Love You When You Move Slowly

Dear time, I love you when you move slowly

Dear old vagabond…
I love you when you move slowly
And let me listen to my heart
To count moments of bliss
To sit by the brook for hours
Savoring soft sounds

I love you when you choose to sit down
Weaving priceless webs with me
Watching my fingers trying to hold you
And trust your magic
Of erasing emotional hurts
Of creating memories

Not that I didn’t appreciate
When you ran ahead
And taught me to compete with you
Without any rules
Offering me the best benchmarks
Smiling at my whirlpools

Not that I detested your game
Of turning tables on me
Changing at will, ticking away
Robbing me of my dreams
Stealing my momentous moments
Impelling me to follow your schemes

Dear drifter…now I understand you
You are just a wave that gushes forth
Just a whiff of wind that passes by
Just a moment that slips away
Just a powerful tyrant
Obliterating all… whenever you want!
© Balroop Singh

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37 thoughts on “Love You When You Move Slowly

  1. ‘I love you when you choose to sit down’ This was my favourite line. It is always something special when someone slows down for you, makes the effort to make time for you no matter how short. It is moments like these where we feel cared and loved for, and important in someone’s life. Your poem seems to take a bit of a sad turn towards the end, especially with the line ‘robbing me of my dreams’. Sometimes things are just not meant to be and some people can be deceptive. But they are entitled to live their life and we are entitled to live ours…so on we go, strong from the lessons learnt. Another wonderful poem, my friend. Wishing you a good week ahead 🙂

    1. I am delighted that you could connect so well with that line Mabel. Isn’t it such a pleasure to sit down calmly and not bother about the ticking moments…just to soak in their glory, letting them pass by, giving an inkling that time can’t manipulate us all the time! I love those hours and have spent many of them just relaxing and looking at the drifting clouds.
      Yes, he does rob…I am sure we all have such moments too and we try to brush them aside, hoping good time are just ahead. 🙂 Thank you so much dear friend for an insightful reflection. You too have a wonderful week.

  2. The choice of title “love you when you move slowly” is aptly magical, and the question; what is life without this moving clock but unfortunately it moves the way it has been designed to do so without any biases and prejudices, and life is relative the same clock appears on fast lane when we have goods things happening around us and the moment we are subjected to some grief or agony, it suddenly has changed it track. We feel stuck.

    The irony of life is that we have stopped looking at the moving of the clock, we are in mechanical motion and we have conditioned our mind and we are immersed in the world of work and we are awfully lost and we still keep wandering, and all that can undergo a change provided we pause and reflect on life and what else can be a better way to look at the designed machine that defines our life itself, and we are nothing without the measure of time.

    Indeed it offers the best benchmark and stealing our momentous moments encapsulated the quintessential power of time and how wonderful it would have been, if we had the time machine to also take us backward and explore the time gone by…

    Thanks for a poignant thoughts so deftly crafted as always.
    Hope Balroop you had a lovely Sunday.

    1. It may be designed to move Nihar but we can stand and let it move, we can steal some moments for our joy and recreation, without bothering about the speed of the hands that keep rushing. I am glad I could realise that quite early in life and have many time told time to sit by my side and chat 🙂 ‘To pause and reflect’…the onus is on us dear friend and that is the only way to let this timeless tyrant stop. There is no time machine to catch those precious moments that slip from our hands…it is now, it is in the present moment… freeze it and enjoy! Thanks for sharing your analysis, always appreciated. Have a wonderful week.

      1. So well said Balroop; “we can stand and let it move”, it is in our hand, yes indeed we should pause and cherish the moment on hand and do it with vigor and vitality, getting caught in the speed of life takes away everything though we are in the presumption by running we make the life run with us and we gain a lot, not the case to be we loose so many things as we push ourselves into the grind…living life in the present and not waiting for the time to come our way and there is no such a good time or bad time, time is purely time, moments of life how we look at and interpret it. Always cherish the wonderful exchange of thoughts.
        You too have a great week ahead.

  3. Balroop, this is a beautiful and thoughtful poem where you examine time and its power over us.
    I love this : ” Dear old vagabond…
    I love you when you move slowly
    And let me listen to my heart ”
    Feels so right and peaceful for a while.
    Then the clock start playing havoc with your emotions and memory. How clever.
    ” Dear drifter…now I understand you
    You are just a wave that gushes forth
    Just a whiff of wind that passes by
    Just a moment that slips away ”
    brilliant poem.

