The Valley Of Happiness


They lived in the valley of happiness
Away from the hypocritical world
A valley, surrounded by flowers
Welcoming rain, sunshine, and snow.
They had braved the storms of life,
They believed in themselves!

Broken dreams didn’t bother them
Happiness was not a destination
It was harmony with their thoughts
It was absorbing the radiance of stars
It was merging into the dark clouds
It was reveling in the glory of the rainbow.

The door to happiness was always ajar
The key to that door… in their hearts
Happiness just sneaked in!
Sometimes the door was left unlatched
Serenity and calmness tiptoed
To warm their hearts with inner peace.
© Balroop Singh

I have shared this again, as it one of my favorite poems from Sublime Shadows Of Life, my debut poetry book.

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69 thoughts on “The Valley Of Happiness

  1. It has often been said and quoted that happiness is a state of mind and you can be happy despite all the misery that surrounds you. Even then, how many happy people do we see around us?

    1. Probably they haven’t heard the wisdom of these words! A lot depends on your upbringing and the envIronment. Peer group, friends and colleagues too make a difference in your state of mind. I had a colleague who interpreted every situation in a negative manner though I tried to rub some of my positivity on her. 🙂

      1. Positive thoughts require efforts. I guess human mind is attracted to negativity and that is one reason why news sell! That is one reason why I don’t watch news channel on TV! Negativity is a cancer!

      2. It is difficult not to fall in the trap of consumerism and market forces. We recently saw how social media was used to influence US polls. It does require a higher sense to not fall in plots. Mankind is programmed for “habits” and will usually overlook at even obvious signs.

  2. Congratulations on the poetry book, Balroop. Would you like to write a guest post on my blog about the road to publication? I would be thrilled to have some advice, and you can promote your book, if you wish.

    1. Thanks for the invitation Amanda, I would love to do a guest post with one of my favorite poems. By the way I have 3 poetry and 3 non-fiction books. I write about people and emotions but Mother Nature is always around, forming an intrinsic part of my poetry.

      1. Excellent, Balroop! I am very excited that you are keen to write a guest post on my blog! My email for guest blog submissions is amandamac5athotmaildotcom
        The length and topic of the post is entirely up to you!
        And I am also very impressed that you have had many publications! Congratulations!
        I am so looking forward to finding out more about your publications. Was it difficult getting that first and second book published? I am writing a book with Mabel Kwong and as a first time writer, I feel that you might have some pertinent advice about the pitfalls of navigating the publishing world?

  3. I liked how you put an exclamation mark at the end of the happiness sneaking up on you line. Sometimes that’s how good things are – coming around when you least expect it. You just never know when it will come and though surprised, it is a great feeling. Another great poem and lovely photo too Balroop 😊

  4. What a lovely poem. I like the line that happiness is not the destination. So often, that’s a false flag, an unachievable goal, not because happiness can’t be achieved but because understanding it is so dependent on its opposite.

    Lovely job–again–Balroop.

    1. Thank you Lisa, your lovely words inspire me…light that is within us brightens those dark moments that barge in uninvited. Keep that positive glow alive.

  5. It’s one of your favorite. And it’s one of mine too Balroop
    Happiness is always there for us to catch and see.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem – heartwarming too!

  6. Happiness and Peace are the defining cornerstones of our life and living. Whatever we do and what we want and the basket of things we possess ultimately lead to that state that gets evaluated whether we are really happy in what we are doing, otherwise we are caught in a web of mirage. The juggernaut of life. It keeps going on and we are caught. We need to break free. The joy is in the freedom. The question of detachment from the material world to get attached to that wonderful world of joy and bliss. The spiritual dimension. The profound thoughts and deeper meaning of this poem is keep churning in everybody’s mind, where to obtain that dreamland and where to go discover it and get that symphony and prefect harmony of life. The irony is that it is so much within and we keep searching outside us and we are mired in illusion. There is that “valley of flowers” in India this valley of happiness mirrors that beauty and bounty of life and how do we nurture our nature and embrace those little things and connect with self…the state of happiness is deeply within and yes if we keep our mind clear of those invading clutters and generously open the doors to our heart, we see a different world altogether.
    Thanks as always Balroop for such a lovely poem, you have mastered the art of poetry, the sheer joy of thoughts weaved into this piece of happiness.

    1. Many thanks for your in-depth analysis Nihar. As usual, you have attached yourself to the harmony of the words and derived solace from them. I appreciate your interest and kind words about my poetry. Stay blessed!

      1. Always a delight to read and learn the poetry of language with such crafty words and subtle meaning that you craft with such deftness…I keep wondering how you manage to come with one gem after another in poems where I fail draft one, the connection you have built with your inner self and with the nature makes your thoughts profoundly sublime.

  7. Balroop, I read this post today, on a rainy start to the month and all of a sudden the room seems full of light and happiness! A beautiful poem showing us the way of happiness, not to lock our hearts from its presence. I’m so glad you shared this with us and the photo is just perfect! Matches the words and gloriously uplifting! Hugs xx

    1. Thank you so much Annika, for your heart-warming response to The Valley Of Happiness, which exudes positivity and passes on the vibes effortlessly. Each time I read this poem, I also get a special vibe and get transported to the valley I love. 🙂

  8. Beautiful poem indeed ! I am of the belief that happiness is measured in moments, moments that we need to recognize and appreciate. This is how I interpreted the poem. Wherever we go, regardless of the situation we may be in, happiness will always have a special way of sneaking up on us when we least expect it. I loved it! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I enjoy reading posts with poetry because we interpret poetry based on experience alot of the time. Looking forward to reading more of your posts ☺️🙏🏼

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