Review: Emerging From Shadows by Balroop Singh

Emerging from ShadowsSheryl has written a brilliant review of my latest poetry book at her blog. You can understand my exhilaration as two reviews within the first week of the release of ‘Emerging From Shadows’ is a matter of pride for me. There couldn’t be a better compliment for my book as Sheryl compares this venture of writing a review to writing a reaction paper during her university days…what a wonderful memory she has associated with it! Thank you!


Thoughts of SheryL

I can hear the raindrops and feel the cool wind at the moment. Ah~ I like it when the refreshing wind gently blows me a kiss. This is a perfect time for me to pen my thoughts on this poetry book I’ve recently finished. Moments like this aids my thoughts to flow freely.

Doing this takes me back to my university days where my Literature professor would ask us to provide her our reaction paper of the books, plays, movies, and poems that were not of our choice with particular numbers of words and pages. You’re not an English major if you don’t write a reaction paper until you graduate. That was my life back then. Bittersweet. 😀

If you’re not fond of reading such paper, today is your lucky day! Even if this is a poetry book, I’ll still do the same approach as my other reviews. The core…

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