#bookreview Emerging from Shadows by Balroop Singh

First review is always exciting and here it is! Robbie has read ‘Emerging From Shadows’ and has shared her views about my latest poetry book.

Robbie's inspiration

Today I am delighted to post my review of Balroop Singh’s new book of poetry called Emerging from Shadows. The author provided me with an electronic version of this book which I freely chose to review.

Emerging from Shadows

My review

“Beneath that beauty lie broken dreams

Beneath that smile recline unspoken words

That gentle caress hides frozen fallacy

Feigning to hold forlorn finesse.”

These delightful words are the opening stanza of the first poem, entitled When Darkness Deepens, that feature in Balroop Singh’s new book of poetry.

Each poem featured in the book comprises of beautifully constructed phrases which together tell a story. Some of the poems are sad and some are happy, all are filled with mystery and delight.

My interpretations of three of Balroop’s poems are as follows:

The poem Emerging from Shadows encourages the reader to be brave and rise up above obstacles in your path, grasping at…

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22 thoughts on “#bookreview Emerging from Shadows by Balroop Singh

  1. Congrats Balroop. I have been enjoying the poems featured in many of your blogs and, I am sure, your words and images will continue to be appreciated by a steadily expanding audience. May its refreshing spirit and optimism uplift generations of readers. Best wishes…

  2. What a lovely review by Robbie. It sounds like sh enjoyed your book very much, and it is very much an inspirational book as we walk through both darkness and light in our lives. It is nice to hear her point out both sad and happy poems in your book – because that’s what life is about. Life isn’t perfect and we have to try our deepest and feel our deepest to move forwards. I think your book is about that too. Can’t wait to get your book myself soon. Take care and once again, congrats 🙂

    1. Yes Mabel, she liked it and has summed up the message so well in her review. I am delighted at her words, which inspire me to go on this path of enlightenment, picking up words and emotions to weave them together. Life has been thorny as well as rosy and I am thankful for the sunshine, which glows through the darker alleys. 🙂
      Thank you so much dear friend and I would look forward to your views too on my book. Stay blessed and have a lovely week.

  3. Always such great feeling to get the book review. And the first review is always special. With such wonderful composition of poems, the review will have to so much beautiful and Robbie has exactly done that. You have always had the mastery of playing with words and the garnering emotional thoughts that act as a perfect symphony. Poems are so much about emotions and also it makes feel better and we all relate to those moments and those experience which we cannot express and the poem does it for us, with such great poetic thoughts your poems has be to exceptional in its composition. I have always cherished your brilliance of capturing those finer nuances of life and the beauty and the good and the sad side of life.
    Balroop, wishing you more such lovely feedback, great success, more cherishing moments and looking forward to reading the poems.

    1. Many thanks for being such an understanding reader Nihar, your perspective is always shimmering with words of motivation and admiration. I am pleased to know that my poetry touches the chords of your heart…it is all about sensitivities and finer feelings, which one has to nurture with good reading and you seem to have mastered it so well! The experiences of life and the way we approach various negative and positive events enrich our words and I pour them all into my poetry. 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful week! Happy reading.

      1. Your beautiful thoughts that captures the finer nuances of life and human relationships are the hallmark of your lovely poems. So much can be captured through the limited words that is permitted in poems and you do it brilliantly, time and again. The choice of words has so much do in getting the right feelings come out and get connected with the world around us. It is all in the observation, the deep reflection and the way we have looked at life and the way we keep learning towards living a more meaningful life.
        Thanks so much for sharing these poems that keeps lingering in our mind and stay put in our heart.

    1. Wow! I am waiting eagerly Mani as I know your prose as well as poetry is a treat for the mind and the soul.
      You are so right, I never read the reviews before I read the recommended book. I just glance through what the book is about and write just like you say…after writing my own 🙂 Recently I discovered the value of reviews and now I write one after finishing each book.

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