Alone #writephoto


Abandoned, I stand alone
Deprived, deluded…
Deranged [they say]
Due to my own indulgence.

Muted by the charges
Of undue affection,
Of care?
Of neglect,
Of discrimination?

My heart always bleeds
For all the affection
I showered
For all the favoritism
That I poured.

A deep, unspeakable regret
Gnaws at my heart
Why was my love
So selfless, so unbiased?

Entrenched in time
I stand here
Watching the new face
Of love, of friendship and trust!
© Balroop Singh

Thank you to Sue Vincent for an inspiring #photoprompt.

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34 thoughts on “Alone #writephoto

  1. Balroop, the poem is so beautiful and makes my heart cry.
    It is better to have loved fully and unreservedly than with calculation.
    Isn’t love in its very nature selfless? Yes, it can bleed but equally,
    It can send us sky high.

    1. I am touched by your thoughts, Miriam. It delights me when the emotion gets passed on through my words.
      This poem talks about the love of a woman for her family, the love that is misinterpreted and unacknowledged yet remains selfless. It may be rare but I have seen it in the eyes of one of my aunts.

  2. Another well-written poem from you, Balroop. Love how you incorporated alliteration and repetition/emphasis in this one. It gives me the idea that some of us go around and around in circles when we are trying to find our way or as we are learning about life. Love and trusting can hurt, especially if we don’t get what we wanted to get out of letting ourselves go down this path. But that is life – not everything will go according to plan. As Delphini said, it is better to love than to not have loved. There is always something to be learnt and take away from each situation.

    ‘Watching the new face’. That was quite a mysterious line to me. Reminds me of the fact that there will always be different faces and different people coming and going in our lives 🙂

    1. Thank you Mabel for paying attention to details of poetic devices, they convert our thoughts into poetry. I like your interpretation, as ever you try to delve deeper into the words and phrases. ‘New face’ is a satirical comment on people whose hypocritical love can be easily seen through. 🙂
      Have a wonderful week dear friend. Love and hugs.

    1. Thank you dear Sue, for your kind words of encouragement…This poem was actually inspired from the life of my aunt who never got appreciation for all that she did for her family. Your picture accentuated the thought. 🙂

    1. Thanks a TON…words would never be able to convey my gratitude dear Mani. I have read your brilliant review and shared it. Could you please post your wonderful words at Goodreads and Amazon? Love and hugs.

    1. Alok this is not me, this poem is inspired from somebody else’s life as I have mentioned in one of the comments. Thanks for coming over and sharing your thought.

  3. Another deep poem dear Balroop that tugged at my heartstrings of a feeling I have known so well.. Brilliantly written my friend.. Love and Blessings your way xx ❤

  4. This is beautiful Balroop, your words and the emotions that come from them are like a roller coaster ~ and like life, from despair comes hope. “Entrenched in time, I stand here, Watching the new face, Of love, of friendship and trust!”

  5. I love the way you play with words Balroop and create a map of feelings. Hope is the best ending…Always
    Sending you love my friend. Good to read you again

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