How To Pick Up Positive Vibes

Positive vibes
Have you ever experienced blissful joy in the lap of nature? Does your heart flutter with the butterfly or the hummingbird? Do you feel exhilarated at the first showers of rain? Does your heart leap at the sight of full moon?

If yes, then you certainly possess the EQ (emotional quotient) to catch positive vibes, which float all around us. Our emotions get a boost when positive energy touches us.

Positive vibes can be picked up from the environment, people around us and even the animals but we need emotional quotient to grasp those vibes and absorb them.

Nature generates positive vibes in the form of colorful hues all around us…the flowers, the butterflies, the trees laden with fruit in the fading light of the sun, the colors of setting sun emit those vibes…all we need is a warm heart to welcome them and let them radiate around us.

Have you ever felt that you like some people just by intuition; just their coming into your life adds some cheer to it? You are happier in their company, you like to hang out with them and you wonder why do you like them, without actually knowing them.

They make you smile; they add sunshine and laughter to your life. These are the people who emit positive vibes, which you can pick up if you have them in you.

You can also train your mind to recognize those vibes:

  • Look at the smile. If it is genuine, it will pass on positive vibes and soothe your heart. You may even feel connected.
  • Make an eye contact with the person who smiles. Eyes speak volumes; they emit vibes – positive or negative will be defined by your perception, your emotional quotient.
  • Notice the tone of the voice, it carries a vibe too.
  • Listen to the words…and pay attention. You have to be alert enough to pick up the vibes.
  • Notice the body language of the other person. Positivity exudes itself through body posture, movement of hands or shoulders.

Positive vibes can reach you faster as they are more powerful than the negative ones.

Then there are those people, whom you dislike just with your first look, you loath their company, they seem to be a burden and you long to banish them out of your life. These are the people who give out negative energy and if you detest it, you would be uncomfortable in their presence.

How to send positive vibes:

    • Develop a positive mindset.
    • Smile with an open mind to send positive vibes.
    • Create an aura of happiness around yourself.
    • Be determined and optimistic.
    • Be generous in appreciating others.
    • Approach all the problems with a positive attitude.
    • Deal boldly with negative situations.

Positivity“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.” – Wade Boggs

Positive opportunities come to you if you have learnt to handle your emotions with a positive mind.

Positive vibes resonate with love, vigor and enthusiasm. They add happiness, solace and security to our lives.

Read more about emotions and their connections.

Do you value positivity? Could you pick up some positive vibes from this page? You are welcome to share your thoughts.

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Balroop Singh.

51 thoughts on “How To Pick Up Positive Vibes

  1. In the section of your post “how to send positive vibes” I have found that many good natured people have trouble with the last suggestion, “deal boldly with negative situations”. That one is difficult but particularly important, because if a negative situation is not dealt with boldly and immediately, resentment begins to build, which makes all of the other steps more difficult. Thanks for the wonderful and important post. 🙂

    1. I agree with your thought…boldness needs to be cultivated and comes with practice. Challenging circumstances are good teachers. Thanks for sharing your reflections.

  2. Yes Balroop, I can without a doubt pick up positive vibes from your post. It is written with kindness and without judgement. I am also smiling big as I believe I have an high EQ ( had never heard this word ). You are familiar with my post and how nature figures strongly …as well as Angels and such.
    As to recognising negativity; yes, there are people that make you feel physically agitated. This is difficult at times. I do want to show everyone kindness but at time walking might be the best solution. Or dealing “boldly” with the situation. 🙂 Will practice this.
    Thank you for a thought provoking post

    1. Thanks for the smiles and lovely words Miriam, they are reaching me through your thoughts. Yes, the best solution is to walk away and if that is not possible, avoid negative people. I have met many such persons in the form of colleagues and some who claimed to be friends. If they happen to be a part of your family tree, we have to deal with the negative energy they spread whenever we happen to see them. 🙂

  3. YES. You have listed the good vibrations humans can give and receive if they are looking for them. Even if we’re not looking for them, we feel them. I guess it’s how animals get their feedback from humans, too. Great post, Balroop. A pleasure to read this today!

  4. Excellent post my friend. I base my life on vibes and intuition, they haven’t steered me wrong yet. I’m blessed to be gifted with that ability. Not surprising we connected and are friends. ❤ x

    1. Thanks Deb…our experience with life and people is quite similar. Intuition introduces us to positivity when we have no choice. Probably that is what is called natural therapy. 🙂

  5. Loved this post. I would like to add here that even in blogging world, comment and reactions too have positive and negative vibes. There are comments with which you relate immediately. That’s because comments are extension of personality.

  6. It’s important especially during challenging times, to be positive and to choose to see the sunnier side of things. In fact, in some situations, it can feel downright impossible. But when life is not in those extremes, I think it is important to work the positivity muscle.

