Spring Of Our Dreams


When I bowed my head in penitence
You didn’t even look at me
I whispered your favorite trill
You didn’t respond with usual thrill

Fresh leaves sparkle all around us
Blooming blossoms emit fragrance
They are smiling at your conceit
Your high headedness is so concrete!

Are you thinking of a new melody?
To match the surreal spring air
Are you waiting for a new friend?
To flutter with pure pretend

Your songs have lost their passion
The disconnect is dawdling between us
I am trying to understand this attitude
What is your problem dude?

Is it the angst against modern melodies?
Is it the effect of this chaotic cacophony?
Are you sinking into a gloomy gorge?
Or just waiting for a kinder world

The world of our reveries
Where love would be generous
Where equality won’t be a façade
Peace and tolerance – not a mere maud!

© Balroop Singh

All rights reserved.

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35 thoughts on “Spring Of Our Dreams

    1. I too loved this pic Lisa…don’t remember where I found it and has been lying in my folder for too long! Looking for some inspiration, I pulled it up to write this piece 🙂 We also woke up to hailstorm and rain today, spoiling the spring fun.

    1. Thanks Alok…humour is not my forte though I have tried a little but this poem focuses on a number of serious issues in a light-hearted tone.

  1. Love the pic and your poem truly captures the essence of the birds’ characters. 😀

  2. So I’ve read and reread this a few times. There are the birds. But I suspect they are not what (all?)you are writing about. This is not purely anthromorphizing 😉 In my opinion, this is one of your better poems, hinting at a lack of authenticity, perhaps, or at least that’s how I perceive it. Nicely done, in any case. Aloha, Balroop ❤

  3. Thanks Bela! A real poem is the one which has be read again and again. I have done so in case of your poetry each time! I had to read the poems of Keats and his contemporaries at least ten times before facing a class.
    I am so happy to know that there is an element of ‘anthropomorphic’ in this poem (Thanks for introducing this word.) You are right…I am not just talking of birds though they are looking so cute in that pose. They have inspired some serious thoughts, which are much more profound and are related to humanity and the turbulent times, both in the relationships and the people.
    Many thanks for such beautiful words dear friend. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Hi Balroop,

    Awesome indeed 🙂

    Yes, spring is in the air, and your poem just goes on to describe this beautiful season so well. I loved the picture of the birds as well – so apt! Are those from your garden or nearby area?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Thanks for standing by Harleena, much appreciated. Birds always inspired like all other elements of Nature.
      You too have a lovely week. 🙂

  5. “To flutter with pure pretend” I love this line, Balroop. It reminds me of those moments where we feel like we have to be somebody else in order to be perfect. Truth is, no one of us is perfect and pretending often does not get us anywhere. This is a time of our lives where we may feel tangled, as you alluded to in your poem. Sometimes the problems we have with each other would just fade if we choose to be less judgemental, and really, honest and open with each other 🙂

    1. I absolutely agree with you Mabel, pretence is disliked by all yet it is so popular…isn’t it strange? Did you notice the conceit in the eyes of one bird? That one expression has evoked so many emotions, which this poem carries. Thanks for adding your insights, much appreciated as always. 🙂

  6. I really enjoyed this poem and the way you get into the heads of the birds. I love the way this poem swings from poetic nature descriptions to the use of slang! Very unusual but works so well.

    1. Thanks for standing by Annika and welcome to Emotional Shadows. I love watching the birds and often wonder whether birds have similar issues that plague human relationships! 🙂

  7. I read this poem twice dear Balroop.. I suspect that your poem reflected not only the birds trill but that which we humans like the sound of, Our own voices.. 🙂 And I suspect when they do not get enough attention, they sing a different tune.. 🙂 I enjoyed reading and trying to read between the lines my friend.. 🙂
    Wishing you a wonderful Spring Day..
    May the Sun always shine and the birds always Sing 🙂 a Happy tune to your heart xxx ❤
    Love and Blessings Sue xxx

    1. Thanks Sue! I know you would understand all those subtle messages quite well as your own poetry always highlights love and peace. I try to link it to human relationships…in fact all tunes have their own significance and need mutual understanding. 🙂 Thanks for lovely wishes…coming back your way too. Much love.

  8. Wow! Balroop, What a sweet, warm, and yet clever attempt to decode the cause of the glum attitude through a poem that could be applicable not only to our feathered friend in the picture but perhaps also to a human friend. Loved the rhyming, choice of words and the picture too. 🙂

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