This Fall Is More Blissful


The fall adds wings to my words
The soft swish of breeze carries them away
Floating down merrily, they smile at me
And dance around with glee.

The ‘J’ of joy, the ‘M’ of melancholy
The ‘S’ of solitude, the ‘T’ of twilight
The ‘H’ of hope, the ‘C’ of calmness
All merge into each other

Enhancing the beauty of brilliant decay
Colors of fall highlight each ray
Of sun to inspire thoughts of twilight
Of forbearance, of change, of new days

At night the frightening wind
Brings sweeping somber thoughts
Of chilly gusts, of lonely nights
A yearning yells at those sights…

To get away, to stay adrift, to disengage
All those memories glide softly back
Into those enclosed caskets
Never shall I excavate.

This fall I am burying them deeper
This fall is more buoyant, more blissful
The resilience rests on my brow
The happiness lives with me now

In my thoughts, in my loving home
In all seasons, even in this fall
It brings sweet memories of moments dear
My words fly now with the same cheer.

© Balroop Singh

All rights reserved.

One of my favorite poems, I am sharing it again as many of my new friends may not have not read it.

You can click on Sublime Shadows of Life by Balroop Singh to read more such poems.

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40 thoughts on “This Fall Is More Blissful

  1. Love how you captured both the good and unfavorable side of fall, Balroop. There can certainly be winds and the need to be careful when you’re outside, but if we choose to be upbeat, calm and resilient as you said, it can be lovely. Each storm shall pass.

    Your loving home sounds like a place of solace. Relive those memories and make the most of the present too. Wishing you a good week, my friend 🙂

    1. Thanks Mabel, I like the way you analyse poetry. The colors of nature are so uplifting that all darkness drowns in their brilliance, each storm glides with the leaves, sailing smoothly away from us. 🙂
      Many thanks for the lovely wishes dear friend. Stay blessed.

  2. I am already in love with the fall if it can inspire such beautiful and thoughtful verses..they seem to sway like the gentle breeze soothing the frayed nerves and play with so many different emotions..Lovely balroop

    1. Oh yes Sunita, I have never seen such beauty even in Spring… probably we are too familiar with flowers and they fade fast. The colors of Fall stay around for almost two months 🙂 Thank you for such beautiful words of appreciation.

  3. Hi Balroop,

    Wonderful indeed 🙂

    Whenever I see the colors of fall, I am just stunned by its beauty – and reading these beautiful lines, transport me to that moment of aha in nature…love it! Nice changes to the blog as well!!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  4. Beautiful poem, Balroop. The haunting images of Autumn are the rustle of crisp leaves driven by a gusty wind and a flock of flying birds chirping their way home. All things slow down for another new beginning. May it be for you as well…

    1. Thanks Raj, I love your choice of words…so poetic! Birds fly home in all seasons but they do look more mesmerising in Fall as they merge into the lovely hues of trees and sunsets. 🙂

  5. lovely words! Out here in India, except for the Himalayas one can’t witness the magic of fall colors. Looking at pictures bloggers are posting of fall colors, I’m sure its every photographers dream come true…ditto for nature lovers!

  6. You are right arv! I am so glad to be in this part of the globe now with all the time to look at the beautiful wonders of Mother Nature, which can’t be seen anywhere around our cities in India. Such scenes convert nature lovers into photographers! Yes it is a dream destination for photography!!

  7. I do miss the fall season, being in a more year-round climate. Though I did visit New England this fall after many years away, and your words bring back some of the feelings I once associated with that season. The high and thin chill in the air, portending the depths and cold of winter. Yet what beauty is bestowed to remind us of what lies dormant for a time. Nature always promises renewal 😉 Blessings, Balroop.

    1. Oh! Bela…I have missed this beauty all my life, having lived in Delhi, a concrete jungle for almost 30 years and rushing through life day in and day out with only summer vacations to stand and stare at the blessings of nature, I feel blessed now as I live in the most picturesque area! How life balances itself! 🙂
      Thanks for such a lovely thought. Love and hugs.

  8. Lovely poem Balroop!

    “Enhancing the beauty of brilliant decay
    Colors of fall highlight each ray
    Of sun to inspire thoughts of twilight
    Of forbearance, of change, of new days”

    “This fall I am burying them deeper
    This fall is more buoyant, more blissful
    The resilience rests on my brow
    The happiness lives with me now”

    And your blog is looking great! It has changed in many ways – theme, header and a sweet profile picture.

    Keep inspiring!

  9. I am so pleased you did share it again Balroop.. For its JOY did spring out at me as did its Calm… This Autumn The leaves have been bursting with colour here.. Thank you so much for this magical piece.. xxx ❤

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