  7. Positivity begets positivity. Positive energy makes us feel so much better and can be the catalyst for what makes us go far. Agree with you that the simple things in nature or the smallest of gestures can be uplifting and infectious too 🙂 There are certain people in my life whom I can count on to make me feel better – just by seeing them when I’m having a rough day. Usually these people are the ones who don’t judge and accept you for who you are. As for the people I dislike and constantly are throwing an attitude around, I like to think about them no more and just move on with my life if I feel I can’t help them – my life is my life, their life is theirs.

    The more positive we are, the more the world will smile back at us 🙂

    1. Positive vibes keep us energised, you are absolutely right Mabel…just a genuine smile unleashes positivity and yes, it is infectious. Let’s fill the space around us with positive vibes as they have their own charm of bouncing far and wide! Thanks for a lovely view dear friend. Stay blessed!

  8. Balroop, I’m smiling away and definitely feeling your positive vibes! 😀😀 How true that some people instantly drain one’s energy and strength – it’s taken years for me to recognise this and not to blame myself! It’s easier step aside or away if possible. Yeah, to this celebration of positive vibes in all its forms. Nature has always seemed such a place of emotional, mental and physical healing…and even as autumn comes the vibrant colours of the remaining flowers lift my spirits. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few people with whom I felt instant connection, a wonderful shared sensation. I like the the list of how to increase my own positive vibes…will take these to heart and work on them! Thank you for a brilliant post…positive vibes flying across the pond to you! ❤️

    1. I am delighted that my positive vibes have traveled so far Annika. Thank you for saying so and sending some more! Your words do carry them. 🙂 Isn’t it marvellous how we can feel the emotional connection just through the words? When I try to discern this feeling and delve deeper, positivity smiles at me to assure me that it is the innate goodness of a person that reaches us instantly. Words carry powerful emotions and those who use them prudently can pack them with incredible positive energy.
      Many thanks dear friend for your kind words, which are power-packed! 🙂

  9. Good discussion, Balroop. I find myself avoiding people who are negative. It’s too easy to bring me down and usually, their attitudes are based on a point in time rather than that the sky is falling. Works pretty well for me.

  10. Every one of your words is full of positive vibrations Balroop. Your smile too.
    I always feel moved by nature, smiling people, a happy song or gratitude. It makes such a beautiful difference in life. It works like magic!
    Thank you for this lovely post. It made my day!

    1. Thank you Marie, you are so kind! I found your new site, a mixture of French and English. Thanks for the link and the love that your latest post is exuding.

  11. Such a beautiful post, dear Balroop… I totally agree with you as to how Nature entails positivity… It is the best environment to chill out, switch off and reconnect with our inner selves-.
    You are also right as to how some people might trigger positive vibes and how we might feel that influence in a spontaneous and intuitive. Hugs xx ❤

    1. Many thanks for your lovely words dear Aqui…I am so glad that all the readers feel connected to the vibes that Mother Nature sends out to connect with our own self and beauty around us. Hugs back to you, I appreciate your visit to Emotional Shadows.

  12. I do value positivity and I did pick up positive vibes from this post. I’m very sensitive to negative people/vibes. I was forced to live under the roof of a very negative person for a while and it made me physically ill after a while. It was a horrible experience to say the least. Great post, Balroop! ❤ xx

    1. I too have been encircled by negative people at various junctures of life but I managed to wriggle out when ever I could and offered positive thoughts to some. Thanks for sharing your perspective dear friend. Stay blessed.

  13. Your post resonated and brought me a smile… Thankyou. Outdoors in nature is where I feel most myself and like yourself go about my days using my intuition and vibration to attract joy. It is always a choice to embrace the people we find among us that are vibrating on a lower pitch and expect our positive action to uplift them and bring them nearer to their highest potential. I’m going to enjoy following your journey. Much love Barbara x

  14. Yes, I could pick a lot of positive vibes from this page, Balroop. As you mentioned, it starts with thoughts – if you keep them positive and pure, your values are enriched over a period of time. Consistency is the key: every moment, every breath, every time let’s remind ourselves that life is now, and only now. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Mahesh for endorsing my view and standing by to share yours. I appreciate it…yes, ‘life is now,’ well-said! We are what our thoughts make us. 🙂

  15. Such a wonderful post Balroop that reflects how energy is transferred and how it affects us. Having cast off a negative phase that seemed to want to cling.. Nature was the first place i went to recharge and ground myself..
    Learning that we are in fact ‘Energy Beings’ and charged with positive or negative irons.. We have that choice of which way we want to steer our thoughts.. Its harder to break free of those negative ones that often bombard us if we let them…
    And Its no coincidence that I read your post today.. As I am in the middle of copying out what I wrote a few days ago about our Negative and Positive thoughts..
    Seems we are riding the same vibes lol
    Much Love Balroop..
    Have a lovely weekend
    Sue ❤ 🙂

  16. I agree with you Sue, Mother Nature is the kindest as she absorbs all the negativity and heals effortlessly, offering solace that shimmers in all her moods. We don’t need to share our thoughts as she catches all the vibes and converts them into positive energy. No wonder we return recharged!
    Negative thoughts are difficult to keep at bay but they have to recede after we have had enough of them and choose positivity. Thanks for sharing such a loving view. Love and hugs. 🙂

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