Avenues of Harmony

Canopy of trees
Sue Vincent’s #writephoto

Once again our green hands
Disseminate sheltered serenity
Once again our life inspires
The love of perpetual giving

Come join the celebrations
Revel in the glory of spring melodies
Soft sounds of new leaves
Merge in the song of bluebirds

Recline in the carousel of lovebirds
Glide with the breezy fragrance
Smile with the colorful sweet peas
Feel the magical breath of spring

This green bower beckons
Accentuating avenues of harmony
Shifting seasons beseech quietly
To keep the rhythm of nature alive.
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday photo prompt Avenue #writephoto.

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45 thoughts on “Avenues of Harmony

  1. Balroop, this is such a beautiful song to spring and all the senses it awakens.
    Everyone of them sings again and the spirit lifts.

  2. A most beautiful ode to Spring, dear Balroop… I have to add a widget from my blog to yours. Will do it in a while. You are such a great poet!… Happy weekend ❤

  3. Great composition. While it’s spring in your part of the world, out here We are getting roasted with 40C. It’s a normal thing during May. I like the fact that you find inspiration in pictures so easily.

    1. I know that 40C too well arv…here it seems to be a holiday in the hills, like going to kasauli and staying there! We have a long spring and just one month of real summer but that too never that high as 40C. 🙂

      1. I know spring is a celebration. Enjoy both spring and summer. In which part of the US do you reside?

  4. Balroop, a beautiful celebration of Spring and I’m reading this amongst the lush green of my garden, As I ‘Revel in the glory of spring melodies’. You capture nature’s magic and wonder perfectly, transporting the reader onto another spiritual level of contentment and appreciation … your calm and harmony transmitted by your words. A wonderful poem to start my weekend … have a lovely couple of days! Hugs xxx

    1. Thank you Annika…Spring melodies are soothing for the soul, they inspire me everyday as I go for a walk and return with at least one Haiku, many of which I have been sharing in pictorial form at Twitter and Google. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

  5. Balroop, this is such a wonderful composition, capturing the nuances of nature’s life and with all your masterly craft you have chiseled the beautiful basket of flowery thoughts spring out from the cocoons of nature. And here we see the paradox of life, we are all living in the same world just that we live in different parts and we have different experience. This side of the world, we are deep inside the heating woven and you have the cool and charming weather welcoming outside your garden. Just love that contrast…what is life if everything and everywhere things are same or similar. Indeed, soft sounds of leaves, the serenity in the surrounding, the songs from bluebirds and so much happening in the nature around us and we can see the multiple hues and shades of colours and smell that engages our senses. And it is for us to find the time and be there deep inside the glory of nature and keep engaging and enabling us to cherish the true beauty and bounty of nature at its best. Nothing can be better than the nature in harmony and we are there silently observing and absorbing the essence of life nestled in the basket of the nature…the changing seasons and we see the fabric of the nature changing its design and making it fashion statements loud and clear.

    Thanks so much Balroop for presenting to us a inspiring spring filled with joy and fun.
    Have a great week ahead.

    1. Nihar, you always dig and savor each and every emotion embedded in my words. Many thanks for such a wonderful analysis of my poem and hearing the song of spring…I am glad you could feel the description so well despite the heat of May, with 40C+ around you. Here spring lasts longer and flowers can be seen all around till the beginning of winter. 🙂 Thanks for taking out time from your busy schedule to read and share your thoughts. Stay blessed!

      1. Yes Balroop we feel the empowerment of nature through the changing seasons…that’s why we have so much thoughts and writing that get inspired from especially the spring of nature. We love the inspiration from the beauty of nature, it comes automatically when we see such multiple colors in dazzling display and there is so much symphony in the diversity of nature at play. Always a delight to visualize your thoughts so craftily captured in your wonderful poems.

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