The Amazing Power Of Kindness

power-of-kindnessKindness starts with you!

The power of kindness can only be felt within your heart from where it emanates.

Kindness may be innate but it doesn’t come to the surface if it is not nurtured with little acts of concern, if it is not fostered during receptive years of growth, if siblings don’t show kindness to each other and most importantly if parents lack it.

Self-centered parents who strive to show their superiority; who are in constant strife for one reason or the other leave an indelible mark on the psyche of their children with their demeanor. Kindness remains routed!

“Kindness is a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and concern for others.” This definition that I have picked from Wikipedia doesn’t seem to satisfy my understanding of the term as I have seen many ‘pleasant dispositions’ faking kindness.

One kind act can calm many emotions. One kind person in a family can cement many relationships.

There is one person in my life, whom I didn’t choose, who just happened to become the most important person for me not because I liked him but I happened to be connected with him by custom and law. Initially I was quite confused about him.

I had never really known love; so I cant say I loved him. But I could understand what is love through his interactions with me.

He never mentioned the word ‘love’ but I could see it; sense it and discern it through his little gestures of care. His ability to read my mind and doing exactly what I wanted before I could communicate my desires amazed me. Slowly I evolved into a different person.

He molded me with his boundless benevolence, without actually saying a word about my imperfections, arrogance and rudeness.

He never ever criticized me for anything even when he should have. With his kindness, he taught me those lessons of life, which nobody could ever force down my throat.

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His kind words of giving a benefit of doubt to everybody around him amazed me. His equanimity, and complacency in the most difficult situations, his serene silence even when I argued my guts out enlightened me about the need to become a better person.

Like all human beings he is not perfect yet he evokes admiration. He is candid enough to say ‘I cant read your poetry’!

When I published Sublime Shadows Of Life and he heard praise from some of my friends, he secretly read a few of my poems and said… “You can write well!” I cherish his words as he is a person of few words and uses them judiciously. When he says something, everybody listens.

He is always by my side in whatever decision I take…wrong or right.

If this were not kindness then I would love to hear more about it.

When Mark Twain said, “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see,” he must be talking about the language of such little gestures of kindness, which can only be perceived with an intuitive eye.

It is only when we treat others with respect and parity that they learn to understand the value of these words. They become what they could have aspired. Kindness is like that candle, which gives its light to others and burns brighter.

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Balroop Singh.


50 thoughts on “The Amazing Power Of Kindness

  1. Beautifully written, Balroop. Kindness is something that has to be learnt, and a lot of it has to be learnt from observing. As you said, having parents who constantly are focused on upping the competition can send a greedy message as opposed to a compassionate message to their kids. There are different forms of kindness too like you touched on in this post. It could be doing someone a favour, or giving them constructive criticism when you least expect it. Good friends are not just kind, but they are the ones who will be honest and they will be encouraging amidst their honesty. So kind of you to give away the book for free for a couple of days. I will check it out soon 🙂

    1. Many thanks dear Mabel for reading so carefully and ruminating on each point. I have seen many such children who don’t even realise that they ought to be kind…obviously the credit or the discredit goes to the environment of their homes or peer group. The messages that children get at an impressionable age get deep-rooted, which later on become a part of their personality. It is quite difficult to get an honest opinion these days because nobody wants to make a negative comment. Only a true and intrepid friend can do so. God bless such friends, which are so rare! Thanks for showing interest in my book. I am sure you are going to like it. 🙂

  2. Great write up! It’s hard to find kindness around us specially in cities where money always takes precedence. In rural areas people still value humans and humanity.

    1. Exactly right arv! People in rural areas still hold their values…honest opinions are becoming rare as everybody just tries to please others with lip courtesy. So kindness takes a back seat yet it is around and can never be annihilated.

  3. There cannot be a more powerful definition of the word than what Mark Twain said; “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see,”…the word has such vital significance in any relationships, it just cannot be ignored. No human relationship or our relationship with nature cannot be of any value if it is not accompanied by genuine kindness. Yes, in our life and in our family the presence of kindness in different forms and getting manifested in multiple ways makes the way we lead our life with happiness and joy.

    Right from our childhood, it is our parent and the way they live life and deal with us, is exactly the way we imbibe and build those dispositions with others, so is the case with sibling as so rightly pointed out. In a happy and compassionate family we always have their children grow up into being prudent, bright and healthy citizen of the society, such is the profound impact of the word “kindness”…

    As regard the most important person in your life who is definitely a man of powerful thoughts, compassionate heart and the ability to understand and appreciates the little things in your life and makes you feel the greatness with his simplicity and the power of using few words to empower others with the few chosen words and the timing of saying those words. In the act of appreciation and admiration, it is the timing and selection of situations that makes a huge difference, I can see through he does with perfection…

    Every book of yours must be carrying those big thoughts with that bounty of kindness that matters to any reader when they read such inspirational books…
    Yes, it is all inside us and needs the effort to nurture our nature.
    Beautifully written!!!

    1. Thank you dear Nihar for adding so much of value to this post with your insights. I am sure you too have experienced all those situations of giving and receiving kindness and you would agree how peaceful kindness is, not only for the person who is receiving it but also for the one who initiates an act of kindness. Many times just a kind word can be so uplifting!
      My effort has been to draw light from all such experiences and pour it into my writings. Thanks a ton for your words of appreciation. I look forward to your support. 🙂

      1. Yes, it is so much about giving and so little about what we receive, if we all start giving more than getting, we will do a great favour to the society at large.
        Yes, so much I have enjoyed giving in life than receiving…it has happened many occasions.

