Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto Waiting

 A part of me got lost
                           In darkness…
                      I have been waiting
                           To identify it

Shadows of solace
                    Streaks of moonlight
                        Keep me awake
                Heavy footsteps keep vigil

                 Endless night – a longing
                       Reminiscent of
                     A recurring dream
                    A haunting journey

               With eagerness to emerge
               Into an enlightened world
                Abandoning attachment
                  Of this dark domain

                Waiting for the whisper
                Of stars, the warmth of
                   Eternal exuberance
               A binding that is timeless.
               © Balroop Singh


Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday photo prompt #writephoto. 

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Balroop Singh.


26 thoughts on “Waiting…

    1. This light was lit by me…with great effort Lisa. I have dark poems too but I avoid sharing them here. Thank you so much dear friend. Love and hugs.

    1. Many thanks Tina for such a beautiful response! Who wouldn’t like to soar out of such darkness? I am glad you could connect emotionally with my thoughts.

    1. Thank you Diana…darkness descends everyday and into everybody’s life…I have tried to take a positive view though my fingers were eagerly fluttering into the crevices I avoid. 🙂

  1. Wow! A powerful poem, Balroop and incredible response to the photo prompt. I feel the battle between darkness and light, leading towards ‘ Eternal exuberance’. Thought-provoking! 😀

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