Magical Fall

Sue Vincent’s photo prompt

Nature nurtures my muse
Who sits by this waterfall
Soaking in the surreal wonders
Spellbound by heavenly hues

She treads on emerald rocks
To admire crimson leaves
To swing on bare branches
Her words swirl around with ease

Sometimes she flows with water
Drenching in the moments of joy
Splashing to satiate her passion
Intoxicated by the magic of Fall

A cherished haunt, a lover’s den
To which she returns each year
Seeking Mother Nature’s veil
That absorbs anguish.
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #photoprompt Fall

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43 thoughts on “Magical Fall

  1. I love the photo in its vivid colours and guess those colours gave rise to part of your lovely and happy poem
    I quote my favourite stanza:
    “She treads on emerald rocks
    To admire crimson leaves
    To swing on bare branches
    Her words swirl around with ease ”

    Beautifully written Balroop


    1. Yes arv, you understand poets so well…nature and grief are natural prompts. 🙂 Some poems flow faster than thoughts and this is one of those. Thanks and have a nice weekend.

      1. Although I can’t claim to be good at understanding poems but some of them are easy to understand and they strike the chord somewhere. Wishing you a great week ahead. 😃

  2. Nature and poetry are synonymous in every sense of their existence, and there is so much poetry in whatever comprises of nature per se, it is just that we take it for granted or ignore or have forgotten to see the nature as it is. Our mind and thoughts are so deeply entrenched in the routines and mundanes of life our eyes get blurred and mind are corrupted. As you have so beautifully crafted thoughts that was seamlessly flowing like the stream, and there is so much glory and grandeur in every stanza of your profound thoughts…the waterfall, the flow, the color, and the sound, the surrounding everything aligns so well to create a perfect harmony in our mind and we get connected deep inside and this indeed is surreal and the sublime thoughts lifts us to whole new world.
    Thanks as usual Balroop for sharing such a lovely piece of thought that it is intrinsically intertwined with the shapes, colors and the overall composition in this picture.

    1. Nature and poetry have some sublime connection Nihar and no poet can ever miss the mute messages of the clouds, trees and flowers. Thank you for such lovely words of appreciation for my poetry, I am delighted to hear that you could find harmony of thoughts, words and nuances of nature. I appreciate your thoughtful reflections. 🙂

      1. Always such profound thoughts are creatively crafted in all your poetry and there is a subtle message and there is that motion of thoughts that gets so well connected with the way we all look at the world and the way we attempt to engage with nature and its myriad manifestation.

  3. Balroop, you capture the magical effect of nature beautifully. Not only is it a source of comfort, healing, I find it likewise a wonderful inspiration force, a muse to aid the craft of writing. I can sense the pure delight of your muse, swirling in the autumn breeze, treading on the ’emerald rocks’, admiring the heavenly delights of this season. Wishing you a happy autumn, filled with creativity! xx

    1. I am glad you could sense the delight of looking at this picture that could transport me to such a magical place! Waterfalls are so inspiring and if they are seen in Autumn, then their effect gets doubled! 😊💕

  4. Balroop, your words flow gracefully just as the waterfall does. Absolutely lovely and perfect to pair with the gorgeous photo. Nature’s magic is truly inspirational for all artists. Enjoy your week, my friend..💕

  5. I’m not inclined to be melancholy, but when I’m feeling the least bit blue, I always seek to be more in nature than I already am. Love your last stanza especially for that reason. Aloha ❤️

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