No Turning Back

Sue Vincent’s #photoprompt

Desolate path
Unknown crossing
Yet she moved alone
All that was hers
Long wishful way
Full of flowers
The only motivation.

Lost choices
No turning back
Dusk within
A cloudless day
The weird way
Confidence coerced her
Clear crossing
Brighted her spirits.

Love withered away
Mystic images
Besieged her
She didn’t belong here
She knew
Crossing beckoned her
Yet some moments
Stood bare.

It was time
To gather those moments
To break all barriers
To cross over
Into the land unknown
New horizons
New hopes
Stood to welcome her.
© Balroop Singh, July 2018


Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday photo prompt Crossing #writephoto.

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46 thoughts on “No Turning Back

    1. Thank you so much Diana. Would you believe I wrote this within minutes. Sometimes I struggle with the prompt for a few days! 🙂 The hangover of self-publishing!!

      1. Isn’t that funny? I can relate. Sometimes it’s just there waiting to be jotted down, and sometimes it’s like pulling teeth. 🙂 I guess this one was meant to be written.

  1. So beautiful… many times we wish we could have made other choices… but there is only one way… and it is: moving forward…. this poem speaks of resilience and hope. I really liked it, dear Balroop. Love and best wishes 😘‼️

  2. Lovely poem of a difficult choice to make, of strength and perseverance, and of hope and new beginnings. Wonderful write for the prompt, Balroop! 💖

  3. I love the theme of ‘no turning back’, Balroop. I came away from this poem also with ‘crossing over’. That is a powerful concept of courage and future. Excellent poem.

  4. The course of water flows. The path river has taken on its course. The story of nature how it crafts its way out when it decides to start its journey. And one can immediately see the way it resonates with the life meanders and the journey of life that has its own twist and turns.

    So apt is the title of the poem, “no turning back”, and look at our life where we have no scope of turning back in time. Perhaps the most defining aspect of our life. There is no back gear. It is indeed the desolate path and the unknown crossing, the challenges, the loneliness at times and the cacophony at another time and we need to balance out between the two ends of the spectrum of life to derive that harmony and solace in our life. It is so much about breaking the barriers and building a strength to keep going and keep fighting the odds and making a path for happiness and success. One cannot escape the resistance that comes on the way and one cannot reach the goal unless we set one and for water and river they have no option once they set for, they have to chart their course and it is a journey of no return.

    Thanks Balroop for such a lovely piece of thought and it has stimulated my Sunday morning thoughts, the aroma of coffee is waiting for me.

    1. I love your interpretation Nihar, you are right, life doesn’t allow us to turn back…good or bad, we can’t visit the moments that fleet by. We can only bask in their glory and learn from the experiences to cultivate new strengths and follow new horizons. Stay blessed my friend. I have been too engrossed in my new book activities and would visit your site soon.

      1. Indeed life is much like a flowing river and water has only one way, the downhill and it has to meander through everything that comes its way. The moment has passed by the moment we have started thinking over it. The more we think the more intriguing it becomes…

        I can understand Balroop the deep engagement needed at the book launch activities and wishing a wonderful success and let the stream of book keep coming.

    1. Thanks arv, most of my posts and poetry end at a positive note as I am a robust optimist, seeking hope in the worst possible scenarios. Positivity can move mountains!

  5. Glad she decided to charter into the unknown, for one knows not what surprises are awaiting……you weave your words so seamlessly into a beautiful verse with a deep message. Inspiring one Balroop!

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