Joy of Watching the Sky

Night sky

Weaving my way
Through the stars and their light
I gaze at your distant delight
Wondering when will you divest
The shimmering shroud of night
© Balroop Singh

happy clouds

Joy was hanging in the air
I pocketed it and walked home
Now I look at him
In my moments of solitude
To warm my heart with gratitude
© Balroop Singh

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Balroop Singh

32 thoughts on “Joy of Watching the Sky

  1. Both your verses warm the heart Balroop, but I specially liked the second one. Read it again to immerse in the pristine joy of your words, and emotions they evoke!

  2. Balroop, I l love these … the second one almost fills me with child-like joy and love the image of pocketing joy as a keepsake to take out and behold as and when! Wonderful and a delight to read this early morning! Happy Writing, my friend … know your work is reaching into our hearts. ❣

    1. Some thoughts are spontaneous and that’s how this Tanka got formed…clouds fill our heart with joy whether they are happy or impregnated with loads of water. I am glad these lines appealed to you. Thanks a ton!

  3. Now this is something that I can relate to. I’m sure nature has enough beauty to calm our minds. 😃

    1. Sure it has arv…its moods affect ours, bringing memories and thoughts mushroom out of nowhere! I know how sun inspires you to leave the comfort of your bed early morning. 🙂

      1. It does. It definitely is a big task when your routine runs late into the night. I have been missing sunrises for quite some time. Just started back. Since it is monsoon time, it is difficult to catch the sunrise! 🙂

  4. These are two very upbeat poems, Balroop. The sky and stars and everything above always has a positive touch to it – gleaming, majestic and all round beautiful. The sky is infinite and that’s the magic of it. It’s the route to outer space and metaphorically, to our dreams and beyond. I like sky watching especially when I want to relax and do nothing much on a day off. It’s calming to me looking up and simply admiring what the world is, and wondering what could be. Doesn’t have to be a clear sky. Sometimes the darker and cloudier the sky, the more it can bring out more serious thoughts and revelations 🙂

    1. You understand the magic of sky so well Mabel…there is no doubt that it adds magic to our dreams and even calms us down when we have to deal with turbulence around us. Blessed is the person who can spare some time to watch the sky…many times I have seen silver confetti been sprinkled on me during one of those magical moments!
      Thank you for sharing your profound reflections. Stay blessed!

  5. Your words are an invitation to look at the sky from a different perspective Balroop.
    I love “Joy was hanging in the air, I pocketed it and walked home” – the image is so beautiful.
    Thanks and have a lovely day.

    1. Some moments stay with us to reflect on Diana…they are a source of eternal joy. I know you are familiar with them. 🙂 Thank you for loving them.

  6. Yes, to pocketing joy – what a delight! Both of your poems lift me up. I have a question: are these your photographs in the background of your poetic lines? If so, how do you set them in there like that? I love the combination of the two.

    1. Yes Pam, I have clicked these pictures, which I do on daily basis whenever I am moved by the sky and its moods. Most of the times the lines hit me when I click. I also keep in my the connection in mind when I set the lines. The two images here exemplify both situations.

      1. Yes, I understand that! I go for a walk every day and take (too many) photos. But I don’t write a poem about them like you do! You inspire me.

  7. Heartwarming poems. The excitement of stargazing with eyes wide open or the joy of watching fully clouds floating in the sky is palpable in your words. Have a wonderful weekend Balroop. 🙂

    1. Thank you Sue for such lovely words. Each day holds some promise, some joy, some hope if we look at it with a positive mind. Stay blessed dear friend. Nice to have you here.

  8. Shimmering stars, pocketed joy, solitude, and gratitude are all expressed so beautifully, Balroop. Your photos are lovely, too. This post reminds me of when I used to add text to my photos a few years back. 🙂 Thanks for the Saturday inspiration. 🎇🎇🎇

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