction. Even living at the end of the road in the middle of the ocean, I notice (visitors, mostly) on our exquisite beaches, snapped to their phone screens (and not to take photos). I’ve witnessed kids in restaurants or in airports across the table from one another, laughing as they text one another. Last time I was at Honolulu International waiting to return back to the Big Island, I was in a packed waiting area. Only two other people besides me were not glued to their phone. Yikes. I am not one of the kinds of people who feel beholden to a device. Consequently it can be frustrating trying to reach me – I often forget my phone for hours or days on end. But you know, it’s what we always had before this madness – a phone on a cord in the house. Anywhere else and we were liberated from the distraction of being ‘ever-ready’ to being yanked away from our task, be it gardening or conversation. I long to return to the time where more of us possessed this kind of consideration. Luckily, even my girls – both in their 30’s – are like us in this regard. If we are together, they focus on human interaction. I really do ‘fear’ for the future of the human race if we don’t get some balance from all this techno-craziness. Your offering to practice entering calm aids in breaking the addiction to ‘fast-paced.’ And that’s a lovely recovery! Aloha, dear. Great post. ❤

    1. Hi Bela, I feel calmness, like happiness is a state of mind. Just like happiness, serenity chooses to tiptoe into our lives when we stop chasing it. Both are connected with thoughts…unless we give ourselves enough time, they elude us. External stimulation is just a trigger to bring our thoughts into focus.

      I have never paid any attention to my phone and my friends have always reprimanded me for not calling. I have muted all notifications and check them only when I feel free to do so. Technology could enslave us, in fact it has in many ways! 🙂

  17. Wise thoughts here, Balroop. Calmness or the skill of attaining Zen (nirvana) comes through constant practice. The sages of ancient times had it. But, we too can perhaps attain a bit of it if we try..each and every day. I believe, it’s a continuous process… 🙂

  18. I like this post Balroop – you have reminded me that finding that inner calm amongst the rat-race of daily life is most important – personally I find daily meditation helpful and if I can combine that with time in a natural surrounding, even better. Thank you for sharing 😊

  19. Loved this post Balroop.. For me I think you know I find that space within the garden or as I hold my paint brush.. It is in the song of a bird or the sound of the wind through the leaves of a tree..
    Finding that quiet space within and allowing our minds to meditate giving thanks for the beauty of this world I hope leads me closer to that path my friend..

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts which are always so profound and hold healing within them Balroop
    Love and Light my dear friend
    Sue ❤

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