A Social Butterfly

Social butterfly

A butterfly of humble origin
Fascinated more by fusion
Of colors…cold and impudent
She lived far in her illusions.

Fond of fluttering all the time
Competing with unrealistic goals
Eager to move ahead quicker
Could never live up to her roles.

Living in the realm of her choice
Prudence could scoff at her conceit
Relationships – only for self-adulation
Home – just a haven of self-retreat

Pretense was her favorite outfit
Her attachments were contrived
To get maximum benefits…
Which she easily derived.

Learning to fly with other’s support
Now she leans heavily on her lies
She still expects admiration
From all those she derides!

Up at the horizon
She sits with delusional delight
Leaning heavily on clouds
Forgetting they don’t show even in moonlight.
© Balroop Singh

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44 thoughts on “A Social Butterfly

  1. Beautiful Balroop and shows the danger of building up your life on pretences.
    I quote you ” Learning to fly with other’s support
    Now she leans heavily on her lies “.
    That is a sad state of affairs. A serious subject you have taken up.
    Seems we both done today.😊 .

  2. A cleverly thought out, excellent, poem. but – forgive the criticism – I thought the very last line was clumsy and didn’t do the main poem justice!

    1. I welcome constructive criticism Joy, which is usually avoided for the same reason you mention. I believe in the dictum ‘critics are our best friends.’ Thank you!

  3. Butterflies are beautiful, the symbol of transformation and the myriad colours that they manifest in their composition is truly fascinating…but here you have given the butterfly the tactful buttering. The depiction of a self aggrandizing character and the characterization of one’s thoughts that is in a state of wilderness. Here she is…she is in a state of illusion, she has set unrealistic goals and she indulges in self adulation and she has embraced pretense. The wrong platform is set and working anything out on that platform can only hamper the progress. Depends heavily on her lies and wants admiration, the misplaced expectation and living in a world that is fractured and fragmented.

    Life to taste the flavour of success and to experience happiness one needs a proper foundation to be built that strong base eventually to grow bigger and better, and definitely it cannot be on the premise of falsehood, pretension or delusion, if it does the consequences are pretty clear and loud. It doesn’t take longer to crumble and the complete collapse is inevitable…you have subtly and sumptuously depicted the convoluted thoughts churning in her mind and the idea that was confining her existence and there was no such conscious attempt to redefine a new way to embrace the life and living based on compassion and conviction.

    Have a lovely Sunday Balroop.

    1. Butterflies have a short life too! So are illusions, which vanish within minutes. When people set such a platform for themselves, they are guided by a world of dreams and the lure of such a world is detrimental. Yes, it crumbles, you are so right Nihar. I haven’t thought of the consequences, which must be catastrophic. I was just taking delight in watching such people. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thought-provoking reflections, which add so much value to this poem.

      1. Indeed, butterflies are a paradox who are such beautiful creatures but have to fight to transform and have a short life, and in the bigger scheme of things in the context of cosmos we are merely insignificant and our life span is also extremely short…many things we cannot achieve in our real life hence we get a breather when we land in our dream world.

  4. This poem seems to speak the truth of those who take advantage of others in order to feed their own ego. As the saying goes, you can run, but you can’t hide. Sooner or later our past will catch up with us or we may find we are on our own. It’s so common these days where people use other people and move on without even a thank you, especially in the corporate world. That person may be the life of the party, but often there is more to meets the eye and no one gets to where they are alone 😊

    1. Thanks for your insights on personalities Mabel…those who live in the world of starry self-belief have a short life, they have to come down and face realities. 🙂

  5. I think we all know such people and often see many of them around us. Just reading the poem brings to my mind a few names. But what amuses me is that instead of fretting or bitching about such a person (which comes naturally to most of us including me), you chose to vent out your opinion so creatively. Loved this composition, Balroop. 🙂

    1. It is amusing to watch their contrivance as every wise person can easily see through such hollow personalities. It is better to laugh them off as they have to face their follies one day. Thank you Somali, for endorsing the existence of such persons.

  6. You have touched on a life of pretense very well, Balroop. Unfortunately, some people come to mind in my community. 🙂 “Home – just a haven of self-retreat” how sad for home to be only this. I also love your word choice of ‘delusional delight’ – having no understanding of consequences that come from existing beneath a fake exterior. Great poem!

  7. May the realm of choice always be an option Balroop.. Many I know live in pretence, failing to expand their own
    Wings to new horizons.. A butterflies wings are soon damaged, for while they have transformed, they can soon be brought back down to earth..
    Many who now fly in high places think themselves untouchable.. yet in truth one drop of rain can knock them from flight.
    I enjoyed your double metaphoric poem Balroop.. We see many in societies social circles fluttering away.. ❤
    So well penned my friend xx

    1. Your wisdom is spot on Sue, those who think too highly of themselves have to look down one day…life shows them the way. Wings of pretense do wither and the fall is not cushioned by any dreams. 🙂 Thank you dear friend for sparing your time for sharing your insights. Love and hugs.

  8. You know, I really, really like this one. It’s my favorite from you by far. I think it’s the juxtaposition between this woman’s less than desirable traits, and these really lovely words! It’s like a “cheerful country song with sad lyrics” kind of thing.

  9. Balroop, the poem flies with depth and thought as the humble butterfly becomes a metaphor of some of our lives. So many live expecting the adulation and praise of others, their foundations a set of falsehoods … to others and themselves. Ultimately the stark emptiness (and fragility, I feel) of such a reality is vividly portrayed in your words

    1. I share negative poems with a sense of trepidation…doubts gnaw at my heart when I press the publish button, telling myself negativity has its value just like darkness. I am delighted to note that you found some depth in my thoughts Annika. Such people who take advantage of people and situations, without a word of gratitude have inspired many such poems. Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.

      1. Never shy away from negative or tricky themes or topics, Balroop … only by raising a point can a discussion follow, thoughts sparked and hearts touched. xx

  10. This mentality is increasing with the advent of social media in our lives. You’ve beautifully explained the tendency of living one’s life in pretence, that too, largely dependent on the others. Wonderful piece as always… 🙂

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