I Know You

I know you well
I know how you barge in
With your muffled face
To rob us of our happy days

I know your icy fingers are eagerlySounds of death
Whetting their nails
To dig deeper into my veins
I have just one request…

Come softly…tiptoe into my room
Clasp me gently in my sleep
I know you are not so nice
But you can’t be cruel to me twice.

Come when the sky is soft pink
I may not be awake to see
My soul would soak in the beauty
And leave this earth with good memories

My truce with you doesn’t speak of love
You know I hate you
I have always hated since you
Deprived me of my childhood!
© Balroop Singh

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50 thoughts on “I Know You

  1. This sounds like a darker than usual poem, Balroop. But I do get the feeling that one is very much aware of their surroundings in both the great and challenging times. Having a hard childhood or not a good time is hard to admit since none of us want to sound annoying. But reaching out and expressing our emotions is one way to cope 😊

    1. Oh! does it seem darker? I am talking to death, making a request that she should come quietly, when I am asleep. I tell her why I hate her because she deprived me of my dad when I was a child.

      1. I am sorry to hear the of the sad side to this poem, Balroop. I do think this poem is dark, but I think it’s also due to how many of us feel about death in general – afraid, approaching the topic with trepidation.

      2. Yes Mabel, death seems scary but it is the reality everyone has to face. My truce with her hides another story and I have shared it here long ago when it scared me – face to face but left me in one-piece! 🙂

  2. As I have been reading about wintry places I initially thought this was a poem about winter. But yes, it is about something much darker. Take care and look forward not backward.

    1. Thank you for the visit Amanda. Your words are appreciated. Darker aspects of life have to be accepted and sorted out to move towards light…that is a constant endeavor here, at Emotional Shadows.

  3. Beautifully and strongly written Balroop. It leaves me at first feeling uneasy and shivering.
    Coming to your fifth stanza I exhale and feel ease. Reading your comment of the loss of your father
    I do understand your conversation with death. To lose any of your parents as a child is a hard thing to bear.

    1. I have conversed with her many times…hurling questions at her, sometimes angry…at other times helpless. I have emerged stronger each time and now my attitude has softened though I remind her that her cruelty couldn’t befall me twice! Thanks for understanding the emotion behind this poem Miriam. Stay blessed!

  4. The dark clouds, the thoughts, it sounds sinister, there is a pinch of vengeance that perilously emerges out of our state of abject helplessness. We don’t have an option, do we and that deadly guy has to come some day and take us away, we don’t have a say for our last journey and we can only wish of gentle takeoff without the turbulence and turmoil that comes with it. You say to the guy, you can only do whatever you want to our body, it dissolves and it stays back on earth and the soul which gets the freedom and it goes everywhere. We all wish we go to the heaven, it is a celestial wish and nobody has seen what the heaven looks like but that is what keeps us on right track and we keep good thing in getting to go to that elusive place of the cosmos.
    A poignant poem.

    1. I like your philosophical thought Nihar…only the body meets the dust, the soul merges into an unknown entity…we may keep inventing names for the abode of souls but nobody knows the reality. 🙂
      Many thanks for taking my reflections about death to another level…my negotiations fade in the face of your philosophy. Have a wonderful week.

      1. Nobody knows the reality and it is this unknown that we keep questioning and it is this unknown that keeps us intrigued and we are in a journey of constant search of the elusive meaning of life on earth and life after death…it is only through such poems we can come close to what we want to convey on the mystery of life in a better way.
        Thanks as always.

  5. Come when the sky is soft pink
    I may not be awake to see
    My soul would soak in the beauty
    And leave this earth with good memories
    On the 17th, my husband’s grandma passed away in her sleep in the early hours of the morning. I could immediately relate to your words for I thought that was the best in which one could leave the earth. Today, I am reading it on a day when the news of the death of Sridevi has left the country shocked. Sometimes the pieces just fall in together.
    Thank you for sharing Balroop.

    1. That is the last blessing we could wish for Somali…passing away in sleep or as suddenly as the actor you mention. The near and dear ones may be in deep mourning but the one who goes away is oblivious of any hurts…what an irony! My heart goes out to those who have to face the loss at a tender age when they don’t even know what this word means!

