The Day I Escaped…#writephoto


Dismal darkness around the flames recedes
When exquisite images ingrained within
Leap out to attract lovers
With dreams of ebullient elation

Flickering embers inflame your thoughts
Each one burning brightly… crackling crisp
Reminding me why I keep away
Darkness dares to break boundaries

Remember the day?
The yearning leapt up in flames
Onlookers looked at the mysterious mound
Growing red with sardonic smolder

The lure of licking embers drew closer
Consuming all…now you live within them
My gratitude for letting in the freedom
Fiery love burns brighter!

The day I escaped those embers
Enlightenment revealed itself
Love is but a distant dream
An ephemeral enticement!
© Balroop Singh
All rights reserved.

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Flame #writephoto photo prompt.

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34 thoughts on “The Day I Escaped…#writephoto

  1. Beautifully penned as always, Balroop. Though I wonder if it is an ephemeral enticement or a reflection of a greater love we yearn towards all unknowing?

    1. Yes Sue, the irony is that we spend half our life yearning for it and the other half wondering about it’s transience! Yet we admire the myriads of opinion about Love – the sublime emotion!!

  2. An uplifting poem, Balroop. I like how you entwined the themes of darkness and light in this poem. Both cannot exist without the other, and they happen one after the other. “The lure of licking embers drew closer” This is my favourite line from the poem. It sounds like the more we look into the light or encourage ourselves to look ahead, we will be more curious about what lies out there and are likely to take the plunge. Love can a dream, but sometimes, dreams can become reality if we dare stand up. Beautifully written.

    1. Thank you Mabel. Your insights always give a food for thought…yes, darkness and light are two aspects of life and it all depends on us what we choose. Light can be alluring but darkness has its own leads, which are essential to understand what is love for life! 🙂

  3. Such a beautiful poem, And I read it twice to soak up the depth of its meaning..
    How easily we are attracted to the flame.. often ones which despite their magical dance as the sparks within us fly.. Can also burn and scorch our hearts that leave many in their dark like blackened embers of bitterness…

    I was thinking along the lines of my Mother.. and how we crave for attention and love..
    Thinking further afield I think Mankind as a whole is seeking, searching endlessly for that spark.. that she/he feels is missing.. Searching for it in relationships. possessions, ownership, control and power.. As we navigate this material world..
    When we are all perhaps just searching in the wrong place.. As the spark which ignites is in our own hearts..
    Your post gave me much to ponder over Balroop.. and I hope that you do not mind me expressing my thoughts outloud here..

    Love is the essence to which we all of us wish to embrace.. Learning to let those we love go.. is perhaps the greatest gift of freedom.. Did we not get given our ‘Free Will’ to chose 🙂 the path we take.. yet are we not still all of us striving to find our place and that essence of Love to find our way back home to the heart of that Fire.. 🙂

    Many thanks Balroop for always bringing me such a wonderful perspective as I read words from your heart.. that echo in my own.. ❤ xxx

    1. Many thanks dear Sue for such beautiful words and sharing your reflections about love and relationships. Love your view that the real spark lies in our hearts while we keep on looking elsewhere!
      ‘Embers of bitterness’ is a powerfully poetic expression! Many of us carry those embers within us, seeking serenity of thoughts yet our focus remains on power and control, which is never enough!
      My profound gratitude dear friend for touching so many aspects of love and life. Stay blessed. Hugs and much love.

  4. I loved the ‘fiery love burns brighter.’ It contrasts with the darkness surrounding the fire!

    Also, how the intensity of love has been woven into the poem is brilliant. Those who have experienced true and deep love would relate with it.

    1. Thanks Alok! You missed another aspect which is touched upon in the last two lines! I agree with the poet who said “kitabon mein milte hain chahat ke kisse… 🙂 as all kinds of love loses its spark with time.

  5. Loved the way you made love take the leap, and let the darkness and fire co-exist. Fiery are the emotions and so is the desire to read your beautifully penned poems. Loved the intensity of your poetic notes, yet again ❤

    1. Many thanks dear Era for your kind words. Love encompasses all these emotions, which are paradoxical, oscillating between darkness, despair and elation!

  6. An apt comparison between love and fire — both beautiful yet dangerous in their own ways. Your line “Onlookers looked at the mysterious mound/Growing red with sardonic smolder” makes me imagine how the first humans must have reacted to their newly discovered incendiary abilities.

  7. Aloha Balroop: I know you’re speaking of love, however this is what your poem brought up in me: I like the juxtaposition of fire and the dark (void of possibilities?). I’ve spent many years of my life gazing into fires of one sort or another. Your quote, ‘darkness dares to break boundaries’ intrigues. It can be this way, at least for me, that I need to go into the darkness and quiet in order to break through something. If it’s in my face like the embers, it’s too enticing and hypnotic. I may feel passionate, but it won’t be tempered with reflection and might bring regret. Although pleasant, exciting, warming – I can’t make a clear decision from that place. Good food for thought! ❤

    1. You are right Bela, Love perplexes…sometimes fiery and at other times dumping people down the darkest corridors, where even sunlight fails to filter through! And when darkness reveals the harsh realities, we tend to realise the futility of depending so much on ‘Love’!
      I like your interpretation though I had betrayal in mind when I penned second and third paragraph, that’s why I talk about freedom and escape. 🙂
      Many thanks dear friend for sharing your beautiful perspective. Much love.

  8. Such lovely imagery and thoughts to be had from a picture of a fire. I always take a picture of any campfire I build, so I have plenty to choose from and think I would like to try that for some writing inspiration. Thanks for the idea.

  9. I liked how you said, ‘darkness dares to break boundaries’. Often, we tend to think just the opposite, that darkness limits our horizon, but it also inspires us at times to move beyond its boundary. Light and darkness have been beautifully juxtaposed.

  10. Love does not have one definition Balroop. Wonderfully penned as always. Your words are taking us on a long-yearned trip! Thank you and have a lovely day.

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