I Don’t Like Her Yet She Taught Me Gratitude


She came too early, poking me with her icy finger but I snuggled deeper into my bed, ignoring her presence. She kept creeping slowly into my bones till I was wide-awake. In no mood to pay any attention to her, I closed my eyes tightly, covered my ears sideways and pretended sleep.

I lay awake for almost an hour, opened my eyes and saw her lurking near my feet. It was still dark outside. I couldn’t fall asleep. Random thoughts and memories reminded me I must get hold of my book to shut them off. At last I had to surrender, grab my Kindle to calm my leaping mind.

I had hardly read a page when she froze my fingers, demonstrating her power and grip. Now was the time to seal her out! I could no longer be kind. I was amazed at the energetic reaction of my body, gathering immediate momentum. I got up with a jerk, throwing my comforter aside and closed the window.

When she refused to back off I walked out of the room to switch on the heat and felt triumphant for an instant. I jumped back into my side of the bed but by now my husband was awake, wondering what was going on.

He chuckled off my explanation and went back to his snoring mate.

I couldn’t concentrate on the book I was reading, an old classic. Provoked by the curiosity to know how people kept themselves warm in ancient times, I got up to retrieve my laptop from my study. She sat there, pounced on me instantly and wreaked her vengeance. I have been sneezing since then, with watery eyes and rivulets of water dripping from my nose.

She spoke to me in a very credible manner! My oldest foe, she reminded me how she had always wielded her power over me, how her advent had to be respected with caution or she could tip-toe into my life the moment I woke up to put my foot on the floor and how her sneezing gift was always ready for me.cold-quote

She vanished into thin air as I settled cozily on my couch, with my tea.

If an Early Man could jump out of the time machine, he would be bewildered at the comforts we have today…the central heating, the T.V. blaring out our favorite shows, ready-made foods on our shelves and endless other devices that connect us with the world in the fraction of a second!

Gratitude overwhelmed me at this moment and in my heart I thanked all those

  • Who had harnessed electricity
  • Who thought chimneys were messy and smoky
  • Who thought there could be better ways to keep us warm
  • Who worked industriously to create comforts around us
  • Who could design such well-equipped homes, in which the flip of a button could create warmth

We take many things for granted and comforts are one of them.

Modern children in metropolis can’t imagine a life without central air-conditioning. My nephew’s son visits his grandpa’s home in India every year. Once he happened to visit during the scorching heat of May and had an interesting question each time he had to go to the bathroom… “Why is the rest room so heated when the bedroom is so cool?”

He was too little to understand the meaning of gratitude and therefore his innocent queries were laughed off.

I think Thanksgiving is a good tradition to remind us that Mother Earth gives us most of all…light, love, water – the elixir of life, beauty and colors. Family get-togethers on this day emphasize the importance of love, relationships and harmony in our lives. Gratitude is a very small word to use for all the blessings around us, which make our life worth living.

Many such small incidents, which we dismiss as insignificant remind us of how thankful we should be. What are you grateful for?

Thank you for reading this. Please add your valuable reflections, they are much appreciated.

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Balroop Singh.


38 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Her Yet She Taught Me Gratitude

  1. Beautiful post, Balroop. There is an endless list of things to be grateful for even on the worst of days. I wish you a wonderful day/week/year/life of gratitude. It’s a key to happiness.

    1. Yes Lisa, good health is the foundation of all our wonderful experiences. Even a little headache can make us feel miserable. Stay blessed dear friend and you too enjoy Thanksgiving.

  2. We have been given so much, it’s true. Imagine if we humans really supported our best minds in figuring out how better to manage what nature has already given – the sun, the power of the ocean, the wind. We would, ALL of us, be warmer when cool and cooler when warm. And we could do this in a way to least impact the planet adversely. Instead, greed and avarice redirect funds to ridiculous arenas of ‘profit’ and a small segment of our population, while the bulk of humanity goes without, in some form. Now there are altruistic groups who marshall resources to provide for those who suffer, no doubt. But we, collectively, have the power to do so much more.

    Great post, Balroop. Sending you ❤ on this rainy Sunday!

    1. I appreciate your holistic view of greater good for humanity…I wish and hope more people think on these lines and this world would be a better place to live in. We contribute our share in whatever way we can.
      Thank you dear Bela, hope you enjoyed the rain and the moments of exhilaration that it brings for a poet! 🙂 Love and hugs.

