How To Knock Off Indecision And Procrastination

Are you indecisive?

Procrastination is not just the practice of putting off important tasks; it speaks volumes about the inability to take decisions that we believe to be right. It also exhibits our lack of confidence and faith in unknown fears. Unless we tackle those fears, we remain in the grip of others.

Moments of indecision slip from our hands like sand; we unconsciously transfer the power that lies within our reach; we let the seconds tick through our minds, pondering over the questions…such nightmarish moments turn into regrets that stick forever.

If we have no choice, we fret and fume, we detest all those who block our freedom but when choices lie before us, we dither, we think and we look at others to take a decision. Jim Rohn has rightly pointed out that “Indecision is the thief of opportunity.”

Why are people indecisive?

  • They don’t want to displease anyone
  • They are scared of making a wrong choice
  • Insecurities shackle their thoughts
  • They lack confidence of facing risks
  • They could be perfectionists
  • They detest change

Determination and confidence are the two essential traits of a decisive mind.

Know your mind: It is the quality of a strong and well-developed personality. We all pass through the phase of indecisiveness. When we are immature to trust our decisions, we give in to the wishes or commands of others. When we start understanding our needs and desires, we ought to acquire the confidence to take our decisions.

Build Confidence: Most teenagers try to wrest the control of their lives from the hands of their parents and want to take their own decisions. Those who live from their heart are quick in learning the art of decisiveness even if it may prove disastrous but they don’t dwell in those parallel lines, which take them nowhere. Decisiveness is the most significant personality trait that leads you to success.

Dismiss fears and sneers: Boulders of fear block our path but we have to take a detour to avoid them. When I decided to quit a secure job at the age of 24 and start a family, my colleagues looked at me in bewilderment, some even scoffed at my immaturity but I didn’t look back. I have never even had a regret though I could never reach that position, which I had secured at that young age.Be decisive!

Support: If you don’t have the nod of your family or partner, you may vacillate and wonder whether it is the right time to take a decision. Time is never right if we think too much. ‘Now or never’ is a good guiding force to knock off the monster of indecision.

Trust Yourself: Procrastination slowly gets entrenched in our personality and becomes a habit. It corrodes our confidence, smothers our thoughts and restricts our actions. We become mere puppets in the hands of people around us. Sometimes unilateral decisions lead us out of the conundrums of life.

Are you a puppet? Do you take your own decisions or procrastinate?

Thank you for reading this. Please share your valuable reflections, they are much appreciated.

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Balroop Singh.



60 thoughts on “How To Knock Off Indecision And Procrastination

  1. Valuable advice Balroop. As you have pointed out, procrastination is the way of avoidance. We avoid stepping out of our comfort zone by delaying decisions, and actions due to the fear of the associated outcomes. But, for moving ahead in life, one needs to be decisive and take accountability for his/her decisions. Thank you for highlighting the connection between indecisiveness and procrastination and the need to knock off both.

    1. I am glad you liked this one Somali…leaving the comfort zone is often challenging but once we gather the courage to do so, we can move ahead. Many thanks for taking the time out to stand by and share your thoughts. Stay blessed!

  2. Thank you Balroop for this deep searching post about decisions, fears, lack of confidence and so much more.
    In total, our shivering when our inner voice whispers what to do. Then screams so we can’t miss it.
    Security ( seeming such ) is more tempting than the unwritten pages of the unknown.

    Nevertheless, you are so right. Without daring to take the frightening step into the unknown we will never know the joys and the full capability of ourselves. Fear of fall-out around us is often exaggerated in our minds.

    1. Wow! I love your poetic prose Miriam…I agree with you, security seems to be more tempting! That could be the reason why people don’t move from the couch they get embedded in with complacency of imagined joy. Whenever I have tried to ask, the answer that comes forth is – ‘it might hurt the other person’…so pleasing people also plays a major role in letting the decision wait and slowly it becomes a part of one’s personality.
      Thank you for sharing your perspective dear friend, much appreciated.

  3. Another thoughtful self-help post, Balroop. ‘we fret and fume’ I do think describes those of us who procrastinate, and agree with you that some of us put off doing things because we are not confident or afraid of failure. Or in your case when you decided to start a family, peer-pressure. I’m guilty of indecision and procrastination from time to time, but I do think I have my own self to blame. There is a big part of me that wants to do and achieve my goals such as writing a book and also being there for others, but then there’s also a part of me that likes to take things really easy and just appreciate what I’ve got.

    What I’ve discovered over the years is that there are times I will procrastinate, and other times I will not think twice and do what I want to do. Sometimes at certain times we have more time to think, and more time to motivate ourselves – and most importantly time to think clearly. While I’ve put writing my book on the backburner for a while, I have a feeling I will be going back to revisit it at some point soon 😀 Though I am a bit nervy about hating what I write, I am sure taking the plunge I will come out on the stronger side 🙂

    1. I am so glad to note that you agree we have ‘our own self to blame’…what an honest admission Mabel. People try to shift the blame and have a million excuses to wriggle out of procrastination. It is good to take things easy but not to forget that the best can be extracted out of us when we push ourselves a little harder…we do all good things under stress and compulsion…that is what my experience tells me.

