Glimmer in the sky
Sue Vincent’s #writephoto

Is that your glimmer that is blinding me?
But I love my darkness
Into which you pushed me
I rejoice in my own domain now.

A glacial glimmer froze me
But Time stood still
To lend empathy to my cause
To harmonize my thoughts

A precursor of serenity
Glimmer glows within me
I abandoned crutches
When I embraced dark clouds

Wafting on those clouds
I can see beyond schism
A new world is alluring me
Beyond narrow boundaries and judgments.
© Balroop Singh. October, 2018

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #photoprompt Glimmer

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31 thoughts on “Glimmer

  1. The allure of glittering things, or people, can draw us, often to disaster, but when we embrace the depths of ourselves, shadows and all, are we free. Beautiful poem, Balroop.

  2. Glimmer often means a small speck of something, and you reflected that very well as you spoke of glimmer and glimmer of hope in this poem. Indeed there are times when we surrender to darkness…but we always hope for a better time, holding on to some kind of positivity that gets us through each day. A glimmer of hope, something to work towards to. Wonderful poem again, Balroop 😊❤

    1. Positivity holds hope in its valley, which could be intimidating in the beginning, may even seem utopian but clinging on to its edges proves favorable. Thank you Mabel for your kind words of wisdom.

  3. Lovely poem, Balroop, and a perfect beginning to my weekend. Those last two lines are powerful, too, speaking of Hope, which there is always a glimmer of if only we open ourselves up to that light. Sending love and hugs…💖

    1. Self-acceptance is the first step to know ourselves and the inward journey begins, and the shadows fall behind. I am glad you liked it Diana. Thank you.

  4. Lovely poem Balroop! I love the abandoned crutches by embracing dark clouds. We let go of our fear and face what is. Very meaningful poem!

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