Sunrise Splendor

Sunrise amidst clouds

                        When clouds smile
               When warmth is felt within
                   Morning seems surreal.

Winter Sunrise

                         I was watching
   Your glowing love permeated around
             Trees bowed in reverence.





                  Peeping through trees
           I enlighten light that awakens
                      Your languid love.

This post was inspired from the thoughts I shared with my blogger friend arv, who is very passionate about sunrise and wonders why people share more images of sunset.  Both sunrise and sunset allure me equally and I have spoken about them in my earlier posts. You can click on the highlighted words to read those posts.

Thank you for reading this. Please share your valuable reflections, they are much appreciated.

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© Balroop Singh


36 thoughts on “Sunrise Splendor

  1. Beautiful post Balroop, both your pictures and poems. I love and am enchanted by both sunrise and sunset
    so agree with you and your friend. Maybe sunsets are the ones more people see as sunrise can be early.
    Thank you for the beauty.

    1. Yes Miriam, I hardly ever see the sunrise in summer, its only when days get shorter and sun too wakes up late do we bask in the glory of its gold, soaking our soul in the changing hues that it lends to its blue canvas…as if an artist is mentoring him backstage. Love and hugs dear friend.

  2. Thanks for the mention. What I love about your post is the spontaneity and the fact you have posted random pictures. I like the natural feel of unedited pictures.
    I agree both sunrise and sunset is beautiful but the whole atmosphere in morning is somehow more beautiful. You have something nice to look forward to. I’ll wait for what your readers have to say.

    Thanks for the share. You made me happy by following with your words. 😃

    1. An amateur photographer doesn’t know what is editing! I agree with you arv…the charm of the sun and surroundings cannot be described, it can only be felt and nature lovers do feel fascinated by the beauty of the sky when it changes colors within seconds. My morning walk is made more pleasant the day I choose to go early and I have many pictures in various moods of the sun. 🙂

      1. I’m an age when everyone is doing so much editing without being professional sometimes the result is a big contrast. Photo editing apps makes​ it easier. That’s why I loved your pictures. I’m happy to hear that you not only enjoy the walk but also capture moments. 😊

  3. Love these set of short poems, Balroop. They all fit into one big poem about sunrise nicely. Arv does share amazing sunrises and sunsets on his blog. You are right in saying that so many of us like to share such images. For me, I’m captivated by a good sunset not just because it is a great view, but it is something so powerful – it’s the world changing from dark to dawn, darkness to light, and there’s no stopping it. A sunrise can’t be stopped. Like you said earlier in the comments, I also am not much of a sunrise watcher as I like my sleep-ins and am not a morning person. But in winter sometimes I do wake up early enough to go to work and see a few of them 🙂

    1. Many thanks for liking the poetry that was inspired by the images I have shared. These thoughts hit you spontaneously when you look at the beauty of sun, especially when it is trying to emerge out of clouds.
      Nature can inspire, mesmerise and evoke beautiful thoughts…sunrise is the perfect example of all this Mabel. Look at the dawn breaking at the horizon, your heart would be warmed at the sight, watch the hues that the sky displays within moments of sunrise or sunset, soak in the first rays of the sun to feel special…these are some of the blessings that we take for granted! 🙂

  4. Balroop, such tranquility and peace in your post. Your first photo made my heart miss a beat in awe and revelation – it is surreal. Each day is a gift and the day itself is marked by the awesome rising and setting of the sun – beyond our control, the marker of our lives, as if ‘silently illuminating our lives’. A post filled with love, life and reflection – thank you for the calm that sweeps over me reading your words. hugs xxx

  5. Love your photo pictures of the Sunrise… I would just love to see the Sun full stop this week! 🙂 Thank you for sharing that ray of Sunshine Balroop amid your beautiful words.. Wishing you a very Peaceful and Bright New week 🙂 ❤

  6. Haha, you might tell arv that many of us just can’t make it up early enough to photograph sunrise. Though I have done, in the past. Lovely thoughts and photos, Balroop. Especially struck by the first 😉 xoxo

  7. Beautiful photographs and poetry alongside them… I have always felt that sunrises and sunsets echo the cycle of our days… after the darkness comes the light, so as to speak… and there is always renewal and hope as we face each new day… 🙂 Hugs across the miles, dear Balroop ❤

    1. True Aqui! Life is a combination of light and darkness…hope smiles at us every morning in the form of sunshine and that’s why sunrise is loved by all. Sunset too leaves a hope behind by promising to comeback 🙂 Thanks for standing by dear friend, much appreciated! Hugs are coming right back to you too.

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