Towards Love And Light – Gold – #writephoto


‘Just few more steps…just a few…
Keep calm… move slowly
One step at a time
And you would be there’

Out of this weary world
Into the luminous land of peace
I can see the blazing light
Beckoning, inspiring, exhorting

Just one more step…
Frightening forces can’t fetter me
No more of these baleful blisters
This lull seems real

This is the defining moment
The sky stands with open arms
A new dawn is guiding me
Out of this ignominious desolation

All directions are conceding peace
Each step towards love and light
Welcome to this halcyon harmony
Conferred by Mother Nature!
© Balroop Singh
All rights reserved.

A special note of gratitude to Sue Vincent for another captivating #photoprompt.

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44 thoughts on “Towards Love And Light – Gold – #writephoto

    1. Marie, your words of appreciation are no less than music to my ears, I am delighted to note that my words are inspiring. 🙂 Stay blessed dear friend.

    1. Yep! Mother Nature has her own messages and often they are subtle. Thank you for reading and sharing your thought, much appreciated dear Bela.

  1. Indeed ‘All directions are conceding peace’ we just need to look better. Sunrises have been a source of immense inspiration for me and I absolutely loved your take on the photo prompt ❤

  2. Such beautiful words to accompany a beautiful image. I love the golden light and your poem evokes that. I had to look up the word ignominious. 🙂 It was familiar but I wasn’t sure I understood it. Turns out, I did not but now I know—characterized by shame. Balroop, your use of words here are always intriguing and I like that I have to look up a word now and again while reading your poetry.

    1. Thank you so much Lisa, I appreciate the honest feedback! Some of my ideas are conveyed through symbols and words and this word hints at those soldiers who are compelled to fight just because they happened to join the forces for lack of better employment…who may be carrying peace in their heart but are sent far away from their families to fight somebody else’s battle.
      Many thanks for sharing your view about this poem.

  3. Such an apt photo to go with this poem, Balroop. It is always one more step – slow and steady, move forward and proceed on. We may feel lost when we’re working towards our goals, and sometimes the best is to follow intuition and signs along the way. Best wishes, Balroop. Once again, congrats on your new book 😊

    1. Yes Mabel, that ‘one more’ step matters…whatever the situation! If we want to move ahead, if we want to accomplish that dream, the horizon is never far…just one more step could be decisive! Often we get cowed down by the fears and warnings and the biggest culprit is our own voice, which keeps cautioning and scaring. I agree, intuition always guides very well! 🙂
      Thanks a ton dear friend for all the wishes and support. Stay blessed!

  4. I read your inspirational poem more than once to derive new(er) meanings from the individual paragraphs. Like, the second stanza seems to hint at other worldly solace…as if a weary soul has had enough of this world. The only hope is the Godly light at the end, in the land of peace. But then, the last stanzas guide us to find peace in nature, which is this mortal earth itself.
    As usual I am wandering away…:)

    1. I am so glad at your analysis Alka, which always looks at the deeper hues…that is the beauty of poetry and I love it precisely for this reason… Any verse can be interpreted according to the mood and mind of the reader!
      You possess a discerning eye dear friend and I am very happy to connect with you. Thanks for a beautiful comment, you made my day! 🙂

  5. This was beautiful Balroop.. and your words are ‘defining moment’ as you take us through into that wonderful Blazing Light into that world of Peace..

    I was walking each step with you.. Your words always add light where ever your steps fall..

    Love and Blessings Balroop..
    Sue xx ❤

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