Illusional Calm

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto

                                          I sit in the wilderness
                              Watching each shade shrouding me
                                With your periwinkled love
                              I absorb your storms with serenity
                       The deluge within me is immeasurable

                                       Welcome to my abode
                                  A cauldron of fire and ash
                         Flaunting flames of tranquil passion
                      Tread carefully or you may be charred
                             By timeless tales of disdain

                         You would also find emotions here
                             Floating in the sea of solitude
                     They may break out of embankments
                         But the fall would be cushioned
                          By the spectrum of perceptions.

                      © Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday photo prompt #writephoto. 

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52 thoughts on “Illusional Calm

  1. We humans have so many emotions hidden inside us because we don’t want to hurt someone or We feel there’s no room for it to surface. Many times these cause so much upheaval. Great poem.

      1. Absolutely. My wife often says that she can only compose when there is right frame of mind and emotions. It cannot be composed “on demand”.

  2. Balroop, first let me say that the picture is so beautiful.
    So is your poem with its mystique and depth. I love this
    ” Welcome to my abode
    A cauldron of fire and ash
    Flaunting flames of tranquil passion
    Tread carefully or you may be charred
    By timeless tales of disdain”

    Beautiful writing.

  3. What a beautiful poem inspired by the picture, Balroop! Your poetry brings to life this picture as we discover that the huge, seemingly dormant stone calmly resting in the wilderness hides a multitude of emotions like a human heart.

    1. The stone is just a symbol…it inspires a million thoughts if you look at it differently. I just entered the first chamber, many layers remain unexplored. 🙂

  4. Beautifully written, Balroop. I especially like: ‘Flaunting flames of tranquil passion.’ We tend to see disparate emotions as a dichotomy, yet fire melts ice and water extinguishes fire ❤

    1. Thanks for a beautiful response Tina! I am delighted to note the impact of this poem as different readers have picked up different lines, which have moved them. 🙂

  5. Isn’t it wonderful, to see what poetry emerges from your heart and mind, from a prompt such as this? I enjoyed this immensely, and felt enveloped in it. “Periwinkled love,” indeed. xo

  6. Wonderful poetry to a beautiful image.. Fire and Ash, I can relate, I am ever grateful for the sea of calm I find in the moments of solitude..
    Love and Blessings my dear friend and I so thank you for your continued support.. ❤

    1. Fire and ash define us Sue…they are the ultimate realities! Thank you for coming over to read and give your blessings, I value them greatly. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Beautiful poem, and there is so much in that picture and you have etched out such profound thoughts and the choice of words have been brilliant. “Periwinkled Love”, the combination and choice of words as always perfectly plucked out of the world of words and aptly positioned in the landscape of your brilliant thoughts, and absorb the storm with serenity, the moment one looks at the picture and the stoic stone in the backdrop of a beautifully shaded sky with all its glory of multiple hues, it is poetic in its painting. Abode of peace but here the abode of fire and timeless tales, and one need to careful in life and along the side of silence and solitude comes the signals of storm and sets the norms of life. Emotions floating in the sea of solitude and we have to feed our mind with meditation to make life peaceful and beautiful.
    Have a lovely weekend Balroop.

    1. Thank you so much for liking my choice of words…they just flow when the inspiration hits and this is such a lovely picture, with so many mysteries hidden in it! Your analysis always infuses new inspiration in my words Nihar! Have a wonderful weekend.

      1. I know your love for words and as a wonderful teacher you have made words count for you and this must have come with your deep passion for prose and poetry. And you keep churning one brilliant piece after another…such automatic flow of beautiful thoughts weaved with perfect words comes from the house of master and you have always been a source of inspiration to learner like us.
        Thanks as always.

      2. Many thanks dear Nihar, your words are no less than music to my ears…some poems just flow like a stream and this is one of them. My love for words is indeed immense! Ironically that is my next post that I am going to share later today. Stay blessed dear friend.

      3. Looking forward to your next post as I love words and I learn so many new words from you, the way you deftly beautiful use in all your posts, and playing with word is what you do with such ease and grace…
        Thanks Balroop and you too have a wonderful new week ahead.

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