    1. Yes Jacqui, I didn’t realise when I was writing it but the reaction of readers seems to suggest that ‘death’ could be the last word on their list. My protagonist here is so scary!! 🙂

  6. Hi Balroop,

    I am visiting you after quite a while……. and loved this poem.

    I sense deeper layers and somehow seem to be deriving different, even contrary meanings from the lines you have penned.


    1. Many thanks Shakti…blogosphere is a wonderful world with revolving doors and we can enter from any direction anytime, knowing well we are always welcome.
      I appreciate your kind words and agree that this poem is much more profound than it seems. 🙂 Have a nice day.

  7. Very powerful Balroop. I was wondering how death could visit twice and now know. It can both happen to you and the people you loved. Death can actually visit many times taking away people from our lives. You make us think about death, life and making the most of each day.

    1. I agree with you Vishnu…a reminder to savor each moment as we never know what the next one has in store for us! Thanks for peeping in…you always come in to share your view about sensitive and powerful topics.

  8. “Come when the sky is soft pink
    I may not be awake to see
    My soul would soak in the beauty
    And leave this earth with good memories”
    I imagine we would all dream death would take us by surprise, without us feeling it. Splendid poem Balroop. So deep. So true. Death is here to remind us to live each day fully, to enjoy the time we have with our loved ones.
    Take care.

    1. That is the right attitude Marie…enjoy each moment and be prepared for whatever comes our way. Slowly we develop this outlook though some keep denying it and wish for more years. Somebody said that “Life is not about how many breaths you take but about the moments that take your breath away.” So true! A meaningful and happy life is what we should wish for. 🙂

  9. I got goosebumps reading this one, Balroop. This: “Come when the sky is soft pink
    I may not be awake to see
    My soul would soak in the beauty
    And leave this earth with good memories”

    LOVE it so much. I like to think I could be so brave.

  10. Balroop, an immensely powerful poem – so many emotions clash here, so many feelings are expressed with eloquence and directness. The comments here are wonderfully engaging and I am sorry to learn about your loss of your father whilst young. No wonder you say “I have always hated since you/Deprived me of my childhood!” The anger is raw, yet you have your truce. I think the best one can hope for is to go whilst in peace, asleep. A thought-provoking poem, Balroop …. one that will stay with me. hugs & love, my friend. xxxx

    1. Thanks you Annika. I am so happy that my readers are so eloquent in sharing their reflections. I have seen many poems just get a word or a sentence in response. You are so right dear friend, this anger could never calm down and whenever I see somebody grieve over the death of a parent who has lived a full life, it resurfaces and and I want to shriek out…my eternal grief.

  11. This poem speaks to the fondest wish to have Death simply steal us in the night, the kindest way to leave the precious body behind. I’m sorry you lost your childhood due to the death of your father, though I bet you can, in retrospect, understand how that might have served in the maturation of your spirit, early on. Not presuming, only having lost my own childhood due to abuse and violence, I can look back and realize what I learned from that experience and how I was able to help others later on, as a result. Aloha, and blessings, Balroop. ❤

    1. Oh yes dear friend…’the wish to steal’…I like that expression! Alas she is not that kind. Losses always enforce wisdom and resilience but I would rather choose lack of both if given the choice to live again. Thanks for your kind words Bela, always appreciated.

  12. So many thoughts come to mind within your poem dear Balroop.
    No one should be deprived of their childhood, yet so many are left with their bruises and hidden wounds..

    Sending much love dear Balroop, and excellent poem written from the heart. ❤

    1. Thank you dear Sue…this poem seems to have numbed your thoughts, I can understand that. Some memories are too painful to talk about. Love and hugs. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. This gave me the chills, Balroop. I read in another comment that you are talking to death, which is what I first thought of, but this could have multiple meanings. Death is one constant in life; sometimes it comes naturally when expected, which is still difficult, while other times, it takes those we love too early. We’ve experienced this, as well. Great piece, my friend. xo

    1. Thank you so much Lauren for your lovely words, they made my morning pleasant.
      Poetry that is ambiguous is more effective and the readers can draw their own conjectures…I had to clarify because one of the stanzas seem to suggest that it is a move poem, which I never intended it to be. It expresses my deepest thoughts and hurts.

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