      When we don’t think twice, the decision comes from our heart and I personally feel such decisions are the best though people scoff at them. 🙂 I am sure your book would be one of the best Mabel and agree with you to ‘take the plunge’ 🙂 Stay blessed and have a wonderful weekend.

  4. You are right about procrastination. Often, we’re told there’s only one right answer. That’s not true. There are many and usually arrived at via mistakes. Great post, Balroop.

  5. Great post, Balroop. You get at some of the core reasons for indecision and procrastination as well as how to overcome them. I’m not much of a procrastinator (unless I’m bored or lazy), but indecision sometimes is a problem, mostly because I feel compelled to do something I don’t want to do and can’t say “no.” Ugh. Great recommendations 🙂

    1. ‘Can’t say no’… Isn’t it another form of people pleasing? Or fear of earning the displeasure of a dear friend or spouse? Sometimes persons around us scare us into indecision, that is my observation. 🙂
      Have a lovely weekend dear D.

      1. Yes, it is. I grew up as a people-pleaser, Balroop. I’m much better at saying “no” now. But there are times when I feel I should do something to live according to my values, and I don’t feel like it so I waffle. 😀

      2. I have been the opposite…I could never please people if they didn’t deserve…and I have been proud of this though I have suffered many brickbats for this trait of mine. 🙂

  6. Balroop, a powerful wise post. I had never considered procrastination as indecision but when you point this out it is so obvious. So many are crippled by indecisiveness and it’s so true that the balance of power is transferred in the process. ‘Now or Never’ can be a terrific driving force but I wonder if some inability to make decision is worry or fear for others…there are often so many elements that fall into an equation. On a personal level I tend to procrastinate on smaller matters but am very decisive in bigger issues. Why’s that, I’m pondering? A thought-provoking article, Balroop; fascinating and well-written as always! BTW, I bet it can’t have been easy to go against so many voices when you left work at 24; that takes courage and inner strength. Congratulations on your family! 😀❤️

    1. I agree Annika, many factors influence us to fall into the trap of indecision and when our own dear ones raise some doubts, we dither and let the situation be as it may be. Bigger issues can’t wait and therefore we have to move on like I did in my life at 24…probably I was immature and impulsive but headstrong and yes, courage was always my asset. When I look back now, with the perspective of a mature woman, I feel reassured that a decision that came from my heart proved to be good for me, in many ways as career was never my priority. Love was, at that point of time and it still is as I took another life-changing decision few years ago to leave everything behind and move…just for love once again, this time, of my grandchildren. 🙂 Thanks for your lovely reflections and wishes dear friend. Stay blessed!

  7. Life throws at us so many things and many of these things calls for taking quick decisions, unfortunately we are trapped in postponing those decisions. I agree indecisiveness is the biggest enemy and corrodes our mind, and we gradually become mere skeleton in our thoughtful action, and nothing happens. Life needs actions. Life needs decisions for action to happen. Life needs courage and confidence to put that thoughts into action.

    Procrastination is the easiest way to escape a challenging situation, and we keep the decision for another day, and unfortunately the same day never comes and the importance of the decision takes a real beating and we are the biggest looser. It speaks more about inner thought than just our outer ability to take decisions on how we face fear and how we fight the odds, the strength to contest such challenge…displeasing others is lighter factor than the major factor of detesting change, after all change is the ultimate harbinger of good things in life and if we keep disliking the change, then we need to think deep and wide and correct our fundamental approach towards life…indeed family, relatives and close friend’s support is so vital when we go through such tough times in life, yes, best way to face it is set it in perspective i.e. “Now or Never”.

    Thanks Balroop for bringing out such incisive thoughts on procrastination and the state of being indecisive in our life.
    Have a great weekend!!!

    1. Life is like a stream, which keeps flowing and moments of indecision are like opportunities lost. If we understand this ever-evolving and ever-moving aspect of life, we would learn to be more active to savor each and every moment that fleets by. Courage and confidence are the two basic qualities that everybody needs. You are so right Nihar, procrastination is the easiest way to escape the conundrums of life yet it doesn’t solve any of them.
      Thank you for sharing your insights dear friend. Stay blessed.

      1. Yes Balroop I have personally seen and experienced the cost of procrastination in life and many times we do so as rightly pointed not to hurt others, and ironically we end up hurting ourselves the maximum…it needs courage and as like everything in life the power of courage and hard work has no substitute in life. The moments are where we can catch the missing links in life.

