Whispering Peace and Tranquility

Light, clouds and snow

Far away in the clouds
That lit up with your memories
A fairy smiles at me
Is that you?

Far away in the sky
A streak of light oscillates,
Each time I think of you
Is that your amorphous abode?

It’s been ages but
Your chilly embrace still warms me
Your gentle kisses reassure
You haven’t changed.

Decked in white robes
Drifting down softly
Shimmering at the thoughts
Of our reclusive rendezvous

While I lie frozen in time
Your footsteps fall on my heart
Ensconced in each other we breathe
Whispering peace and tranquility.
© Balroop Singh

This poem is inspired from Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto prompt – Distant. Thank you dear friend for the inspiration.

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64 thoughts on “Whispering Peace and Tranquility

  1. Balroop, your poem is just as dreamy as the ethereal photo. Wonderful.
    It could seem lonely but yet not. Too much love there.
    ” Decked in white robes
    Drifting down softly
    Shimmering at the thoughts
    Of our reclusive rendezvous ”

    So very sheer and comforting.

    1. Just dreamy? But I have tried to link it with reality, giving a subtle message of care and peace…the fairy is Mother Earth…
      Thanks for your words of appreciation Miriam. Love and hugs.

      1. Sorry Balroop, maybe evenings aren’t my best time for writing after a long day.
        I missed the fairy being Earth. I can see it with your help and by rereading.

      2. Please don’t feel sorry Miriam…poetry has various perspectives and the readers are not bound to look at it in the same way as the poet does…interpretations vary! 🙂 Stay blessed.

  2. It seemed like we both are whispering peace and tranquillity to each other, and we are indeed mountains apart 😊

    Btw, I loved the shot…I took a similar one over Salt Lake City.

  3. I really like how you used fairy in the first stanza. It reminds me of magic, a magical place or a magical moment – and I think by using that, it sets the tone for most of your poem. Reclusive rendezvous in a way is magical: it might not happen too often, it might take the stars to align before you can get away to where you want and with whom you want to be. I guess that is what a lot of us experience in life: we can’t always get what we want right now but we have to wait. As delphini said, your poem comes across as dreamy. But it is also ineresting to hear you say that you tried to link the poem to reality, and that I can also see. Sometimes life is like a dream, but other times we have to go out, down that quiet lonel path and seek what we want. Great poetry as usual 🙂

    1. Now that is what we call a poetic response…getting deep into the words and feel their effect. Mabel, I am so glad that the magic of words is reaching you to reverberate around in a magical way! Actually life is like that…a combination of dreams and reality…how much of those we accomplish depends on our positivity.
      Thanks for your lovely reflections dear friend. Have a wonderful weekend.

      1. Very kind of you to say that, Balroop. But I have you to thank for inspiring my mind and all of us who read your poetry. You do have a special touch when it comes to writing poetry 🙂

  4. Nice capture. To me this poem also interpreted as someone who loved us but left for the heavenly abode. I’m not sure if I interpreted it wrongly.

    1. Sure arv…that is a beautiful interpretation…I read it again and it fits in perfectly! I am sure you have started loving poetry 🙂 Have a nice weekend.

      1. I wouldn’t say I have started loving poetry even though my better half writes as well and sometimes when she recites something it doesn’t click with me. She writes very well and people often ask her to pen few words for a public speech or to convey personal greetings in form of poetry. I guess some words work very well with me because they touch cords somewhere. But I have liked some of your poetry. You write very well be it poetry or inspiration.

      2. That’s cool…one poet in a family is enough to make life interesting! Thanks for such lovely words of appreciation. Stay blessed and keep reading poetry 🙂

  5. Balroop, a poem of tender reunion and first of all, the title (and last words as it turns out) pulled me, enchanting and tantilising. The fear when far apart is that the person is different, has changed…here there is reassurance from the kiss “You haven’t changed”. Mingled with the physical act of the kiss, and embrace are the mystical spiritual elements as the two reunite and become “Ensconced in each other”. Beautiful poem, Balroop

    1. Thank you so much for understanding my thoughts so well Annika…I just had mystical elements in mind when I let my thoughts flow towards peace. I looked at the clouds, the light and the snow to create the magic of words and let some reality creep in. Love your reflections 🙂

  6. Such a nostalgic thought for all of us who have experienced love in different phases of our life and more so when we were growing up and have many times lost the love but few times we had those fleeting romantic experiences and they remains silently with us and we want to keep it to ourselves and that is so special for us and that makes us feel joyful when we look back. Precisely we don’t know how to enliven those moments and here is there so magically reflected through this poem of yours.

    This poem so subtly mirrors those hide and seek moments and those wonderful incidences which we would have loved to continue forever but that never is the case, it is after life and there is change, and also those series of memories is what makes life so beautiful, and when we have few romantic memories, those memorable moments multiples the joy in our life when we are in deep reflection or in somber mood and it can get turned into good mood to cherish those moments stealthily stacked in our memories…the reclusive rendezvous, the whispering peace and tranquility…aptly captures those nuggets of joy of life.

    The picture is picture perfect when it is unfolded with the words that you choose with such precision and with such deep thoughts..makes it magical!!!
    Thanks Balroop for a lovely poem and the picture, it has enlighten my spirit with romantic joy.

    1. Many thanks dear Nihar for finding this poem so magical and romantic that it transported you to those lost moments and memories of love…this poem encompasses emotions of various sorts and those who are sensitive and those who immerse themselves deep into the words feel them immensely. I am delighted that it has touched so many readers but your feed back is invaluable! I appreciate how you have felt connected with this poem. 🙂 Stay blessed!

      1. Indeed you have so beautifully captured a multitude of emotions and when we look back in life, and connect those profound thoughts in the words of poem and the life we have undertaken where there have been such moments we remains etched in our memories forever, and it just needs small trigger to get us going and we all need some source of energy from our past to make our present magical and future full of beauty and joy…
        take care!!!

    1. Sending positive vibes has been my endeavor with each piece of writing and I am delighted you could catch that Mani. Thank you for sharing your thought. Sending Love and hugs across the oceans.

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