The Fairy Who Couldn’t Fly

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Born in the lush green woods
She was the darling of elf hoods
Who loved to play pranks
And hovered around the banks
Where she grew.

Her beauty could dethrone
The king of kings who hone
A desire to possess a gemstone
An unbridled undertone
That mentors our passion.

Teary-eyed she looked around
Tried to hear the strange sound
Why she had been bound
To those weird wires in a mound
Where she lay trapped.

Wan and weary she thought
Of fairy grandmother who had taught
Never show your weakness if caught
Lie still with a secret draught
Of desires that disconcert.

Years of subjugation and crippled wings
Smothered her joy with nasty stings
Slayed her passion for warm springs
Erased her yearning for all the things
She lost the longing to spread her wings.
© Balroop Singh


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35 thoughts on “The Fairy Who Couldn’t Fly

  1. My first thought, Balroop, was how your poem describes many who are trapped in unhealthy relationships. It’s heartbreaking to think of those who stay in them, feeling as though there is no escape route. I also like the format in which you used, and even though the ending is dismal, you wrote it beautifully. Many hugs! 🌼

    1. Yes Lauren, we may look the other way when we see such women who lose the desire to fly but that is a sad reality. Often my protagonists break free but for a change, this remains trapped as some of them don’t want an escape route. Thanks for your kind words of appreciation. Love and hugs back to you.

  2. This is so sad Balroop. We do hope along the lines that at some stage she could spread her wings again. But when you feel trapped you have no wish anymore, you just go in life as a shadow.
    Take care dear

    1. You know well Marie, women of my poetry don’t live in a shadow but this was her choice! She has accepted authority and oppression…I wonder how people can become so weak!!

  3. While reading these lines, I could only relate it with the lives of many women. I hope attitude towards women change soon. Often, even educated people harbour constricted thoughts when it comes to women.

  4. Oh, this is so sad, so poignant…yet speaks so true to the plight of millions of women and girls around the world. Have you submitted it to any women’s magazines, Balroop? ❤️

  5. Ohhhh…wow! Balroop, a wonderful poem! I was caught up in the magical world, the gentle fun moments … then moved so by the end. Alas, too often in life this is a reality, so many wings clipped by others around. Absolutely loved this!

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