  8. Great post Balroop, indecision and procrastination can slip in quite easily and then become more. When we clearly decide to do something and it doesn’t work out, it is also much easier to deal with and change. Great blog. Stephen

  9. Wise advise my friend. I am no puppet. I sometimes procrastinate, but only to decide what best methods to tackle the issue, then it’s full steam ahead with me. 🙂 Happy weekend ❤

  10. Terrific post, Balroop. I have never been one to procrastinate or be indecisive; but as I age, I’ve found myself simply not wanting to do certain things ~ like the housecleaning or laundry 🙂 I imagine it must be difficult to live with ongoing indecisiveness. Such a persistent struggle. But as you say, unilateral decisions can help. Just hold your nose and dive in. The worst that could happen is you’ll hit bottom. And the only way to go from there is up ♥

  11. I am a doer, my husband procrastinates. But in the end, we are workhorses, both. And we pull the load equally, though very differently. Sometimes I wish he wouldn’t put things off until the last moment, but over 25 years of observation tells me he will always get things done, in the end – and before any deadlines. So I try and simply allow that he and I have very different rhythms. Aloha, Balroop! ❤

    1. That is what we call “made for each other”! When one complements the other, all procrastination dilutes itself. Stay blessed dear friend. 🙂

  12. This is just the wake-up call I needed. Procrastination is my worst enemy in all walks of life, apart from my writing, weird. So thank you, your posts are so appreciated. xxx

  13. Great post Balroop. I tend to be indecisive and I suppose it shows in my writing projects I start one pick up another and so forth. I’m proud to say at last I settled to finishing one my first- and The Curse of Time was born! Ha Ha, apt title in many ways.

    1. Thanks for sharing an honest thought Marje…we tend to be overenthusiastic about our projects sometimes. it is good as far as we keep finishing them. Thanks for standing by, much appreciated. 🙂

  14. I thought about commenting on this post for at least an hour . . . just kidding. Terrific post, Balroop. Paralysis by analysis is what most people are guilty of. Just do it! That’s my motto. 🙂

  15. All of these points are so true, Balroop. The last one, “Trust yourself” is really key. It was for me when I decided to end my marriage. It took quite a length of time to “know” it was the right decision for me regardless of the backlash. I refused to be a puppet anymore. Great post! xxoo

    1. Sometimes the right decisions have to wait for the right time Lisa. I am glad you are happy and comfortable with your decision. Good riddance! 🙂

  16. Balroop, always your words are full of wisdom, And no one can ever say you are not full of determination, reading the journey of your adventure to the falls via the railway track.. 🙂

    You are so right, when we procrastinate about the lost of our freedoms etc and then dither and become indecisive ..
    We so often fail, because we hang onto our comfort blankets not wanting to stretch ourselves to step out of our comfort zones.. Afraid of failing, or the fear of losing face, or fearing losing our securities..
    I know I have been guilty of this.. Putting off things, and in effect ‘Self Sabotaging’ myself as I made excuses NOT to do things..
    It is all about TRUST.. Following our intuition and learning to access our hearts, in finding that inner strength to cut cords, or step out and be bold in our beliefs ..
    It took me a long while to post a picture of myself upon my blog.. As I hid behind the logo of Dreamwalker for a long long time..

    There are far too many puppets, jumping when their strings are pulled my friend.. It is time I feel to cut those cords, and start to think, act and create that which we have come to create..
    The world will not change, if we remain indecisive. We are the ones we have been waiting for.. And it is now the time to open our hearts and not be afraid to reveal what is inside and speak that which comes from our hearts..

    A great post dear Balroop… and one I so enjoyed reading my friend 🙂 Thank YOU.. ❤

    1. Rightly said Sue…we ought to know when to cut those cords and let those puppeteers fall flat! 🙂 Yes, decisiveness is empowering, it gives us wings and eloquence. I am glad you have walked away from those ‘comfort blankets’ and acknowledged how much beauty was waiting to see the light…your face glows with your inner strength, serenity and love, which is further disseminated through your lovely words. Many thanks for being so kind. Stay blessed dear friend.

      1. Dearest Balroop what a beautiful response my friend.. One that has made my face beam even wider at your words.. Sending love and Blessings dear friend.. Hugs Sue xx

  17. Your words talk to me so much Balroop. You pointed out all the reasons why we don’t make the choice we ought to make; I hate this state of knowing I should make a decision but I postpone it again and again. It’s out of fear most of the time or not knowing what people will think about it. We always have “bad reasons” in mind. But in the end, it’s between us and us.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom in such a lovely way. Take care and stay blessed

    1. It seems you have been knocking off the fears whenever the occasion demands… though these fears are natural impediments but they can be confronted when they start pulling us into utter darkness. Yes, the choice lies with us dear friend.
      I love your new gravatar pic Marie. Stay blessed!

  18. Great advice as always. In many ways, I’ve procrastinated a lot over the years when it comes to making decisions. I’m trying to get better about taking action rather than dwelling on thinking out those actions. That habit can really slow progress down at times.

  19. I believe self-confidence does the trick, more than others. That builds up through successful encounters.

    After I went through a couple of important decisions early on in life, I was quite on the forefront of tackling anything. Now, I believe in myself and work on doing the task rather than being on the crossroads.

    1. Well-said Alok. A confident person can risk all kind of decisions and doesn’t regret even when they seem wrong later on. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your view.

  20. Very interesting post and thoughts, Balroop. And very sound advice too. I admit to sometimes struggle with procrastination but try not to be worried too much by it. Especially in the arts one can not force oneself to be creative, the muses decide when to visit and picking up a paintbrush at the wrong time can sometimes even backfire! 😀

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