A New Horizon

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto Valley

                         I didn’t know this valley
                   The valley you pushed me into
               The valley that glimmers with hope
                  That erases shadowy existence

                   I owe you a special gratitude
                  I am glad I don’t have to walk
                     Into your hollow world
                     Of pretense and glamor

                    I have discovered a domain
                        Of buoyant blessings
                           I walk free now
                    To touch a new horizon 

                   The solace of open skies
             Has melted all anger and anguish
               The caverns that throttled me
                         I can no longer see!  

                 Opportunities are smiling
                    Love is all around me
            Open arms of Mother Nature
        Can descry and dispel despondency.
© Balroop Singh.

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday photo prompt Valley #writephoto. 

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61 thoughts on “A New Horizon

  1. Balroop, this is a strong poem showing someone imprisoned within luxury being set free, a freedom that ultimately
    leads to self discovery and growth. I do love the second and third stanza and quote them below.
    ” I owe you a special gratitude
    I am glad I don’t have to walk
    Into your hollow world
    Of pretense and glamor

    I have discovered a domain
    Of buoyant blessings
    I walk free now
    To touch a new horizon

    May we all have a chance to walk that free.

  2. You have your own way to describe emotions Balroop. When reading your lines it feels like breathing entirely, freely, for the first time. A new kind of freedom.
    Stay blessed.

  3. Another lovely poem, Balroop. As Arv and the others have said, there are contrasting emotions here – feeling chained and feeling free. The start of the poem sounds like a dark time where one is trying to find their feet and towards the end, ‘I walk free now’ gives an air of confidence. As we go through struggles, we learn to cope and so learn to be stronger and then walk away with much more wisdom and certainty about ourselves. I also like how you touched upon Mother Nature in the last stanza. Nature and love are two powerful things that can uplift us no matter how hard times may get for us – and lift us even more when we are up 🙂

    1. You are so right Mabel…it is the misty valley that is offering light despite its limitations. It is the light of the horizon that is infusing confidence…Mother Nature is powerful!
      Contrasting emotions are a part of life, we experience them everyday in the form of negative and positive thoughts…it is through this contrast that we understand life. Many thanks dear friend for the in-depth analysis of my thoughts. You try to delve deeper and come out with many pearls. Stay blessed! 🙂

  4. May we all remember our buoyant Blessings dear Balroop as we lift our thoughts higher to breath in all that the New Horizon Promises..
    Much love sent your way dear friend and enjoy your Easter Weekend.
    Sue ❤

  5. As I read this, Balroop, I wanted to run, arms outstretched, sun on my skin and a gentle breeze kissing my face. Nature is a powerful tonic. Beautiful poem, my friend ❤

  6. Another lovely poem. The paradox of life, we have needs and we have wants, and we grow and we gain, and as we do so we have these two worlds confronting us. Life is about choices. The luxuries of the world and the basic necessities of life. There is no end to the valley of luxury and once we enter into that vortex we feel imprisoned and we have no easy way out and even when we spend that fleeting moment in the laps of nature we realize how much we miss our Mother Earth and the beauty and bounty of life is so much outside the materialistic possession. And the freedom is at the center of life and our existence and without the physical and emotional freedom we are caged and life on this earth is symbolized by the freedom that mankind truly enjoys. The moment we break free we have a new horizon gazing at us and we are a different person freed from shackles of daily grind of life and the struggle that keeps coming our way and we have to fight it out.
    Thanks Balroop for providing that nuggets of inspiration and aspiration to life.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you Nihar…the valley of luxury is very deceptive, it keeps widening and its depth can only be discerned once we stumble into it. There is another valley, the one into which the helpless get pushed and have to live in subjugation. Both are scary as they shackle our aspirations. Freedom is a great blessing…I am glad you felt inspired. Stay blessed! 🙂

      1. I agree Balroop, valleys are beautiful but at the same time we get lost in the wonders of the rolling valleys and when we look down from those vast valleys we suddenly realize how small and insignificant we are in the lap of its vastness. There are the ugly side to a valley where we are trapped and no one to get us lifted from such depth of sorrow and subjugation, life is oscillating between these ends of defining life. And we crave for freedom and nothing can encapsulate life more than the essence of freedom.
        Thanks so much Balroop.

      2. Beauty and the beast…they go together like the light and darkness…that is life dear friend. Thank you so much for your erudite flow of conversation…no less than an honor to my humble work. 🙂

      3. I agree Balroop, very much the paradox of life much like the Ying & Yang and Hope & Despair, life is a conundrum of contrasting things that keeps us on the move…
        Have a great week ahead.

  7. “The solace of open skies Has melted all anger and anguish The caverns that throttled me I can no longer see!” Beautiful lines, my friend. There’s so much freshness to your writing. Best regards.

    1. Thank you so much Mahesh. I am feeling blessed to have readers like you who break my words into pieces to gather the hidden pleasure. Stay blessed dear friend.

  8. Such freedom within your words Balroop, inspiring. “Opportunities are smiling, Love is all around me…” and the words will stick with me. Wishing you a wonderful spring.

  9. Loved your way of looking at things which you have conveyed through the poem, Balroop.
    Sometimes good things emerge from the most challenging situations. Discovering happiness and relishing the relief and joy of breaking free from the world of pretence could be the best, though an unexpected outcome of being pushed into a corner.

  10. I would (and have) take Mother Nature any day over all the luxury in the world. If my body is not tired at day’s end from traversing paths, large and small, how then shall I sleep?

  11. Beautiful poem from daunting shadows to hope-filled freedom. Like one of your other friends wrote, I imagine arms raised high with elation, inhaling a breath of fresh air, and a new world of hope and possibility. Lovely, Balroop. 🌹

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