  3. I agree with the other commenters. There is so much to be grateful for each day, no matter how frustrated we may be. I understand not being able to sleep at night and wanting to read a book. I hope your Kindle lulls you to sleep at night into sweet dreams 🙂

    I smiled when the nephew’s son mentioned the bathroom was hot. At least it is not the whole room 🙂 It is 38’C here in Melbourne and I am thankful for a roof over my head, though no air-con because I can live without it. Or at least learned to and now embrace. Not all of us are equally privileged and the least we can do is cherish what we have, bit by bit.

    1. Hi Mabel, Thank you for noticing the small details within this post, which carry subtle messages too.
      Gratitude makes us forget our frustrations and gives an impetus to our efforts at embellishment. Life is never similar nor is it smooth always and those who accept it as it comes and are thankful for whatever they have are happier than those who keep cribbing for more. I am glad you understand these basic facts of life…indeed they are very satisfying. I agree with you! Cherish these moments and live them fully…better is yet to come! 🙂 Stay blessed.

  4. I am so grateful for so much, especially the things that we often take for granted and sometimes don’t realize till we’ve lost them, like internet going down, and heat not working. These are part of our daily lives that we only feel lost without when we don’t have them. Beautiful reminder Balroop. ❤

    1. Yes dg, gratitude is such a beautiful word, a lovely reminder that we have more than the basic necessities, which many people yearn for. Thanks for sharing your love, much appreciated. 🙂

  5. Loved the way you have explained this Balroop. Yes, we need to be thankful for the comforts that we have received due to the efforts of those who invented/ designed these. Yet, we tend to take most of these contributions from humankind for granted just like we take the gifts of nature for granted. Thanksgiving is a good tradition because if we develop the sense of gratitude, it can help to reduce the discontent that often brews within us.

    1. Hi Somali,
      Both these words – gratitude and discontent are profoundly linked…one invokes positive emotions and the other negative ones yet they connect us with our surroundings and people. It depends on us how we approach them and learn from them. The phrase ‘waheguru tera shuker hai’ which is used for all occasions sums it all…to be thankful for all. Thanks!

  6. Wonderful thought behind the post. The central heating is indeed an innovative concept..I am so thankful to the one who invented it. Makes our lives so much easier!

    Thanksgiving is a perfect time to thank whosoever made a difference in your life…hope you have a good one.

    1. Thank you Alok. We need self-reminders to express gratitude for all those little blessings that come our way or we work harder to acquire them. Wishing you too a wonderful break during thanksgiving.

  7. How true. We take simple things in our life for granted. We realize its importance only when we don’t have access to it. You weave words so beautifully! Great…

    1. Thanks arv! We always understand the importance of little things when we lose them…that is a great learning experience and worthy of never forgetting! 🙂

  8. Love this:

    “I think Thanksgiving is a good tradition to remind us that Mother Earth gives us most of all…light, love, water – the elixir of life, beauty and colors. Family get-togethers on this day emphasize the importance of love, relationships and harmony in our lives. Gratitude is a very small word to use for all the blessings around us, which make our life worth living. Many such small incidents, which we dismiss as insignificant remind us of how thankful we should be. What are you grateful for?”

    And gratitude helps so much with things like depression and anxiety. I’m trying to get in touch with my gratitude everyday. But especially at Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Georgia! keeping in touch with gratitude each day is more rewarding and calming. Yes, it melts away all those anxieties on daily basis. 🙂

  9. I love Thanksgiving for this reason Balroop. We tend to forget how lucky we are. Gratitude is part of my daily routine. I am grateful for the roof over ly head, for my health, for my well-working body, for work, for friends and family, for words of comfort, for smiles, for work colleagues, for my surroundings, for living in a free country, for you and your kinds and well-chosen words, for the food I eat and the money I have that give me opportunities to help and share gifts.
    Stay blessed, happy, healthy and beautiful.

  10. A wonderful composition my friend.. I agree. There is so much we have to be thankful for and I endorse your list Balroop.. 🙂
    I hope also you are free from any more sneezes… 🙂
    Love and warm hugs
    Sue ❤ xxx

  11. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving Balroop. Thanks for reminding us to be thankful for the small things in our lives. A day of sunshine, walks with my nephews and hot tea are just some of the things I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for wise and creative friends online too 🙂

    1. Oh yes Vishnu, Thanksgiving with my little grandchildren was FUN! Thank you for your lovely visit, always appreciated. Even when the sunshine is missing, we can find gratitude in the clouds, their beautiful movement and various hues 🙂

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