Hues Of Humanity


Living in caves for centuries
We promised we would dwell together
That incandescent light is but a deception
You said…Light of love is the real light

Your attraction to the allusive world
Carried you far from me
You got mired in materialistic chase…
Endless endeavors of plunder, triumph…

Love got buried within the stones
Smoky glow sheathed its purity
Open skies and rainbows ensnared you
Far better than tunnels of simplicity

Humanity crawls within them
I am glad it is breathing bleakly
Burdened by burgeoning delusion
Of understanding mysterious modern
© Balroop Singh

A special Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring #photo prompt.
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44 thoughts on “Hues Of Humanity

  1. Bleakly indeed, Balroop. When are we going to wake up and breathe vibrantly? See and embrace the light fully?

    Your poetic words remind us of where we currently are and where we need to get back too. We have progressed so much materially and gone backwards so much spiritually and humanity-wise.

    1. Thank you Vishnu for giving voice to my metaphors. You are so right, the race in which we have been trying to run faster than each other has actually robbed us of serenity, peace and harmony. Love is a far cry!

  2. I like how you ended the poem with “” There is always the struggle within us to discover who we are and who we really feel true love for, and I think the way you wrote this last word reflected this very well. Clever and creative, and wraps up the theme of humanity. Life is always a challenge and it will never be smooth sailing as you aluded to through your poem as well. If we could all respect each other for our unique strengths as opposed to focusing on competition all the time, the world would be a better place.

    1. The auto-correct options of my document was underlining this word again and again and that too in red and I kept saying to the moron..’.don’t be over smart, you don’t know what I mean’ and that is what we have been reduced to! We follow as guided by this mechanised life and don’t give a thought to our own strengths and potential.

      Thank you Mabel, for delving deep into the theme of this poem. It is a great honor! I am always awed by your discerning eye. Stay blessed! 🙂

      1. I love your analogy of the word document telling you hu…man is not a word :’D You have so much potential to be creative and lovely to see you actively tapping into it. Stay safe, my friend. Looking forward to more poetry next year 🙂

  3. Oh man, such a wonderful one (but then which one is not) 😊

    Have a great Holidays and a very Happy New Year, Balroop. Your posts this year gave me much sanity as was Mabel’s.

  4. Balroop, I share the sentiments you speak of, at least as I interpet them. I have watched many friends fall by the wayside in my six decades of life, mostly because their agendas do not bring them into my proximity. I’ve found it easier over time to release them, letting them know the door remains open if they choose to reconnect. I’ve likewise come back in touch with those I grew up with when small (thanks to social media and school reunion invitations), only to discover these childhood friends became swamped in materiality, so much so that we share next to nothing in common anymore, if we ever did.

    I think I somehow require some sort of depth from my interactions with people who I ‘let in’ – the superficial is fine for everyday short meetings, but to grow closer, I need to feel engaged, and I trust they honor the same within themselves. I quickly grow weary of idle gossip, it does not feed anything in me save curiosity, but again, this is very, very surface, and passes quickly like dust on the breeze.

    Great thoughts, as usual. Aloha ❤

    1. Thank you Bela for sharing your personal experiences with friends and people around us. Don’t they come in various hues, sensibilities and attitudes? Some of them do bewilder us when we meet them after a long time.
      True, idle gossip leads us nowhere but it does feed a poet’s imagination, a writer’s pen, as they possess the potential to be broken and chiselled into new ideas 🙂

  5. Wonderful, especially considering it sprang from a photo prompt. I have a collection of laminated pics from years of Nat Geo magazines that I’ve used in the classroom, and now I get them out from time to time as a way to jog my writing muscles.

  6. Love the title and how the photo inspired your poem. I am in turn inspired to consider how much I really seek out the many hues of humanity in all their difficult complexities.

  7. You’ve captured the journey of humans so wonderfully that it is awe-inspiring how that photo prompt made you come up with something so powerful, clever yet hard hitting. I’m amazed by your poetic skills and the profound message you conveyed that has left me reflecting on the many hues of humanity.
    Keep up the fantastic work Balroop 🙂

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