  4. What a beautiful post, Balroop. I agree wholeheartedly that kindness is so often captured in the small gestures and the intent behind them. Kindness is a feeling as much as it is an act. ❤

  5. Such a beautiful and inspirational post, Balroop. You summed up the value of real kindness perfectly–“Kindness is like that candle, which gives its light to others and burns brighter.” Sharing… 🙂

  6. Such a beautiful post Balroop. I love all your analogies on kindness, and as you know, I’m a big advocate on kindness. I am running to download your book and look forward to reading it. 🙂

  7. Thanks for your quick read on kindness, Balroop. May it be defined in any manner, the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate would make for kindness. One of the challenges of our quotidian lives relates to the problem of kindness and compassion often presenting as weak and empty virtues to average minds. Nevertheless, kindness must continue to be extended. Godspeed to your book on the subject.

    1. Oh yes… “empty virtues”!! You have used the right words to describe what people consider as kindness. Thank you Raj for reading and understanding the emotion behind this post. Stay blessed!

  8. Great quote by Twain. I’ve always wondered if kindness needs to be learned, or if it’s inherent in some, and not in others. I don’t remember being taught to ‘be kind,’ but I do remember being told to put myself in another person’s shoes. Gaining empathy is surely a way to becoming kind, because if we all try to understand what another person is going through, we’d be more likely to be kind and caring to that person. I’d like to think so, anyway.

  9. Kindness can never be learnt because it can only be felt deep down in our heart and that feeling develops with stimulus, which comes from watching kindness around us…that’s why environment (nature vs. nurture) plays such a significant role in our lives. Both empathy and kindness are connected with ‘understanding’ and ‘feeling’ and are complementary to each other. Thanks for giving me food for thought!

  10. Some people do turn out more kind than others, and I often find myself wondering if it’s more nature than nurture. It’s hard to say. My childhood home was hit or miss, but I do know I learned a great deal about how to treat others from this Positive Action program that was used in my elementary school.

    1. True! I have learnt kindness much later and had a hard time understanding that it could bring inner peace too. Only after experiencing do we realise the value of certain virtues.

  11. So interesting reading this, following on the heels of another post written by a dear man with many regrets for unkind actions taken when he, a child, didn’t know any better.

    Kindness is a wondrous thing, yet it can be a difficult subject for those raised by damaged people; only human themselves, having been raised in who-knows-what kind of family situation. It’s fantastic to be born into an environment with parents evolved enough to demonstrate a steady stream of kindness in the face of stress and survival. Yet it is equally if not perhaps more inspiring to witness one who has been raised amidst violence and strife; who has made his or her own mistakes (even with their own children) then awoken to the kind, wise person within. Subsequently seeking forgiveness of those one has wounded with unkindness can be life-changing and allows the perpetrator of said unkind actions to begin healing, as well. And it contributes depth and breadth to those who come in contact with the necessary humility it takes to voice such regrets.

    Great post, Balroop; great subject to be mindful of. ❤

    1. Yes Bela…upbringing makes a lot of difference as our behaviour and habits are formed quite early in life yet we can observe and follow such virtues that we admire.
      As I have mentioned in this post, most of the humility and kindness that I try to follow was picked up much later in my life when I was inculcating them in my children.
      Thank you for sharing your insights dear friend, much appreciated. 🙂

  12. I have always felt that kindness is a lot connected to Empathy. People capable of empathy tend to be kind. I love your thought process and I am sure I’d like your books too. Will read them Balroop 🙂

  13. Waiting to grab your book…congrats on the is indeed a terrific milestone and takes so much effort, determination and time to judiciously weave the thoughts and make a complete compilation.
    This post evokes so much feelings of belongingness and amazed at the way you have brought out the greatness of a partner and the simple joys of togetherness.

    1. Thank you Sunita for such a lovely observation…life becomes a celebration even in the wake of adversities if we have a kind and understanding spouse. Hope you could download my book during the promotion period! 🙂 I look forward to your feedback.

  14. This is so beautiful Balroop. Kindness is in the simple things, in the way we act towards others, in the respect we share and in the attention we give.
    I can’t wait to read your book. Thank you for sahring such amazing beauty with all of us.
    Sending you light and peace.

  15. This is definitely a message many need to read right now. I see so much UNkindness going on in America, especially on Facebook. We all need to stop yelling at each other and just be nice!

    1. Thank you Stephanie for understanding the emotion behind this message. My conviction is that basically all human beings are kind but can be easily led astray. Let us keep spreading us light and love with kind words.

  16. Beautiful message Balroop. It serves well to be reminded that kindness can calm emotions and cement relationships. As you have pointed out that kindness is a trait that has to be nurtured and shown through acts of concern. Strangely we always want that people to be kind to us, but often forget to show the same kindness to those we interact with. Kindness can manifest in various ways in the form of benevolence, acceptance or through little gestures that can be perceived by the intuitive eye. Thank you for spreading such positivism. 🙂

    1. Thank you Somali…positive thoughts keep us going in this weird world, lamenting for love and justice. Kindness can heal many hearts. Lets keep spreading the message.

  17. You are true, kindness shows in actions. You don’t have to say pleasant words to show you truly care about others…it is supposed to come out on its own and felt by others!

    I have not been up to the mark in this respect but I have given it a lot of thought and have tried my best to reform myself. I guess that’s what should matter, if you are not born with it or instilled with such qualities for whatever reason.

    1. I am touched by your honest confessions…most men deny that they would like to change themselves and yes! actions speak louder than words. 🙂 Thanks for adding your thoughts to the discussion.

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