No Less Than An Adventure!

Life is an adventureWould you call this an adventure?

I did, but one of our friends who was with us, disagreed.

Imagine driving round and round in circles and the navigator of your IPhone saying ‘reached’!

It seemed funny and we did have a hearty laugh but our frustration seemed to mount with each attempt.

I refused to give up and was sure that there was a way to reach the destination.

Were we missing something…turning on the wrong road?

Let me relate the story from the beginning. Our trip to Crater Lake (Oregon) was planned in a hurry but we wanted to make the best of every place of interest on the way rather than driving non-stop and reaching with cramps in our legs and back.

My research yielded two places, out of which we chose Dunsmuir, a city on the upper Sacramento River in California, known as the “Home of the best water on Earth.”

Further research revealed Hedge Creek Falls and Mossbrae Falls (most popular) as the top sights in the city.

We reached by four in the evening and after checking in the place we had booked for the night, we thought it was a good idea to visit Mossbrae Falls. That was the beginning of this adventure.

Web results revealed that it was a 45-minute hike and a 5-minute drive. We chose to drive to the Falls but our phone navigator took us round and round, bringing us back to the place we would start. My friend felt that there was something wrong with my phone and told us to start again, with instructions from her phone! We turned right, as instructed by her navigator, then left and then right and right again according to the names of the roads and reached the same place!

We decided to ask a local who laughed and told us he could tell us ‘how not to get there!’ He warned us that it is illegal to go there because the only path that could lead us to Mossbrae Falls was walking by the rail track.

‘Why is it listed as top attraction!’ I dismissed the thought as quickly as it had flashed.

He advised us to drop the idea of visiting these Falls.

Disappointed but determined, we came to our lodge and read the reviews on Tripadvisor. One of the reviews exactly mentioned how to get there. It also cautioned about the hazards involved and why people took the risk of visiting these falls. I declared that we would surely try the next morning.

One of our friends, a law abiding freak, was very reluctant to go as the only way to approach the Falls is a walk by the rail track and he considered this a calculated risk. Nothing could deter me.

Why haven’t the authorities developed another track? This thought still reverbrates around me.IMG_4349DSC02218

We parked our car at the Botanical Garden parking and walked back towards Shasta Retreat. We kept walking downhill till we reached a bridge. As instructed by the reviewer, we turned right from the bridge and were at the rail track. It was a single track railway.

A long walk on uneven surfaces and on stoney sides, quite narrow at places, with warnings to each other to be careful, go slow and watch out for a train, we kept going till we reached another bridge. We could hear the Mossbrae Falls near by!

They were not very high but looked awesome. Despite the sound produced by falling water, a serenity pervaded all around. Somebody was lying in a hammock, soaking in the damp, breezy, soft spray of water. The river was shallow and we could see the pebbles below the water.

I had read that the pictures do not do any justice as the Falls are much more beautiful than they seem in the pictures. I couldn’t agree more.

IMG_4355 2We were lucky as no train passed by. We met all kinds of people on the way, even those who were carrying little children on their shoulders and one not very old man, walking with two sticks, in the center of the track.

We returned with some delightful memories.

Thank you for reading this. Please share your valuable reflections, they are much appreciated.

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Balroop Singh.


44 thoughts on “No Less Than An Adventure!

  1. I was smiling along at your adventure and how determined you are, Balroop. Never would have guessed you had such an adventurous, daredevil spirit in you 😀 That is quite a narrow path beside the bridge and the railway track, and if a train had passed it would be very loud lol. I would have probably walked fast across that part without looking down since I don’t like any kind of heights. Maybe there are actually no trains, or maybe trains just a few times a day. The waterfall looks amazing – such a big, wide, majestic one and it must have been very pleasant to the eyes and ears, and a special kind of experience of nature. Hope your cheeky adventurous side comes out again, Balroop 😀

    1. The train did pass Mabel but only when we were back…just few minutes away from the rail track, we could hear the earth-shattering hooter…whenever trains come on this track, their hooter is loud and continuous to alert the people who take this hazardous adventure of walking on the rail track. 🙂
      Yes, I too walked very fast but some parts were ripped from sides and so had to slow down but there were no heights 🙂

  2. Thank you Balroop for this beauty you show and the insight to yourself.
    You took a calculated risk in order to experience the beauty of the falls. I do understand as I can be silly like that too.
    Mind you, looking at the photos you could have hung on to a tree whilst the train passed.😊 .

    You are right about pictures of Falls, however fantastic they can never give the full effect. This does look so still and clear and yes, serene,. The sound effect we have to imagine.
    I am glad you took the courage to go.
    p.s. will the experience lead to a poem?

