Celebrating 100th #Poetrychallenge with Colleen

Poetry challenge rules have always intimidated me but I would like to grab this golden opportunity of celebrating with Colleen whose weekly poetry challenge has accomplished 100th milestone and she has given a free choice of words to write a Tanka.

Tanka about self judgment

My inner critic loves
To reprimand softly but passionately
A sentinel of emotions
Who apprises me of the progress
Made on the arch of consciousness.
© Balroop Singh

Freedom is the mother of inspiration. Thank you dear Colleen, I am still learning to write Tanka, Haiku and Senryu, one step at a time.

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Balroop Singh.


25 thoughts on “Celebrating 100th #Poetrychallenge with Colleen

  1. Balroop, I’m so thrilled that you jumped into the syllabic poetry ring. You’ve written a lovely poem with a fabulous message. Thanks for being here for our 100th challenge. Big hugs! ❤

  2. What a wonderful milestone Colleen has reached and what a beautiful message in which to celebrate it..
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend Balroop.. Love and Joy.. Sue ❤

  3. Balroop, I have always admired the way you have mastered the art of writing poetry and it comes so naturally to you, and there is such natural flow and form is filled with beautiful meanings …as regard Haiku and Tanka, I find it very difficult to write and I have always wanted but never could garner the courage to weave emotions and feelings with few words.

    Indeed the ultimate thing in life is freedom, and we all work hard and go far off place just to get the freedom we want financial to socially to many more. The inspiration we generate the moment we are in the sense of freedom, we are motivated and driven towards doing bigger things and achieving greater things in life. The inner voice is our conscience keeper and it is not easy to nurture and be aware of the power of the inner voice, and how to be a good servant of it after mastering the power of listening to such a voice of ours. It is profound. The inner voice plays the role of a constructive criticism and keep us on the toes, but we need to have the finger on our pulse and that’s where we balance our life and living.

    Life is always in need of the guider and the navigator as we sail through such challenging times and rough weathers as we keep aspiring to reach far and wide.
    Thanks for a lovely Tanka.
    Have a great week ahead.

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