Finding Peace


Riding on the smoky clouds
We enter the realms of rejuvenating mists
Fluttering around Angelic alacrity
To recreate this amorphous adventure

Who is this between us?
Accentuating the beauty of our venture
Adept at changing shapes
Adorning colors of similar semblance

Disseminating vibes of vibrant lure
Evincing our real rapport
Beams of light kissing our faces
Lending a glow of glorious brilliance

Shining in our own characters
Away from ear-shattering sounds
We soar away from strife and animosity
Earthly identities seem insignificant

Detachment seems so blissful
You may call it escapism
You are free to judge us
We are beyond your chaotic world!
© Balroop Singh

Written for Sue Vincent’s #photoprompt Wisp.

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25 thoughts on “Finding Peace

  1. Beautiful, Balroop. The clouds are certainly above the chaos. I like to think that they show us how to “soar away from strife and animosity” – if only in our hearts and imaginations.

  2. If I could do virtual reality, it would be to float around among the clouds for all the reasons you mention in your poem. The problem is, I might choose to stay there.

  3. So beautifully captured, stream of words so aptly arranged to depict the soul behind the floating cloud, these are not non living things on the sky but provides that liveliness to us, they are random and they can form any shape and go anywhere, the essence of formless. The purity in its manifestation, the clear background sky and the nice little white patches making their presence felt on us. Yes, when gaze at those clear sky and with those slowly floating patches of cloud we want go along with it and escape the cacophony on the ground. There is so much peace and there is uncanny profoundness around the lovely picture captured and so beautifully woven thoughts around it. Thanks Balroop for one more soul searching poem…

    1. Many thanks dear Nihar for your beautiful response to my reflections. Clouds cease to be non-living the moment you start drifting with them as they arouse a thousand thoughts, as varied as their shapes and colors…their presence lifts our spirit and tranquility transcends all around, making us oblivious of our surroundings. 🙂
      Your thoughts carry some positive vibes as they always evoke more words and that’s why I always appreciate your presence here.

      1. Always your poems have given a space for reflection and a source of inspiration, it is my pleasure to land here and get those thoughts loaded into my mind and I thoroughly enjoy doing it.
        Balroop, have a beautiful weekend.

  4. “Detachment seems so blissful
    You may call it escapism
    You are free to judge us
    We are beyond your chaotic world!”

    Each line above is powerful, can float on its own – and you make it fly. Beautiful! 🙂

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