My Muse Almost Got Strangulated


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She has been wandering around too much, meeting strangers, expecting appreciation, gloating at her beauty and intellect as she reclined leisurely in the glorious sunshine, having abandoned the shadows recently.

Having emerged from her poetic alleys, she got bolder and her escapades with young adventurers almost throttled her as she refused to wear modest garments…some of which seemed incandescent to her new friends. They tried to impose their opinion on her, telling her not to push people away with her ‘excessive alliteration’ and ‘lengthy’ words, guiding her to be humble and simple.

It was too much for the one who has never been snubbed, who likes to boss around, considering herself to be a spontaneous charmer.

She came home disappointed and has been sulking.

‘I hate you’, she looked me in the eye and scowled. I just smiled, which agitated her further. She threw all she had in her pockets at me and scampered away.

Yesterday I saw her, sitting by her favorite creek. I continued my walk, pretending obliviousness but she followed me, igniting new ideas in my mind. I invited her to sit down to have a healthy conversation. She agreed nonchalantly.

‘Would you like a cup of tea,’ I tried to diffuse the situation.

‘I don’t like judgmental people. What do they know about me? How could they condemn me?’ She often blurts like that and I was well prepared to calm her down.

I nodded most lovingly and tried to explain that we don’t have any control over the demeanor of people. She shot me a dagger like glance and espoused her view: ‘why can’t you use the word ‘behavior,’ which such people understand better.’ That’s what they want. That’s why they criticize me.’

‘Critics add another dimension to our personality. Take it in a positive manner. We don’t need to change our style just because others want us to. Let’s bless our critics, as we owe gratitude to them for being our readers.’

Discerning my sermonizing mood, my muse chose to step into the realms of dreams.

Inspired from Diana’s disciplinarian muse. Thanks dear friend.

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Balroop Singh.



52 thoughts on “My Muse Almost Got Strangulated

  1. Dear Balroop.. What a thought provoking muse you have created.. So much to give the reader to think about, and to use criticism as a tool to enhance our lives, not to control it by being offended and complying with the way others wish us to be..
    Excellent Balroop.. I read it through twice. and saw so much within your words..
    Thank you 🙂 ❤

    1. Thank you dear Sue, I know what a discerning reader you are…words love to leap out and embrace you. Stay blessed and have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  2. I have been thinking about judgemental people. Little do they know what effect their actions have on others. I guess their actions make a person suspicious of others. But then you have little control over others. What they think about you, is their own right.

    1. Judgmental people are all around us though they claim to be friendly but never fail to express their opinion, which is often negative. Infact we have yet not learned to be positively critical. Thanks for sharing your perspective arv, much appreciated.

  3. Like the others have said, this is quite a thought-provoking narrative here. Very nice use of the word sermonizing 🙂 Criticism might be a blow to our ego, but it is also a reminder to ourselves that we’re not the one who is always right, and there is always another perspective to each situation. I like the first person of this story – calm, collected and not letting negative emotions get in the way of being level-headed, like a very realist realist in a way. There will certainly be judgemental and opinionated people, but it is not a reason why we should be like them and fight fire with fire. Sometimes the best outcome is to let them say their opinion and let them know that it matters…just like the other opinions out there. Well written again, Balroop. Wishing you a good week 🙂

    1. I welcome all opinions Mabel, it is such a blessing to receive readers’ feedback. Thank you so much for being one of the consistent supporters who love to express their opinion. Positive analysis greatly helps a writer and is highly appreciated. Much love dear friend. Stay blessed!

  4. Hahaha, your muse is as I imagined her, Balroop. Kind of bossy, sassy, confident and she certainly won’t be told how to do her work! Loved this so much and now I’m wondering who my muse is exactly, if I had to describe him or her…you’ve got me thinking!

  5. The muse is always there to reveal home truths and thereby sharpen the creative flair. Your muse, Balroop, is not entirely different. I am reminded of a dialogue in one of Christopher Moore’s novels: “i love you, Lucien, but I am a muse, you are an artist, I am not here to make you comfortable”.

  6. Thanks for introducing us to your muse B. It seems she may give you a run for your money, but you are having the final say. Good for you. You’ve got a good handle on her. 🙂 xx

  7. I can see that despite your muse’s petulant behavior, you have infinite patience. When my son was little he would say he hated me and I would reply, “All children hate their parents from time to time.” In your attitude toward your muse, you’ve delivered the same message, “All muses hate their writers from time to time.” No big deal. Let’s move on, now.

  8. A cup of tea calms so many situations such at this one with your temperamental muse! 😀 As she’s explored the world on her own terms she’s struggled with the reaction of others…you coach her lovingly about turning the negative words of others to positive personal effect…something we all need to learn and particularly writers as they face mixed reaction to their work. I’ve taken a shine to your muse and her internal dilemma. A delightful post, Balroop and as always poetry in your writing…and I love the quote! ❤️

    1. Annika, I welcome the reaction of each and every reader and have learnt a lot from my critics but those who don’t appreciate the vastness of language and don’t move beyond the shallow waters of the ocean we try to explore irritate me. Thank you dear friend for your kind and encouraging words, much appreciated. 🙂

  9. I fully embrace the value of giving and receiving criticism, but so many factors go into being able to give and receive it eloquently. Often, it seems like I can spend so much time trying to pinpoint this or that issue, but when the words come from someone else, they strike home so much more effectively. Learning how to take criticism is a life-long process.

  10. Beautifully articulated thought Jeri…so many factors go into criticism! Thanks for understanding why critical analysis is essential and how it could be more effective.

  11. This is such a beautiful and thoughtful post, Balroop. Whenever possible, follow your muse 🙂 Your final line says so much “my muse chose to step into the realms of dreams” ~ and I hope you followed and enjoyed the ride.

  12. Hello Balroop! I didn’t like this post––I loved it! I do plan to share it everywhere! Sometimes when certain people offer bad critiques I wonder, are they doing it for my benefit or their’s? Bad critiques are difficult to take, but you’re right, we must see it for what it is––just someone’s opinion. Brilliant post! 😀 xx

    1. Thank you SO much for understanding the emotion behind this post, Vashti. I prefer to tone down bad critiques as they are heart-breaking and to say that they language is high-flowing is quite absurd! 🙂

  13. It was short and sweet story with shades of sour, both protagonist and antagonist getting their part to play their due role and both does it so intriguingly and leaves a lovely taste in the minds of the readers. Like everybody else it was lovely experience of going through the muse. We all love to have dialogue with self and we all love to be loved and appreciated, we all want to be there in the center stage of everything that happens around us and in our life. But in reality we are a part of the whole world around us and there are so many others who are exactly in the same position we are and they want us to love them and understand their point of view and different perspective matters.

    Here you have so smartly chosen the words, each such words are aptly placed in its rightful place making it picture perfect and word play is like a perfect symphony and you have always mastered that art of connecting the beautiful thoughts with wonderful choice of words. Being judgmental, getting opinionated and being a critique are things that are not easy to face and handle it, these have multiple shades and we need to be observant in appreciating the latent layers between the shaded lines.

    Thanks Balroop for a lovely muse and it has set me in deeper contemplation…

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