True Awakening


Wake up, nudged my muse
I grimaced,

And immersed myself
Deeper into the sea of
Self-judgment and censure
Self-scorn and regret

Abyss of anguish threatened
Torrential tears of rue throttled
Chaotic thoughts clamored
Till awakening dawned

Till I could hear the whispery
Anecdotes of my muse
To soothe my splitting headaches
Tales of fortified resilience

Through turrets of time
I could watch the remnants,
The fragrance that lingers
The glory that hangs around me

Velvety memories float,
Silvery sky beckons me
A glow shimmers through clouds
Speaking syllables of commiseration

Awakening angel descends
To shower life-lessons…
Life is more than dwelling in sorrow
Let it flow with finesse.
© Balroop Singh, October 2018

This poem is inspired from Barbara Franken’s challenge: A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part III

You can read about another awakening experience, one of the many that are embedded in the archives and please click on this poem for another awakening.

You can also participate by sharing your awakening moments. I pass on the challenge to all of you.

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59 thoughts on “True Awakening

  1. I love the last four lines at the end of the post for they are filled with hope and positivity. Great poem, as always! Such a beautiful way to close this one – “Life is more than dwelling in sorrow
    Let it flow with finesse.”

    1. That is the truth of my awakening moments arv, they always offer hope and I feel blessed to nurture such thoughts. Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated! 🙂

    1. Thank you Anita, your words are like music to my ears. Welcome to Emotional Shadows, I am delighted to hear your kind words. You too have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  2. Balroop, your poem is beautiful and filled with amazing imagery. So much darkness but lights shimmering
    through here and there. I love this stanza ….
    ” Velvety memories float,
    Silvery sky beckons me
    A glow shimmers through clouds
    Speaking syllables of commiseration ”

    Life is definitely more than dwelling in sorrows and your u have shown that here.


    1. Thanks Miriam. Even darkness inspires, as it makes us realize that all depends on us…embrace dark moments or look for little streaks of light and triumph over them. I am glad my imagery spoke to you. Love and hugs dear friend.

  3. I like how this poem acknowledges the challenges but lets positivity shine through. There will be anguish but the finer things will beckon to us and the latter often is the push that we need to get up and get going. We can all have our pity party and then get up and make a better version of ourselves when we are ready. Another great write from you, Balroop. Have a wonderful week 💙

    1. Positivity is like sun, it shines even when hidden by clouds. Thank you Mabel, you understand the nuances of life so well! Your insights are spot on! Stay blessed.

  4. You share such vulnerability, depths of anguish… yet convey your assurance that one can come out… awakening… again… and… again to new truths… realizations. Thankyou so much for joining us Balroop😘. Much love x Barbara

  5. What a beautiful poem Balroop that captures so much of the essence of our awakening process.. So often we criticise self and how often are we nudged by a word or sign..
    You capture the highs and the lows of emotions we travel through to reach that point of awakening Balroop and finish perfectly as you describe the journey, often taking us through the ‘Shadows’ of our emotional sorrows. And yet, yes, we are so much more than our sorrows and dwelling on our in them.. Life teaches us through sorrow and joy and gives us the choices we are all free to make..
    I am pleased we chose to awaken this time around Balroop, and its my pleasure to be with you on this journey on Mother Earth..

    Love and Blessings my friend ❤

    1. You say it so well Sue! Your choice of words takes me along with the journey of self-discovery…unless we dwell on our sorrows, soak in the shadows, we get paralysed by the turbulences. Awakening only hits when we have had enough of all weathers to welcome the sun that smiles through the clouds.
      Thank you so much dear friend for sharing your reflections, each time they add meaning to my words and thoughts. Love and hugs.

  6. Wow! Balroop, this is a wonderful poem taking us from one extreme to the other, a totally immersive awakening… to another realm even! It does seem as a true awakening is impossible without experiencing the pain of sorrow, self-doubt … the plethora of darknesss leading to the light and fulfilment. Beautifully captured! ❤️

    1. Thank you for your kind words Annika, You understand emotions so well…real enlightenment may descend slowly but nobody can reach it without walking through the darkest corridors and intangible pain is an essential part of this awakening.

  7. Awakening moments are powerful indeed. And fortunately, we have many throughout our lifetime. Those that are really powerful for me happen when I stop, breathe, let worries go, and suddenly a wash of goosebumps release from my scalp down to my toes. A magnificent moment.
    Your poem is miraculous, Balroop. Every line resonates with me. Thank you. ❤

      1. Whoa, that’s quite a challenge. My awakening moments are so personal (and a bit on the whoo whoo side) that I think I’d shock/turn off some people, Balroop. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to do that yet. But one of these days, perhaps…. Your poetry shows MUCH courage, and I appreciate that so much.

  8. Life has its own ways to test us and keep challenging us, and it is all in our hand how we programme us to respond and how we cope with those challenges. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Through all these struggles and hardship we go through in life, there is that life lessons we learn and it all boils down to how we apply those lessons in our day today life. Yes, there is that awaking that comes at some point of our life journey and again it is how we recognize and channelize those power of awakening for a new beginning or chartering a new path in our life. There is an art in doing it, we keep learning and much like the art of living this become a vital component in our journey to living a blissful life. The musing, the reflection matters, we need to absorb and appreciate the nuances of living a life with purpose and meaning.
    I always admire the way you pick up the words and the choice of words are simply beautiful.

    1. Thank you Nihar, you understand the nuances of life so well! I appreciate the way you elucidate your thoughts about each topic. Have a wonderful weekend dear friend.

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