Magical Feather

A blue feather
Sue Vincent’s #photoprompt

The feather we found on the ledge
Remains as precious as you
It’s color…just like your blue eyes
Impelling me to plunge
Into their depth

Its delicacy…a familiar touch
Reminiscent of resonance
That drew us to each other
Its magical message…
Love remains recalcitrant

Dissolve the doubts
Follow the magic of love
Its depth may overwhelm
Craters may coerce complacency
Passion portals remain open.

©Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday photo prompt Remains #writephoto. 

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33 thoughts on “Magical Feather

  1. A lovely poetic response, Balroop. The feather was a beautiful inspiration.

  2. That is lovely. I especially like that you focused on what is–the feather’s beauty–rather than what might be (that it might be blown away from where it rested).

    1. I didn’t think for a moment that it might get blown away, I just felt it is ours to keep, just like love! Attitudes do matter!

  3. Yeah! A wonderful poem of absolute and overwhelming love … it feels like a celebration and a declaration at the same time! The power and magic of love should never be underestimated! A delight to read, Balroop! Hoping you have a magical Sunday filled with joy and love! 🌺🌻

    1. Thanks Annika, love is indeed a powerful emotion. I am glad you liked this poem, inspired by a feather, they have long been associated with love too due to their soft texture…I wonder whether feathers really possess some magic! You too have a wonderful Sunday. 🙂

  4. Feathers always hold their own magical essence and meaning for me Balroop.. Your words bound the feather and love together in the shimmering light of love Beautifully penned Balroop ❤

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