‘Timeless Echoes’ is Here!

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Timeless Echoes is just a click away now. Click on the link to download it and hear the echoes that would reverberate around you, reminding you of lost opportunities, repressed desires, cherished moments and hope that shimmers through clouds.

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When Echoes Vibrate

Lilies in the garden spoke to me
Birds sang merrily
Clouds of gloom disintegrated
When I let these echoes vibrate

Mute watchers warbled
Fluttering fervently around me
Stirring hopeful messages
Of joy and bliss

When smoke of your love
Tried to asphyxiate me
When dreams got besieged
I flew on the wings of words

Fears receded when
Sun spread its gold
Creating a fusion of colors
Silently illuminating life.© Balroop Singh

The Editor’s Review:

Half of what we say are lies although they might be considered true, but truth with one’s self is an accepted bundle of lies except for those rare moments of self-realization. These lines right at the start of Timeless Echoes, ‘Each moment is precious, we try to cage it within our heart, where it perches in perfect rampart, embalmed by memories,’ reveal how this book is a healer, promising to lay bare the ills of the soul as it soothes, cleanses, and nurtures; instilling in us a will to learn and live without fear, and a will to not hurt others: ‘Why can’t our hearts feel the hurt we hurl at others?’

Balroop’s new book is a steadfast repudiation of those ills that we painfully hide under the covers of our flesh to present the polished exterior as truth. This magnetic collection of poems highlights our precious human lives with all their varied emotions and imposing relations: the lives often blinded by the strictures of the self-made duplicity, an excessively common phenomenon. ‘Listen to your heart, my friend. It knows you well,’ she writes.

I treasure these ‘forgetting fragile facets of love, facade of fading memories, echoes of dwindling love, is all I have now, yet love echoes refuse to subside’ believing that love echoes are soul-launched signals, ready to hug our pretenses to forge a divine assimilation because the struggle has always been with the self that we excommunicate to build up a wall, which obscures the travails plaguing the core. And finding a path to the core is the cure since there’s no villainy in the soul.

As Balroop proclaims ‘love is such a strange emotion, it gives less, it claims more…the facade of love is so delusive,’ I concur how our infirmities require urgent banishment, more pressing now than ever. And once I’ve made peace with the self, ‘the dark corridors are like meadows, they glow with my presence.’ Yes, without an iota of my own falsehoods plaguing me.
  Mahesh Nair

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34 thoughts on “‘Timeless Echoes’ is Here!

  1. Having read some of your poetries Balroop, can’t agree more to the editor’s review! Will download the link and enjoy the beautiful verses! Congrats once again 💖

  2. Congrats on your new book, Balroop. Very generous of you to share a part of it with us, and wonderful that Mahesh helped out with editing, and that is such a thoughtful reflection on your book on his part. You are right, we all have those ills and lies that we hide inside of us. We’d rather believe them because they give us a sense of comfort rather than face harsh truths every day. But as you and Mahesh write, it is during times of self-realisation and reflection do we actually face these truths. It is times like these there is no where to run and we have to face who we are head on. This book will go on my to-read list. Thank you for writing so spiritedly as always, my friend. Once again, congratulations 🙂

    1. Thank you Mabel, your consistent support has been heart-warming and I look forward to your reactions. This poem has been written at the spur of the moment, not a part of this book. This book catches many moments of self-realisation and healing but as the mane suggests, it echoes them to remind us that all that has happened is past and gone and encourages us to look ahead. Stay blessed!

  3. Congrats! I’m happy to read about your new book. I’m sure it will be a great success! Sharing it to spread the word!

  4. Congrats, Balroop. What a thrilling review. And I love the poem you shared. That second to last stanza is sublime. I wish you tons of luck with the collection. ❤

  5. Balroop, congratulations on your latest book!! The poem is beautiful and the review is superb! A glowing captivating and thoughtful review which brings out all the wonderful elements of your poems and thoughts. One summary sentence stands out: ‘this book is a healer, promising to lay bare the ills of the soul as it soothes, cleanses, and nurtures; instilling in us a will to learn and live without fear, and a will to not hurt others.’ Good luck with the launch and see you on my blog soon! hugs xx

    1. Thank you Annika. Yes, I have reading this review again and again, it has not sunk in so far! I am looking forward to a visit to your beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Stay blessed dear friend.

  6. Heartiest congratulations dear Balroop on the publication of your new book. The title “Timeless Echoes’ is so apt due to the timelessness of the themes. You create a joyous ambience with the fluidity of your writing as is apparent in the piece that you have shared here with us. Really appreciate the wonderful review by Mahesh Nair, which beautifully brings out the essence of the poems that subtly urge the readers to shed the falsehoods and make peace with the self.
    Congratulations once again and thank you for sharing the beautiful poem.

    1. Thank you Somali, your words of encouragement have boosted my spirits! Your wishes echo the message…keep writing, which resonates so well with me. Stay blessed!

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