26 thoughts on “Poetry Too Speaks

  1. ‘I am strength personified’ Such a profound line. It makes me think of strength within us as an endless waves…we only have to look in, reach in and find it 🙂 So generous of you for a free copy of your Kindle book this weekend. I got my copy. So glad I finally can get it and I look forward to reading it my friend 🙂 ❤

  2. Phew…I nearly missed your kind gift promotion here, Balroop…thank you so much and I look forward to reading this! 😀❤️ You and your poetry are indeed ‘strength personified’ and I always come away from your posts enlightened, inspired and thoughtful – can’t wait to read a whole book of your poems! Wishing you a very lovely Sunday! 🌻

    1. I am happy you could make it Annika…I would wait for your feedback as I admire the poet in you, which peeps through your alluring style and words that touch the heart…somewhere deep down. Thanks for a lovely comment and compliment. Love and hugs.

  3. Balroop, it is one strong verse. Yes to dare say ” I am strength personified” . Love it. Will try and say that to myself many times today and see what happens.
    Over to get one of your books. Thanks.

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