A Healing Touch – Luna


That night when I saw you
Your silvery glow guided my innocence
Your shape shepherded my dreams
I followed you.

I felt alone but
You too craved companionship
I could hear your soft whisper
Your light permeated within my heart

Fascination for you grew
But I lost interest in your beauty
Science classes revealed your truth
Life brought along new attractions.

Who knew your love could never fade?
Who knew you would continue to allure?
It was just a matter of time and age
I returned to gather some light

During my darkest moments
You beckoned me by your side
Your unconditional love offered
A healing touch, most tender

An embodiment of goddess
You thrill and fill
The lovelorn hearts
With the hope of halcyon days

Now I know your distinctive trait
Of giving without expectation
Now I know what is love
Now I can feel your presence
Even when you are away.
© Balroop Singh

Inspired from Sue Vincent’s #photoprompt. Thank you Sue.
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53 thoughts on “A Healing Touch – Luna

  1. What a lovely poem with a happy ending, Balroop. Sometimes things don’t happen at the right moment at first. It takes time for things to come around and there will always be a better time, something worth the waiting game. As you mentioned with this line so well, ‘With the hope of halcyon days’. Presence speaks louder than words and over time that is usually what makes many a relationship last. A person who truly loves someone will always try to make their presence be felt despite the distance.

    Thank you for writing so eloquently again, my friend 🙂

    1. Your interpretation is interesting Mabel…you have given another dimension to my words and I realised that if we read the poem without looking at the picture, it does speak about relationships getting warmer…love that gives so much! Wow! many thanks dear friend for looking at another angle and sharing your perspective. I am blessed to have friends like you who delve deeper into words. Stay blessed and have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  2. Balroop, I am very taken with your poem and drawn in by your love.
    The moon representing so much and giving so much
    Your last stanza will stay with me
    ” Now I know your distinctive trait
    Of giving without expectation
    Now I know what is love
    Now I can feel your presence
    Even when you are away.”

    How beautiful is that! 💕⭐️ .

    1. Thank you Miriam for your lovely reflections…we have always received so much from moon. It has been inspiring poets and lovers for times immemorial and its silvery light gives another dimension to the beauty of light…so fascinating! 🙂

  3. I imagine what earliest man thought of that big bright orb in the sky. I bet he anthropomorphized it, thinking it was a living creature. But why did it get smaller and larger? Lovely poem, Balroop.

    1. Moon has been worshipped by early man..In mythology, a lunar deity is a god or goddess associated with or symbolizing the moon. These deities can have a variety of functions and traditions depending upon the culture, but they are often related. Some form of moon worship can be found in most ancient religions. Source: (Wikipedia)

  4. Balroop, this is a wonderfully warm and reflective response to Sue’s prompt. The moon has been a constant source of inspiration for poets and its ethereal nature touches our lives…when we are fickle and lose our interest in it, the moon remains steady, returning, present. Often we return to its beauty and mystical hold over us. A magical poem, Balroop and so many lines stood out to me but this one spoke to my soul:

    ‘I could hear your soft whisper
    Your light permeated within my heart.’

  5. Nature has always been a wonderful source of inspiration. All our lovely to great thoughts like this comes from the buds of the beautiful nature that keeps us in awe and wonder. Sun represent the aspect of power and moon representing the aspect of romance, the moonlit night dinner to a lovely talk along aside the sea or the valley under the magical influence of the joy called moon. You have carved a beautiful connection where moon becomes the metaphor for love.

    You have brought science into it and when we look through the scientific lens then that very beauty goes out of our window and we suddenly cease to appreciate the visual delight that continues to stays in front of us. But when we look at the way it as it is and appreciate the composition and the radiance that comes with its glow and there such a magical light that enlightens us romantically the moment we sit and allow it to profusely shower its joy on us.

    Even if we get distracted and find so many other things to love and live our life but one thing that remains steadfast on its position and with all its might glory and we can avoid and ignore but we can never let it go away from our life, as we take a break sit in the dark of night, here it is she is there and there with us and trying chat with us and say my dear where have you been so long, and that is exactly how you poem has navigated how thoughts and yes it is matter of time and age…

    Balroop thanks so much for such a delightful poem once again and you have evoked a beautiful side of our thought and emotion.

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