The Escape From #Deep


As I stumbled and slipped
I was almost blinded
With red light all around me
My heart sank
Am I in the red area?

I moved forward furtively
Not a sound… no soul stirred around me!
Red hands, full of blood
Slippery surface, reeking repugnantly
Oh! How will I go home?

What will I tell my friends?
I tried to run but couldn’t lift a foot
Rooted to red ground… red feet! Oh lord!
An unknown prayer, a sinking heart…
I tried to be calm

Attracted by a shining heart
I dragged myself closer
As I touched the heart, it opened like a door
Whoa! I entered a new world
Something different…some new vibes

‘Welcome grandma’, a sweet sound
Caught my attention
How did you come here, young man?
‘Thanks for telling me
To live through my heart, granny’

We love this luminous land
Brightened by consonance
Of notions, of race, of color, of rainbows
We respect differences, we uphold
Love, peace and contentment

Strange serenity draped me
Is it utopia?
‘No grandma, we created this
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for another inspiring Deep #writephoto photo prompt.

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42 thoughts on “The Escape From #Deep

  1. What started with fear ended with reuniting with someone dear. Just like love. Loved the idea of taking a journey into the heaven of love, peace, and contentment with your grandchild ❤

  2. Balroop, this is wonderful…taken on a mysterious journey full of adventure and twists and finally to the heart and love of grandchildren. I love this, so positive and full of hope.

  3. Mystery and adventure add excitement to our lives and I love them though dark mysteries put me off. Hope within our heart keeps us going through all the turbulences around us…I try to keep it alive 🙂 Thanks for sharing your view Annika, much appreciated.

    1. Thanks Saru…emotions rule us and the world in one form or the other! Look at the words you have used – hope, beauty, exciting, fear, happiness…all are connected with emotions 🙂 Hope the new world continues to respect them.

  4. An excellent poem. I felt you were describing Hades in the first part … the passage from the apocalypse to a more heavenly place: such is divine redemption….
    We believe that it is possible a better world while we are on Earth, each step at a time, right?. Love and best wishes, dearest Balroop. ❤ 😀

    1. I had to look up what is ‘Hades’ to understand your thoughts Aqui…I have no knowledge of Bible and the biblical book of Revelation 🙂 Thanks for an enlightening reflection dear friend, I am amazed at your knowledge and research-oriented mind. Stay blessed!

  5. This is such a powerful poem, Balroop. The colour red invokes anxious feelings within me, so I felt the fear and intimidation in this one. Being covered from head to toe in red, he must be on a journey that challenges him all over. “To live through my heart, granny” is my favourite line. With love brings a better place. I really like how he manages to turn inside to his heart and let it guide his way to his grandma 🙂 Sometimes it is when we are brave and are brave enough to face our worst fears, we will be delighted by a pleasant new chapter – we learned, we earned it 🙂

    1. Thank you Mabel, your insights always add a lot of value to a poem. You are right, fears eventually lead us into a land of freedom…victory lies beyond fears and once we conquer them, we emerge successful. 🙂

  6. Such a beautiful muse dear Balroop.. We are indeed creating this New World.. And May our grandchildren learn to find the rainbows, through unity, and to live through their hearts.. I hope we are paving the way as we show them the ways to escape from the deep..
    Wonderful words my friend ❤

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