Summer Love

End of Summer

In awe I looked at you
And the shimmering dew
Bashful beauty allured green shade
In your welcome they all swayed

When you tiptoed in
To lend glow to our solitary town
Your sparkling light could make
Each moment of my day bright

You illuminated our hearts
Just with your brighter days
The leaves and branches colluded
To bow to you in gratitude

Coruscating lilies spoke to me
Roses beseeched my attention
Mute watchers warbled
Fluttering fervently around me

Fledglings are flying out now
Heralding the inevitable change
Birds breathe a message
Time has come to say goodbye

Fall trots in complacently
Knocking off supremacy of the Sun
Leaves sing new melodies
But I crave for your celestial light.
Β© Balroop Singh August, 2018



‘Summer Love’ was inspired by KaylaAnn’s End of Summer Poetry Contest.Β You too can participate. Just click on the link to know more.

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Balroop Singh


49 thoughts on “Summer Love

  1. When we think of seasons and the writing, it is always about the profuse praise for the cozy winter and the romantic rainy days with so much to imagine and we are magically inspired. Just like light has no meaning without darkness, the rain and cold has no meaning with the presence of dryness and hot weather. The summer is what makes the winter and rainy season such a contrast and we wholeheartedly embraces it even with the maladies that keeps coming. The excessive cold and the excessive rains that makes life sporadically difficult but we truly cherish the intermittent hardship cognizant of the water woes to the scorching heat of the summer. After all it is the Sun God and solar energy that empowers this planet with its abundant source of power.

    1. I agree with you Nihar, winter is welcomed by all especially if the summer is as harsh as in India and rainy season has its own magic…all seasons bring along a charm that we cherish. Here summer is quite pleasant and brings along beautiful flowers, new ones bloom every month as if Mother Nature holds the list of who comes next.
      Thank you for a wholesome assessment of seasons.

      1. I agree Balroop, the summer in USA is much pleasant and there is a gentle warmth that comes with that season, winter being very severe there, summer is relatively cherished not the case here in India.
        Always a pleasure.

  2. What an upbeat poem, Balroop. For most of us, summer and more so warmth is a welcome, and you captured this beautifully on your poem. I also like that you highlighted summer is made up of so many little things around us – the roses, birds, leaves and really anything and anyone happy to be out and about. Happy end of summer and may you enjoy the last of the summer days ☺

    1. Thanks for liking this poem Mabel, I couldn’t have written like this about Indian summer, which is so harsh that birds hide and flowers wither within a day. Scorching sun beats its hammer to drive people away and Mother Nature waits eagerly for rains.

    1. We would have three more months of good weather as plenty of sun shines here even after summer. California is known for open skies and good weather all through the year.

  3. Thank you summer for gracing us with your warm and sunny presence. I do look forward to the change into the crisp. light autumn winds too. Change is good. πŸ˜‰

    1. Warmth is absorbed by the Pacific, so near to us and cools our mornings and evenings these days while the sun continues to smile during the day. πŸ™‚

      1. The perfect blend. I know this when I’m in Puerto Vallarta Mexixco, the cool mornings and breeze in the evenings is always welcome. πŸ™‚

  4. This IS a beautiful tribute to summer Balroop. Yes it’s coming to an end and we enjoyed every minute of it. The next season will come with treasures too.
    Stay well dear.

    1. Thank you Marie. Yes, all seasons have their own charm.
      I am not able to access your English site. Have you changed it again? Your posts are not showing in my reader too.

  5. Lovely ode to summer, Balroop. Although I confess to welcoming some cooler weather for a change as the last four weeks have been scorchers and we have no ac. πŸ™‚ Gorgeous photo, too! 🌼🌻🌷

      1. Oh, it’s not finished here, yet. We get more hot days into September, and sometimes, even in October. But right now, I’m basking in the comfort. πŸ™‚

    1. Summer is moderate here and therefore we sigh at the end of celestial light but ask those who heave a sigh of relief when summer ends, paving way for pleasanter days. I have seen the horrid, humid summer too, sans flowers, sweat never drying!

  6. A beautiful ode to not only summer but life, Balroop. Only if after we read this “When you tiptoed in – To lend glow to our solitary town” we await not only the arrival of one that showers pleasantries but one that wishes to be welcomed. All of us can heal like we want to be healed. I want to acknowledge the hello of a stranger, the smile of a child. I want to talk to a homeless man. “Leaves sing new melodies” – I want to believe this. Thanks!

  7. Thank you Mahesh, I love your interpretation! You have added a new dimension to this poem and I had to read it again to understand that these lines speak about life too. Thanks for making me proud with your insights. Please believe… I have heard those melodies!

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