Dark #writephoto


When Night Fairy descends
Decked in dark shimmering robes
Disseminating light and love
We look at the moonless sky
Whispering symphony of lullabies.
© Balroop Singh

Inspired from Sue Vincent’s #photoprompt. Thank you dear friend.

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43 thoughts on “Dark #writephoto

  1. I like the dark robes contrasting with the light that the fairy has got to give. It reminds me that light can come from the most unexpected places. Beautifully written. Short but as usual an important message within your words. Take care, have a good weekend and a good week 🙂

    1. Love your analysis Mabel. These words just struck me within seconds when I looked at the picture, I didn’t realise their depth while writing…I am happy they are reaching you in such a positive manner. Wish you too a wonderful weekend though my weekly post is waiting to welcome you tomorrow. 🙂

  2. It’s a nice composition considering the fact that it addresses both darkness and hope, at the same time. Well, short poems like this is nice… and also shows your creativity since you have a reference point -photo!

    1. Arv I am delighted to note your interest and involvement in poetry at last! Many thanks for a meaningful and beautiful observation. 🙂

      1. I wouldn’t say I have started liking poetry but some words have power and attraction. They make sense to me. Like I have said before I like the old British poetry

  3. A dramatic sky to inspire your words dear Balroop. I hope the Moon soon appears to shine her light 🙂 upon all your night walks
    Have a lovely week aheard Balroop
    Blessings my friend x

    1. Sky changes within minutes and the artistic designs are really exciting at times. Sun and the clouds have a fantastic collaboration! 🙂
      Thanks for coming over to share your view Sue. Stay blessed!

  4. Wow!! Balroop, this is exquisite and ethereal, so moving. I adore the last line and this is now part of my memory: ‘Whispering symphony of lullabies”. ❤️

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