    1. I would share the sound effect with the poem that your question has inspired Miriam. Thanks for stirring my muse, she responded immediately when she saw your question 🙂
      Thanks for making me smile with your beautiful words.

  3. It was worth the risk, Balroop! How beautiful. I’m discussing with my Beau about planning a trip there in the spring. He loves the outdoors and this whole scenery and Crater lake itself look amazing. Thanks for sharing. p.s. sometimes google instructions get it wrong. I don’t wholly trust her. 😉

    1. Yes Lisa, I also felt that the risk was too little in comparison to the exhilaration and sense of achievement plus the delightful memories we carried! I am happy that my posts have inspired you to plan a trip to these lovely places. 🙂

  4. Sometimes I think the circuitous path is what it is meant to be. The best places, I have discovered, are the most difficult to ‘find,’ yet provide us with the greatest jaw-drop quality. Love that you persisted and found these amazing falls – and I can well imagine a photo cannot do them justice!

    1. Bela, you look so different in your new profile picture! It’s lovely!
      I agree with you dear friend, that’s why hikes are so popular as they reveal new paths and unseen vistas, which add so much charm to the destination. Thanks for sharing your view. Stay blessed!

      1. Thanks, Balroop 😉 I guess we all have different faces at different times, especially as we age, don’t you think? Anyhow, have a lovely week! ❤

  5. Thanks for taking us with you on your tour. I wasn’t aware how brave you are my friend, lol. Love your determination. And don’t even get me started with wonky navigations. I can’t count how many times my phone kept me in circles in strange places, especially when the location I wanted was under my nose. LOL 🙂 x

    1. Thanks Deb…my bravery has always been the talk of the town lol! 🙂 Wonky navigation happened to me for the first time but in this case there was no motorised road for the vehicles to go to the falls but the navigator was trying to act smarter! 🙂

  6. Crater Lake is truly magical and I could see why wandering around in that area might be confusing, at best. The hike seems to be worth it though. Another of Oregon’s wonders, it’s waterfalls. Good for you! Sounds like an adventure to me 🙂

  7. Keep going even if you’re lost and even if your GPS tells you that you’re lost 🙂 good directions for finding this place and life, Balroop! We are so fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth in the western U.S.

    1. You are absolutely right Vishnu…this part of the globe is the best from many points of view and we are blessed to be here! 🙂 ‘If seeing is believing,’ then it couldn’t be more true for this place. Thanks for standing by dear friend.

  8. Each waterfall carries its own beauty, and as you state, pictures rarely do such features justice (though it helps if a time-lapse photo can be taken). My favorite waterfall is probably Union Falls in Yellowstone National Park. It’s a backcountry hike, but well worth it.

  9. It looks like an amazing place to visit Balroop. You were right to keep going. Your photos are lovely but I am sure reality is much more.
    Take care my friend.

  10. Balroop, life is most definitely one grand adventure!! 😀😀 And you had a great one here! I just love your grit and determination to see the falls…especially after being directly told not to! I see a similarities between us, Balroop…once set on a course, determined to carry it out and wow, I’m so happy to did. The falls look amazing, even if the photographs can’t come close to capturing the reality, this still looks stunning. I love how you had to walk along a railway track, just a childhood expedition and I had to smile as the person in the hammock. What a tranquil serene setting for a rest! Thank you so much for sharing…a lovely start to my morning (after six days of no wifi and battling to get it sorted it’s a joy to be back!)

    Finally I see a certain irony in your phone returning you to the same place at the start…a metaphor for life perhaps…however far we wander we return to ourselves?! 😀❤️

    1. Ha ha! I love your metaphor for life…so true! You definitely have a poet’s heart Annika. So delighted to have met you. Determination makes our life worth living as we have the satisfaction of doing whatever we could to accomplish our goals, however insignificant they may seem to others. 🙂
      Many thanks for your lovely words dear friend. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Looks as though everything worked out okay. Lovely pictures. For the record, using GPS for navigation has produced similar results for us when traveling. Most recently, our GPS steered us through an E-ZPass lane, which resulted in a potential $50 surcharge for missing a $1.50 toll on the New Jersey Turnpike. I’m still waiting for the response to my appeal. 🙂

  12. What determination you held dear Balroop, to not be put off.. And continue your search for these magnificent falls.. Well worth I the effort and the walk as your pictures show.. Just beautiful.. And I am pleased you all arrived and had a safe returning journey.. And I hope the sceptical member of your party also ended up pleased they had made the effort to go along.. 🙂
    Sometimes we just have to explore and TRUST.. and that is what you did..

    Lovely results.. 🙂 xxx

  13. I might’ve missed it in the post, but where is this? I have a railroad that looks a lot like this near me, but it doesn’t have a waterfall near. This place is beautiful!!

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