But She Embraced Me


I didn’t know her when she was renowned
I wailed and blamed others
I lived in my own cocoon
I didn’t know she was fluttering around.

I didn’t know she was near
Ensconced in the layers of gloom
Entrenched in circumstantial conundrums
I didn’t know I had to decode her sphere.

I didn’t know she lives in memories too
Detachment doesn’t debilitate her
Deluge of woes may be disconcerting
I didn’t know she lingers behind blues.

I didn’t know she smiled at me
Each day I sat by my favorite creek
Immersed in my sorrows and grief
I didn’t know she sat by me.

I didn’t know she is so evanescent
Enamored by her cryptic charm
I learned to accept all moments
Happiness lovingly embraced me!
© Balroop Singh
All rights reserved.

You can click on Sublime Shadows of Life by Balroop Singh to read more such poems.

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37 thoughts on “But She Embraced Me

  1. I love how you finished off the poem by referring to happiness. It is always lurking around the corner, no matter how tough times may be. Love the line ‘she lives in memories’. We only realise what we have until it had passed us by – the good moments are often in the everyday. You did keep me guessing until the end as to who you were talking about…very nice 😊

  2. I have always believe that it is on us to be happy, nothing else can find it for us. You’ve given it a perfect context through your words.

    Be in the company of happiness, always ☺️

  3. Happiness hides in unexpected places. A lovely lead up to the last line Balroop. P.S. I reviewed your book today, Allow Yourself To Be A Better Person, on Amazon and Goodreads and will be including the review in a few weeks on my Sunday book review. 🙂

    1. Thank you SO much Debbie for being such a loving and kind friend. You have definitely demonstrated with your surprise that happiness does hide in unexpected places.
      I am extremely grateful to you for posting excellent reviews at Amazon and Goodreads. Love you for your support. Stay blessed! 🙂 🙂

      1. The pleasure was mine Balroop. I love what your writing represents, so I was looking forward to getting started reading your books. The TBR queue is long, but I will get back to reading more from you. ❤

  4. It’s so interesting what we focus on. It’s like if someone looked at us at certain times with special 6-D glasses, they’d likely see a cloud of confusion like tiny gray clouds and thunderbolts hoving over our heads. We truly are our own worst enemies at such times, unless and until we can realize we have options. Always. Aloha, Balroop ❤

  5. I agree with you Bela…it is the perspective that matters, what we think makes our life happy or sad…I could find a streak of silver lining in those gray clouds. Choice is always ours to think positive! Life becomes easier when we stop stressing about things over which we don’t have any control. Thanks for your lovely insights dear friend. Have a wonderful week. 🙂

  6. I always believe happiness is a state of mind and most of the times, it lies in our hands while we keep on searching for it everywhere. Lovely thoughts on the blissful and true nature of happiness…keep smiling and be happy… 🙂

  7. Balroop, often when we are enclosed within our tomb of sorrows and laments, we seldom see Happiness is always patiently by our sides.. .. And that it is waiting within us just hoping we open our hearts and our minds to see she was always inside of us.. And was waiting for us to discover her presence.
    This was indeed a wonderful poem.. You captured the essence of her spirit so well my friend..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue ❤ ❤

    1. Sometimes we don’t even notice its presence, you are so right Sue…that’s why we need such friends who can steer us out of the sea of sorrows to see the options before us. Thank you for your lovely support and love. Stay blessed!

      1. Yes I have been so very grateful for a wonderful friend in the past.. Sadly she is no longer with us.. But I know her spirit is.. ❤ You too enjoy your weekend Balroop.. My pleasure

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