Transient Beauty

Snow on mountains
Image: ©Alok Singhal

Draped in pristine white robes
I watched the adventurers
Gathering to admire my attire
And feel the fetish of my fire

Some stood frozen in awe
Angelic messages showering through
Blue, gray and silvery gear
Momentous moments to cheer!

Silvery sky soaked me entirely
With his wondrous frescoes
Painted with natural hues
To match my ensemble cues

I smile as they ski down the slopes
Once a year such fun ensues
Only when I change my dress
To gaze at some signs of progress

I blessed those who just stood there
To commemorate my transient beauty
Along with digital trophies they depart
And carry exquisite memories in their heart.
© Balroop Singh

Many thanks to Alok Singhal, my blogger cum photographer friend whose breathtaking picture inspired this poem. You can visit his blog to see many more amazing shots of Mother Nature.

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51 thoughts on “Transient Beauty

  1. Amazing shot by Alok and lovely to hear it inspired your poetry 🙂 I like how in the poem you are alluding to enjoying the moment and being in the present. As you said, some moments just come around once a year. Others maybe even once in a lifetime, like how some places we will only visit once. Hope you are well my friend. Have a good week ahead 🙂

    1. I am nowhere in the poem Mabel. ‘i, in pristine robes’ is mother earth. I agree with you dear friend, some moments are precious and get etched in memory…let me quote William Wordsworth here (one of my favorite quotes)…
      For oft when on my couch I lie
      In vacant or in pensive mood,
      They flash upon that inward eye
      Which is the bliss of solitude…
      Such is the power of beautiful moments. Thanks for sharing your reflections dear friend. You too have a wonderful week.

  2. I am at loss of words…I think your words are much better than the view I stood still in awe of.

    Whenever I visit New Hampshire, I consider it my last one – but then it has called me twice already (after first trip). And every time I go, I still wish for more, though I don’t like visiting the same place again.

    1. Thank you for such a nice compliment Alok. I am feeling elated. Some places become favorites with the passage of time and you can’t resist their calling…there must be something special in them that touches our vibes. 🙂

  3. It’s hard for me to decide which is better Balroop, Alok’s pic or your poetry🤔. But I think both complement each other so perfectly and both of you deserve a round of applause 👏👏

    1. Thanks for your beautiful words Radhika…some images are as inspiring as this one! The moment I looked at it, the words couldn’t wait. 🙂

    1. Thanks Diana. I am happy that the cold is not passing through this picture to reach us but could stir imaginative vibes 🙂 freak weather has been causing havoc at many places this winter.

  4. Snow most certainly holds its beauty and holds us in Awe, And the UK this last week certainly saw its fair share of snow. Beautiful poem set to a beautiful image Balroop.. have a wonderful new week my friend 🙂

    1. Snow fascinates only in pictures! It is only romantic for a few days and that too when you are away from your home to enjoy its beauty. Such poetry can’t be written when you have to shovel it away to open the front door!! 🙂 Have a nice week Sue.

      1. Agreed Balroop we have shovelled plenty from our driveway these past few days.. and some could not get off our street. But it did bring communities together in their helping of one another.. I can not wait for it to melt now.. xx Take care.

  5. A poem from the point of view of a mountain–how special!

    I reminds me of a snippet from Douglas Adams, the gist of which was that humans could sit on a horse’s back for hours at a time and form no opinion at all of the horse. The horse, however, would instantly form an opinion of his rider, or non-rider, as the case may be. 🙂

  6. I’ve had a hankering to hit the slopes these last few weeks and now you’ve convinced me, Balroop. Lovely. Isn’t snow beautiful in the mountains? Alok’s photos are stunning. What a great idea to pair your words with his images!

  7. Balroop, wonderful use of personification here and you bring us right along with the thoughts of the Earth as she watches us admire, enjoy the glory of the landscape. As a snow lover, I am always in awe of this ‘transient beauty’ and the photo that prompted your poem is awe-inspiring and breathtaking. A beautiful poetic response … and I smiled at your last line – I always think the memories carried in our hearts are the most important, the ones that last, give us strength, energy, to be relived in an instant. Warmest wishes & hugs xxx 😀❤️

    1. Some pictures evoke immediate thoughts and the moment I looked at the hues of the sky, the poet in me grew restless and the flow of words amazed me! There are very few poems that are so spontaneous as this one. I am glad that my words could bring smile on your face Annika. Many thanks for telling me. Stay blessed and hugs back to you. 🙂

  8. We don’t get snow where we live, Balroop, so seeing it in photos such as this one is simply stunning. Your words match the photo perfectly, both are absolutely beautiful. Wishing you a lovely day. ~Lauren ❤🌻🌷

    1. We also don’t get any snow here in this part of California. Probably my thoughts would be different if I had to deal with snow storms! Thank you for coming over to read so many pieces together, much appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

      1. I’m in the Bay Area, but like you said, if I had to deal with snow storms, my adjective would be less than stunning. 😊 And you’re welcome; I enjoyed playing a little catch-up, but wish I could stay caught up on a regular basis reading blogs. Sigh. 💐

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