Book Review: Emerging From Shadows by Balroop Singh

When you have such accomplished friends as Maniparna who respond with a brilliant review of a book…you can just be as spellbound as I am right now. I am enthralled by the richness of her language, the choice of her words, the profound understanding of poetry and her in-depth analysis of my poems. Gratitude seems to be a meaningless word to thank her for her serious endeavor to interpret and bring out the subtle meaning of my poems.
I am blessed with such a blogger friend (an outstanding poet) whom I met online when I was struggling to find a foothold to survive in the blogosphere. She has kept her promise of reviewing my latest book ‘Emerging From Shadows.’

Scattered Thoughts


Balroop is one of those first few bloggers I got acquainted with since the beginning of my blogging journey.  I’ve been reading her blog Emotional Shadows for quite a long time and, the depth and profoundness of her words never have failed to amaze me. So, when she offered me an e-copy of her newest publication, Emerging From Shadows, (her fifth book) a collection of poems, it was quite a pleasure.

Forty poems, composed and curated by the author herself, adorn the book. All the poems, though not related to each other, seems harmonious to me as I finished reading. As if, they are pearls of the same string and, together they exude a feeling that resonates with your mind in more than one way.

Balroop’s poems liberate the mind of the reader from darkness to light. Life, for us, is not a bed of roses. It is a roller…

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21 thoughts on “Book Review: Emerging From Shadows by Balroop Singh

  1. Thank you for your review, it is lovely.
    Pearls of the same string they would be as Balroop’s heart and mind runs through.
    Wise and loving.

    1. Wow! That’s wonderful…I look forward to your own views about them. 🙂 Maniparna is a distinguished poet whose poetry has always stirred my heart and soul.

  2. I have just been over to Mani’s to read.. and it was a wonderful review dear Balroop… So deserving of your talent.. And Mani too is a most excellent writer with such a huge heart.. Love and Blessings to you my friend xxx

    1. Many thanks dear Sue for hopping over to Mani’s blog and sharing your words of appreciation for her. You know her well through her evocative poems and prose…we are blessed to be linked through our words. 🙂 Love and hugs dear friend.

      1. Yes, Balroop, I’m just back…well at least my body is, though I think my spirit is taking a while. It’s hard to adjust back after so long away…😀

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