Darkness And Decay


When I look at
The dark clouds merging into white
With the sun smiling through them
I wonder…
Aren’t dark corridors natural?
Don’t they creep in uninvited?

The sun lies within
Its glow can permeate all around us
Darkness dispels with its power
That streak of hope, that blue oasis
Beckons for beacon of light
Which scatters slowly

When I look at the rain
I wonder…
Is isolation so cathartic?
Isn’t merging so natural
Like drops of water falling…
Blending back bemused!

When I look at the fall
I wonder…
How beauty changes its connotation
Decay doesn’t decimate it
Golden gifts that Mother Nature gathers
Are treasures for posterity!


© Balroop Singh
All rights reserved.

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41 thoughts on “Darkness And Decay

  1. I relate so well when you said darkness and isolation creeps up on us. Sometimes we feel that when we get stuck in a routine, like a work routine. Then again, alone time can be a time where we find strength, and as you said, it can be cathartic. Soothing. But sooner or later we will see the light around if we keep pushing ahead. Happy Diwali and I like your new profile pic 🙂

  2. Mabel I am so glad that you can relate to these thoughts…In fact they are harsh realities we all have to face but the victory lies in positive thoughts about darkness and emerging out with new strength 🙂 Misfortunes are phases that pass just like dark clouds.
    Thanks for liking my new profile pic, I too love it! 🙂

  3. Without the Dark we could not see the Light.. Both are needed as is decay.. decay in nature ensures new growth.. So too in society the old ways give way to new ways. Change is constant, yet often we as humans resist it as we prefer to hang onto our comfort blankets ..
    Wishing you a Happy Diwali Balroop.. As we clear the way for new Light to emerge.. xxx

    1. Thank you Sue, I appreciate your reflections on darkness and decay…It has been raining in this part of the world and everyday I see this beautiful merging of dark clouds into the light and try to understand how we are so connected to Mother Nature! Many thanks for your lovely wishes 🙂 Stay blessed.

  4. Even nature appears to have conjoined to celebrate your words and images of light and darkness, Balroop, as the world has just passed through colourfully illuminating Diwali festivities in last couple of days and ushering in Halloween today to ring in the promise of dark wintry months ahead. The dark cloudscape punctuated by gleaming light of the sun is as beautiful as daintily thin chain of platinum around the neck of a dusky damsel.

    1. Thank you Raj for such a beautiful combination of words to celebrate the festivities and changes around us…Nature has been so kind this year and such lovely sights are everyday affair here with sun playing hide and seek and the wind knocking down golden leaves around us…the most wonderful season of the year!

  5. Love this “Golden gifts that Mother Nature gathers
    Are treasures for posterity!”

    So true, Balroop. You’ve captured the essence of autumn beautifully here. We should consider that decay doesn’t decimate our beauty in our own life. Love the new look of your site, too!

  6. Darkness and decay
    Darkness and isolation
    I can see and feel the layers being built
    into the words.

  7. Fall was my least favorite season – still might be 🙂 but your words have made me re-think it. A great poetic touch to celebrate this time of the year. Well done, Balroop. Your blog platform/theme is looking great too.

    1. Yes Vishnu, there was a time when I didn’t know that Fall could be so beautiful. If I go back in time, this used to be a time of pollution, smog and dusty trees around with prayers for early winter showers!! Delhi, where I had to drive to work early morning fades into time now as I look around and think of natural blessings.
      Thank you for liking the new look. 🙂

  8. I love the way nature inspires you Balroop.
    Autumn shows us that we must let go of some things to keep going in peace. New doors will open soon.
    Take care and thanks for this lovely poem.

  9. My favorite season always was spring, but Becky has shown me the beauty of the fall, and now I welcome it “almost” as much as spring. Living in western North Carolina, with its temperate climate, I am blessed to have wonderful weather nearly all the year round. Where else could I go fly fishing for trout in January? MIght give it a go later on this week. 🙂

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