Did I Lie?


Did I say I forgave all?
Then why do memories gnaw
Digging deeper at the fissures

Did I say I remain calm?
Then what is this brewing inside
Bursting the seams of my heart

Did I say I have moved on?
Then why are my feet firmly embedded
As if shackled by unknown forces

Did I say I chose to fly high?
Then why are my wings
Clipped by emotional shears

Did I say I could see light within?
Then why am I brooding
Watching waning light

Did I say I know thorny paths?
Then why am I edging away
Into the covert comfort of flowers

Did I say I sleep well?
Then why am I fighting
The demons hanging from my ceiling

Did I lie to myself?
The charade stands exposed!
I can no longer wear a mask.
© Balroop Singh

The above poem is an excerpt from my latest release ‘Timeless Echoes’ and I have shared it to thank my dearest blogger friend Lisa who has mentioned it in her review at GoodReads as her favorite poem from my book. Lisa has been one of my earliest friends and visited my blog when it was more like a ghost town. Her consistent support has put many smiles on my face. Sending you hugs of gratitude on the wings of poetry dear Lisa. Many thanks for reviewing my book.

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42 thoughts on “Did I Lie?

  1. That was no lie, that was being truthful. 😀 I don’t know any one of us who think we have not worn that mask.. And when we think all is clear, suddenly something resurfaces to nudge our attention that more clearing and forgiving needs to be worked upon..
    A beautiful except Balroop my friend..
    Wishing you well upon your present path and every success with your wonderful book.. ❤ ❤

    1. I hear you Sue, truthful revelations stay within us, sheathed by positive thoughts till they choose to send echoes of recognition and it is essential to talk to them to calm them down. Life is like that and who would know better than you dear friend. 🙂 Many thanks for your wishes and thoughts. Have a nice weekend.

  2. I love how this poem turned out, Balroop – questioning yourself and in turn getting closer and closer to a truthful revelation. Sometimes we might wear that mask to pretend it’s okay, telling ourselves in each situation that it’s okay, like how each of your stanzas signify. But in reality we are putting on a facade. If we are struggling there’s no need to lie about it. The sooner we face what we have to face, the sooner we can move on an be a better version of ourselves.

    1. Some truths hide within, we try to ignore them and this happens with all of us but there comes a time when we have to face them. Self-deception can be detrimental Mabel but we only learn after experiencing it. When somebody tries to drag us out, we bury our head in the sand of time. Struggles have to be won in order to acknowledge the truths of life. Thank you for loving my words dear friend, much appreciated.

  3. We all question ourselves at some time or the other. At times, the answers are hard to come by. And sometimes there are no answers, only time leads us to it. Everything in life is relative and therefore all these questions pop up. What is right for you may not be so for others. That’s life! It is a lovely poem.

    1. Yes arv, only time leads us to some answers. Some emotions are too powerful to snub and they keep cropping up despite our indifference towards them. 🙂 This poem is more about absorbing the emotions than asking the questions with which each thought begins.

  4. We do hate lies thought we do lie to ourselves a lot Balroop. There comes a time when we have to face these lies and start anew.
    I definitely get why Lisa loved it so much. This is a truly beautiful poem Balroop.
    Thank you.

    1. This poem is more about dealing with the emotions Marie…some of which keep coming back though we brush them aside. We may say ‘I am not worried’ but those nights when we toss and turn before the sleep fairy embraces us is a clear signal of unacknowledged angst. Similarly outward calm doesn’t quieten the ear-shattering noise that we can feel inside our heart.

  5. It’s great to finally shed the mask, and something tells me that your questions ring true for many of us, Balroop. Love this poem and “demons hanging from my ceiling” really stood out for me because of my occasional tossing- and-turning nights of sleep. Wonderful poem.

    1. I doubt whether the mask of concealing the real emotions can ever be shed Lauren. We may say ‘I am good’ even when we are hurt inside and deal with those demons alone. We may look at the positive side of a situation but the storm that brews inside takes many days to calm down and therefore we keep waiting for the sleep fairy to embrace us. 🙂 Take care dear friend. Hope you are feeling better.

  6. Balroop, I can well see why this is Lisa’s favourite poem from your book – the repition of Did I adding impetus with each stanza. These are questions I am sure many of us have asked of ourselves over the years; your poem gives expression and understanding to the internal queries & doubts. I particularly liked this stanza

    ‘Did I say I have moved on?
    Then why are my feet firmly embedded
    As if shackled by unknown forces’

    It can be hard to escape those unknown forces!

    1. Nice to see you back Annika. Many thanks for coming over to analyze my poem. I love the way you are trying to delve deeper into the words I have used to express the echoes that resound in solitude. 😊💕

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