    1. I am glad you liked it Miriam…I feel we are all puppets in the hands of time as it controls our days and its grip lightens only when we stop bothering about its autocracy. Thank you for your input. 🙂

  4. What an interesting focus on ‘moments’. It’s true, too–a moment does make the difference. That’s all it takes. It’s not the hours of planning and thinking. Thanks for this Balroop.

  5. Wow! Balroop, I read this some hours ago and just had to let it ‘simmer’ within me before commenting. The gentle peaceful start lulls us into a false sense of security as the joy of every moment is appreciated and weaves its way into our heart and soul. The sudden shift in mood is intense and shocking…I feel overwhelming darkness and sadness of the dreams that are lost, the moments that are stolen, of ‘Just a powerful tyrant
    Obliterating all… ’

    An incredible poem that will stay with me. As you know, I do like giving the backstory to my writing etc…I wonder what yours is for this one? Anything you can share as to how you came to write it? Hugs, my friend. Xxxx❤️

    1. This timeless tyrant does provide false security, raising our hopes, offering endless opportunities but all depends on how we react to him. He does succeed in manipulating our moves…sometimes not even warning us and we wish we could hold those moments, step into them to correct our mistakes! But it is too powerful to let us go back.
      I shifted the mood to highlight how he attacks us unawares, just pulling us along…sometimes in stormy waters, and we go on hoping, floundering, recovering, trying to struggle against his autocracy. The backstory is life, which has seen turbulent times and happy moments and seen them mingling into each other. All my poems are inspired from life and people around me. One of the poems, which I had written long ago was read by my friend on whose life I had based it and she could understand that I had written about her. Here is the link:

  6. The old gipsy and tyrant, the healer as well as the offender– time is a multifaceted phenomenon. We can hate it, love it, but we have to live with it. All the aspects of life as it is intertwined with time has been beautifully described in your poem, Balroop. A beautiful creation… 🙂

    1. Isn’t it amazing how it keeps changing with our wishes and moods? When I didn’t want it to slow down, it raced past me but now it is kinder…all depends on us, how we handle him or please him 🙂 Thanks for such a lovely reflection Mani.

  7. Thanks for sharing this delicious moment with us Balroop, when time is not slipping through our fingers but instead giving us a moment to just be in the impermanence of life.
    Take care my friend.

  8. This is beautiful, Balroop. Your trademark in your poetry is the dichotomies and oppositions you present for one idea. This; “Just a whiff of wind that passes by
    Just a moment that slips away
    Just a powerful tyrant
    Obliterating all… whenever you want!” A whiff of wind or a moment that slips away can obliterate all. These inconsequential things have so much power! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. This poem spoke to me! I’m in a vacation spot right now where I can see the sunrise bold and beautiful, and in way too short a time, I can see the sunset. It really makes me realize how fast each minute of each hour of each day goes by. I am trying to learn the lesson you write about here. Make myself and time just sit and chat a bit.

    1. Thanks for telling me that…I am delighted that my words speak so eloquently even when you are focusing on enjoyment. In fact that is the only way to coax him to sit and chat, as he slows down when we are in a vocation mood. Enjoy your day dear friend.

    1. Thank you Lois! Welcome to Emotional Shadows, where all emotions are cared for. It is good to slow down at times and send a message to Time that we are in no mood to rush with him. 🙂

  10. Friends are dropping like flies, these days. Which causes me to wonder about the transience of this existence (measured by time, some might say). On my ‘best’ days, the light streams in, the world is in technicolor. On the worst after losing a friend to death, it’s the same day as the technicolor day, it’s the same world, more or less – but there’s a hole in my heart. The world is oblivious that I have just lost someone whose life meant much. It doesn’t care – traffic hums along, people do what they do. And when I’m gone, it will be the same, perpetually the same. More or less. Though a thread has snapped in the Great Tapestry, and it Has altered. To what end, I cannot know.

    Good food for reflection, Balroop. Aloha ❤

  11. Drifter…..what a perfect name ! I reread each verse again savouring the blissful moments and trying to catch it when it decided to play tyrant. I couldn’t have envisaged this beautiful definition of time!! Absolutely a marvelous piece of poetry Balroop!

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