5-star Book Review for Balroop Singh’s “Emerging from Shadows”

I had to share this as Deborah’s creative presentation of the review of my book is filling my heart with gratitude!

Her succinct style of appreciation is thrilling as well as heart-warming.

Thank you for your kind words Deborah!

BowmanAuthor and Writer/Editor

Balroop Singh's Book Review, incomplete, 3-18-18

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26 thoughts on “5-star Book Review for Balroop Singh’s “Emerging from Shadows”

  1. Congratulations Balroop. Though have not yet read it, knowing the amazing poetess you are, I am sure it will be worth every word, making a direct connect with the soul. Best wishes ❤️

  2. What a fabulous review, Balroop, and one to definitely warm the heart. Congratulations, and I’ll add your book to my list, as well. 😊🌹

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