Outside and Inside #writephoto

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The wondrous window…
Her world, her only real realm
That connected her with clouds
Outside and inside.

The edges of the windowsill
Smoother than paths she trod
Reassured her that she was safe
In the arms of her benefactor

All fears receded within her
She licked her wounds and soothed herself
As she looked out…calmness prevailed
Outside and inside.

Starry nights churned the storm
Shook her out of her slumber
Wobbling towards the window
She looked out at the streaks of light

Which shrieked…‘coward!
How could you concede defeat?
How could you enter your own grave?
Cringe inside and outside’

The glow of each dawn descends
Deeper into her deliberations
She looks outside
To confine conflagration inside.
© Balroop Singh
All rights reserved.

Thanks to Sue Vincent for the inspiration.

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38 thoughts on “Outside and Inside #writephoto

  1. Another lovely poem from you, Balroop. This time it feels like a poem of hope. Someone is confined within a cage, physically and emotionally and they long to reach out and touch the light. ‘Cringe inside and outside’ was my favourite line, and loved the used of the word conflagration – you don’t hear that every day 🙂 Sometimes it is hard to control how we feel inside or what we what; it’s part of human nature. We may have challenging times but sometimes the best way to move forward is to focus on looking out, up and out and beyond. Have a lovely week, my friend 🙂

    1. I love the way you can say something about every topic, Mabel…feelings are so hard to communicate but words like cringe and conflagration speak volumes. Many thanks for picking up the most relevant words dear friend. I can say with conviction that you understand emotions so well! 🙂 Stay blessed!

  2. How could you enter your own grave? The entire poem spins around the rhetorical question, crisscrossing through the window of contrasting inside-outside images, turning out a powerful message of hope. I liked it, Balroop…😋

  3. Some words create a lasting impact, and I see a couple of them here. Though it is hard to fight our own self, looking outside provides for a welcome relief.

    Lovely poem, as always!

  4. Fighting our own self…the biggest challenge, which we have to face, only the intensity differs! Reminds me of that Hindi song ‘Zindagi her kadam ik nayi jung hai…’
    Thanks for standing by to share your view Alok, much appreciated.

  5. Wow, this really moved me to a deep place within. The imagery is incredible, Balroop. I have chills. It took me back to a sweat lodge in a past life, where I let go of a ‘ghost’ that had been haunting me. Your writing is so deep, so insightful, so impeccably exquisite… ❤

    1. Thank you Tina, your beautiful words go straight to the heart as you choose them so carefully. I am delighted at your feedback. 🙂

  6. Wow! Balroop, this is a magnificent poem that seems to me full of contradictions – and wonderfully so! Calmness within and outside, entering one’s grave whilst cringing inside and out. Powerfully written and all a metaphor I think of the prison we build for ourselves, our fears ruling us…as the dawn at the end rises, so does the possibility we can overcome these fears and become free (albeit the fears are forever with us, internally suppressed). Wow, again! Thought-provoking.

    1. Thanks dear Annika for such beautiful words and apologies for the late reply…no excuses 🙂
      I am delighted at your choice of words, as always they go straight to the heart, reassuring that I am worthy of writing poetry. Yes, the bars we create within ourselves are more detrimental than what others do to us though it is the society that drags us to such situations. Love and hugs dear friend.

  7. Another lovely poem from you, Balroop. I loved the imagery. The window sill, clouds, prison all aptly convey the feeling of being captive of our own emotions and being tormented by the tumultuous storms that rage within, thus highlighting the need to overcome these and let the storms abate.

    1. True! You have caught the depth of my thoughts so well Somali. Many thanks for being a discerning reader. Love and hugs. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. At the outset, the title ” inside and outside” speaks volume and captures the very essence of life and the way we live our life. Windows are a wonderful metaphor, they are a constant witness to the changing faces of the world outside they provide the comfort, protect us from the storm outside which we can see and not get affected. The imagery is wonderfully crafted and so many aspects of our life which we face in the outside world has the solution deep within us and we keep looking and searching outside us.

    Indeed such a lovely poem packed with profound thoughts and keep you deeply reflecting and trying to fathom the depth of life and figuring out the answers for so many elusive questions in front us…
    Thanks so much Balroop for sharing the beautiful poem. Have a beautiful Sunday.

    1. Many thanks dear Nihar for such lovely words of appreciation and analysis! You have a perceptive mind and understand the metaphors so well…you are right, all solutions lie within us if we can conquer the demons that surround us – the biggest of all – Fear! 🙂

      1. Thanks Balroop for sharing a poem with such profound meaning…we are disconnecting with our own self while getting excessively connected with the digital world. That’s perhaps how the world will evolve and we have adapt to the new way of thinking and living…but some of the emotional fundamentals of life like happiness, peace and fear and joy will remain forever.

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