Redwoods Delight


Looking up at sequoia trees
Redwood National and State Park, Trinidad


Here I am on the tangible trail
Looking up in delight
Mesmerized by the height
Exhilarated by the light
Filtering through the circular canopies.
Lost in the moment.

Here I stand merging in the trees
Awed by their grandeur
Dazzled by their magnificence
Startled by the decay
New shoots sprouting from
Dead trees, testifying their latent power.

Mother Nature smiles sweetly
As I stand, intimidated and
Intoxicated by the fragrance of flora
Flourishing amid ironic beauty
Of fire damaged trunks
Standing tall to tell their seminal story.

Time – a mute spectator
Watches wistfully, losing its hold
Connection with the world seems insignificant
The haunting beauty lingers, returns in dreams
Transporting me to deeper and darker trails.
You can never have enough of this delight.
© Balroop Singh, August, 2018

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Balroop Singh


49 thoughts on “Redwoods Delight

    1. The days we went, it remained cloudy and so we missed the sunlight, which could have added some more glory to the woods but it was a memorable trip, so different and awe-inspiring.

    1. Thank you Jill, I have some fantastic pictures and videos of the Redwoods but pictures do no justice to the beauty of this park. One has to see to believe.

    1. Thanks Robbie, standing in the midst of those trees, deep in the woods, an entirely different world encompassed me and I felt time didn’t matter here!

  1. Spectacular photo Balroop, and prose to equal the beauty. I loved this line best: “Time – a mute spectator” – just like the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’ 🙂 x

  2. Redwoods are incredible beings. The first time I visited them as an adult in Northern California, I wrote more poetry that I had in years. They just evoke it don’t they? Remarkable. Lovely photos, Balroop! 😘

    1. You are SO right Bela, Redwoods are mesmerising, Words can’t describe the feelings they evoke. I am glad you have experienced their charm and written poetry about those moments. 🙂
      I love your new image Bela. What a lovely smile!

  3. Beautiful words. While I haven’t seen them in person, its a great reminder that humans dwarf in comparison to mother nature. I remember seeing an old picture of John Muir with redwood.

    1. Thanks arv. I feel so blessed to be staying so near the Redwoods. I was thinking of posting a video but reserved it for another post I plan to do on Redwoods.

  4. Balroop, thank you for your deeply felt poem. I can well understand you were both in awe and dazzled.
    I have dreamt and once planned a trip to see a forest of these ancient and mighty trees. Nature is awesome.
    We are humbled by it and comforted.


    1. Thank you Miriam, I am delighted that my words could convey the depth of emotions that these woods evoke. You could spend hours in their company as they come alive to communicate their stories. 🙂

  5. Thank you for bringing it all back to me. I used to live near Muir Woods and walk along the redwoods, “intimidated and intoxicated” as you write so beautifully here. How I love this poem!

    1. We live quite close to Muir woods and one of my daughters kept saying what is the need to drive so far, go to Muir woods but the younger one who was visiting from the other coast was so excited to visit the Redwood National and State Park that we chose to make this wonderful trip. 🙂

  6. I certainly DO like it! One of your best. In 1986, we traveled to California and saw the giant redwoods. Like you, we stood in awe of them, especially when we considered that some had been there since before Columbus discovered the New World. God is great! 🙂

  7. A lovely encapsulation of the nature’s might and sight in a the capsule that is not at all bitter but a sumptuous sweet pill. Indeed Balroop the trees are standing tall to tell a tale. The saga of nature is a true fascination to watch with awe and wonder. We need to lend our silent ears for a peaceful hearing. The moment we walk inside such National Parks our mind immediately navigates us into a different world, we start lavishly admiring the beauty and bounty of nature. The tall trees, the density of flora and fauna makes us feel inspired and we are exhilarated. The freshness. The magnitude. The purity. The peace. Everything around transform and we discover ourselves as a different person. Such is the magic of nature. There is that mysticism that keeps drawing us towards the kernel of nature. We nurture our fractured senses and we derive that deep sense of satisfaction and the delight emerges automatically from our surreal thoughts and sublime voice that gets the perfect balance. Indeed the paradox, the massive trees are awe inspiring and at the same time makes us feel intimidating…the irony is that we are deeply embedded to the urban landscape and rarely step into such beautiful landscape that can change the way we look at life and the way we are living our life in the cities. It was eclectic touch of ecstasy to explore the words walking the woods…
    Have a lovely lovely weekend.

    1. You have described the feelings so well Nihar! Many thanks for sharing a nature lover’s reflections. It is indeed ecstatic to walk by these Giant wonders of nature. 🙂

  8. Beautiful poem, Balroop, and I love that photo of you looking up. I had planned a trip to the redwoods, but the fires changed our plans. When I finally get there, I’ll remember your poem. ❤

  9. Oh, Balroop, it seems we’ve both been blessed by the magic of the Redwoods! Lovely poem and photo! It is amazing looking straight up and feeling completely awe-struck. It’s also interesting how they are fire resistant. Glad you had this experience, too. ❤❤❤

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