Waiting for Peace

waiting for peace
Sue Vincent’s #photo prompt

You could see her
Even on misty mornings
Waiting at the top of the hill
Melancholy figure, standing still

Oblivious of slander or censure
Immersed in her own beliefs
She moved up and down
Never did she come to the town

People shook their heads in distress
Counted her among the dead
How could she fall for the bait?
How long would she wait?

She knew that dawn so well
Coruscating rays welcomed them
Mist was nowhere to be seen
Could she ever forget the scene?

Promises of peace went awry
Misty message stood before her
Yet hope lingered at the corners
Drifting away from the mourners.
© Balroop Singh, August 2018

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday photo prompt #Watcher

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43 thoughts on “Waiting for Peace

  1. I like how you linked the physical and concept of mist with peace. Both are very much beautiful to the eye, but can also be hard to come by. Mist usually is associated with dim and darkness, and if we all work together in this world, peace will eventuate out of the challenging times. The imagery of the girl in the mist and the feeling of hope reflects this sentiment so well. Again, another wonderful poem 😊

    1. Thank you for such a meaningful analysis of this poem Mabel, you are so right…mist symbolises darkness but it also evokes a feeling of hope. We may be living in misty times but positive energy can do wonders. Lets keep it alive. 🙂

  2. This is so lovely, Balroop, and I love the ending with hope lingering at the corners. Sometimes, it feels as if it’s hidden, but you nailed it….it’s always there for us to see if we allow ourselves…enjoy your long weekend, my friend.

    1. My thoughts always veer towards the brighter horizon Lauren, and I like the ending too… don’t know how it wrote itself. 🙂 Happy long weekend to you too.

  3. Even though your poem has a negative side but it is always overshadowed by positivity. Also, your words are always simple and flow well.

  4. As always your poem mix perfecty the longing and the hope of better tomorrows. We ought to always remember that there is a light somewhere.
    Thank you for these beautiful lines Balroop.

  5. As always a profound piece of thoughts wrapped around this intriguing imagery. There is that duality in life, the dark side and also there is the bright side. As we look at the picture and see that slender image standing stoic in the edges of the valley of life…we start forming multiple perspectives. There is no absolute right and wrong, it is contextual. The background makes the object speak volume in any picture, and here is the surrounding with mist, the haziness and the subtle connection with the story of her life. The haunting soul in search for the love of her life, the unfulfilled wishes in her life…hope is the greatest force in life and employing that force of life to get what she wanted to get in life. There is a poignancy in the picture and there is this deep reflection that we all go through in life when we are in a state of gloom and doom, we need to be composed and be positive and then everything changes,we can suddenly see the bright light at the end of the tunnel. The life’s journey is about discovering that hidden purpose within us and the peace that keeps eluding us.
    Have a great week ahead.

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